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The Vegetarian: A Novel

by Han Kang  

Winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2016 Yeong-hye and her husband are ordinary people. He is an office worker with moderate ambitions and mild manners; she is an uninspired but dutiful wife. The acceptable flatline of their marriage is interrupted when Yeong-hye, seeking a more ‘plant-like’ existence, decides to become a vegetarian, prompted by grotesque recurring nightmares. In South … Read More

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Turning Point

by Jack Eason  

For thousands of years, man in his arrogance, has believed that he is unique in the cosmos.During the last decade of the twentieth century, the day finally arrived when a warlike alien species called the Drana returned to our solar system, intent on re-establishing their rule over the Earth once more. The last time they were here they left a … Read More

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The Wyrm Conspiracy

by Richard Middleton  

With the town Wardens chasing them, their own Headteacher determined to kill them, and even Emily’s father seemingly part of the conspiracy, just staying alive is going to be anything but easy. When they uncover a conspiracy to free the dreaded Wyrm King from his ancient bonds, Emily and Sam must follow a cryptic trail of clues and signs to … Read More

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Through the Porthole: First Cruise: Queen Victoria

by Gary Troia  

Join Gary on a ten day cruising holiday aboard Cunard’s Queen Victoria.Docking at La Coruña, Cádiz, Malaga, Tangier and Lisbon. "Author, Gary cements growing reputation." ( Salina Patel, Hounslow Cronicle) "Enjoyable and descriptive…very interesting." (J.Collins) "A rollicking good read." (Amazon Customer) AN EXTRACT FROM THROUGH THE PORTHOLE:I want to go back to a time when travelling itself was the main … Read More

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Royal Atlas

by HJ Bellus  

Love struck me at the early age of five. The boy turned into a man, and I fell even deeper. Guy Webb had no idea my fragile heart belonged to him for so many years. He was too busy being my brother’s best friend and a star on the football field. He was my daydream, and consumed every single thought, … Read More

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The Eyes of the Accused (The Ben Whittle Investigation Series Book 2)

by Mark Tilbury  

A dark and gripping psychological mystery Fresh from the horrors of their last case, private investigators Ben and Maddie are plunged into a disturbing world of terror as they search for missing pregnant girl, Hannah Heath. Drawn to Frank Crowley, a suspect in Hannah’s disappearance, Maddie is about to come face to face with true evil. As she gets close … Read More

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The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

by Michael Meyer  

"This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day."FINALIST for the 2014 RONE AWARDA True Romance Memoir Love was then.Love is now.Love is forever. When tragedy struck, I thought for sure that my own life was at an end. I was wrong. This is the true story of how two stray rescue cats and a woman named Kitty, who … Read More

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Lily Cigar

by Tom Murphy  

A woman for the ages. A saga for all time. She was beautiful and innocent until she was led astray by the dark desires that rule men’s hearts. You will never forget Lily—as a child watching her mother die in want…as an orphan struggling to protect her reckless brother…as a teenager discovering the power of desire…as a fear-filled young girl … Read More

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When I Say No, I Feel Guilty: How to Cope, Using the Skills of Systematic Assertive Therapy

by Manuel J. Smith  

The best-seller that helps you say: "I just said ‘no’ and I don’t feel guilty!"  Are you letting your kids get away with murder?  Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her will on you?  Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism?  Are you having trouble coping with people?  Learn the answers in When I Say No, I Feel Guilty,  the best-seller with revolutionary … Read More

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Immortal Destiny (Immortals Book 1)

by Amy Armstrong  

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Do you love stories with hot, brooding vampires and sexy, alpha male shifters? Then you’ll love this new paranormal romance series from bestselling paranormal author Amy Armstrong. Leila Andrews hates vampires—unfortunately, she lives in a town overrun with them. Leila has been a resident of Meadowview, Nebraska since she was five years old, but the first five years of her … Read More

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Dourado: A Dane Maddock Adventure (Dane Maddock Adventures Book 1)

by David Wood  

A sunken treasure. An ancient Biblical artifact. A mystery as old as humankind. On January 25, 1829, the Portuguese brig Dourado sank off the coast of Indonesia, losing its cargo of priceless treasures from the Holy Land. One of these lost relics holds the key to an ancient mystery. But someone does not want this treasure to come to light. … Read More

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Bargaining With a Rake (A Whisper Of Scandal Novel Book 1)

by Julie Johnstone  

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For eleven years, Gillian Rutherford has dreamed of escaping her family’s dark secret and living a normal life. Now, faced with an unwelcome marriage that will chain her to London and the secret slowly killing her, she’s desperate to save herself and the sister she adores. Salvation comes in the form of an American shipping tycoon, and all she must … Read More

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Fugitive of Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Protector Book 1)

by Linsey Hall  

In the city of Magic’s Bend, I protect what’s mine. No matter what. To the world, I’m a just a Conjurer. To my closest friends, I’m a FireSoul–a dangerous Magica with forbidden powers and a dragon’s soul. The downside? If anyone discovers what I am, I’m dead. So I lay low, kicking butt with my weapons, not my magic. Things … Read More

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Lake Caerwych: A Teen Time Travel Fantasy (Copper & Cobalt Book 1)

by J. Conrad  

Bridget doesn't want to die again. Bridget thought a summer holiday in rural Wales was the answer to everything. Not only would it be the experience of a lifetime, but she may finally come to understand the creepy déjà vu she and Celena were feeling. And although Wales proves to be the most beautiful place they've ever seen, what the … Read More

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The Unravelling: Children can be very very cruel (A gripping domestic noir thriller)

by Thorne Moore  

From the Top Ten Bestselling Author of A Time for Silence When they were ten everybody wanted to be Serena’s friend, to find themselves one of the inner circle. But doing so meant proving your worth, and doing that often had consequences it’s not nice to think about – not even thirty-five years later. Karen Rothwell is randomly reminded of … Read More

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Beyond the Body Farm: A legendary bone detective explores murders, mysteries and the revolution in forensic science

by Dr Bill Bass  

Dr Bill Bass’ work, and in particular his Body Farm, has furthered forensic anthropology and made it possible to prove from the discovery of a skeleton, no matter how much time has elapsed since death, how and when death occurred and to whom the body belonged. His work has been vital for the sake of science and the cause of … Read More

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This Book Will Make You Confident

by Jessamy Hibberd  

Have you ever felt like something is holding you back? That other people seem to breeze through life, but self-doubt and insecurity prevent you getting the things you want – at work, in family life or relationships? Well, fear not: no matter how low you feel it is possible to overcome vicious cycles in your mood and behaviour. This little … Read More

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50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know

by Ben Durpé  

Have you ever lain awake at night fretting over how we can be sure of the reality of the external world? Perhaps we are in fact disembodied brains, floating in vats at the whim of some deranged puppet-master? If so, you are not alone – and what’s more, you are in exalted company. For this question and others like it … Read More

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