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The Shape of Water (The Inspector Montalbano Mysteries Book 1)

by Andrea Camilleri  

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The Shape of Water is the first in Andrea Camilleri’s wry, brilliantly compelling Sicilian crime series, featuring Inspector Montalbano. This edition with a stunning redesigned cover. The goats of Vigàta once grazed on the trash-strewn site still known as the Pasture. Now local enterprise of a different sort flourishes: drug dealers and prostitutes of every flavour. But their discreet trade … Read More

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A Mother’s Conviction (Secrets Series Book 3)

by Karen Lenfestey  

Single mom Bethany Morris loves her 6-year-old foster daughter, Willow, as if she were her own. When Willow’s real mother is released early from prison, Bethany isn’t ready to let the little girl go. Trying to justify her reluctance to say good-bye, she digs into the mother’s shady past and struggles to deal with what she finds out. Across the … Read More

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AT Last (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 6) (Redemption Thriller Series)

by John W. Mefford  

Memories do more than haunt. They kill.Thirty years have passed since that fateful night. Can Alex ever forget the mother she never really knew? Alex finally confronts the killer–the same man who just murdered the Boston police chief.   And what Alex pulls from him shatters her core. Clinging to a whisper of hope, Alex must out-think and out-duel everyone … Read More

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by Margaret McHeyzer  

From New York Times Bestselling author.Amazon Top 100 Book.***Recommended for 18 years and over***Alpha MC Prez Jaeger Dalton wants the land that was promised to him.Sassy Phoenix Ward isn’t about to let anyone take Freedom Run away from her.He’ll protect what’s his.She’ll protect what’s hers.Jaeger is an arrogant ass, but he wants nothing more than Phoenix.Phoenix is stubborn and headstrong, … Read More

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This House Is Empty Now

by Joseph Iorillo  

NOT ALL GHOSTS ARE DEAD…After the death of his mother, college professor Ray Strickland is plagued by a mysterious presence that seems to be inhabiting the stately mansion that he has inherited. At first, the entity makes itself known in subtle ways, but as more time passes, it becomes more aggressive and threatening, affecting every aspect of Ray’s personal life. … Read More

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Davenport House

by Marie Silk  

Davenport House is the first book in a family saga following the wealthy Davenports and their servants in 1915 America. Mary Davenport is a 22-year-old idealist who worries that the world in the Progressive Era is leaving her behind. She lives isolated in the Pennsylvania countryside with her affluent and secretive family. When her father dies suddenly, Mary becomes pained … Read More

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Valiant (The Lost Fleet Book 4)

by Jack Campbell  

“Black Jack” Geary has ordered his fleet back to the Lakota Star System where the Syndics nearly destroyed them, a desperate gamble that may give them a fighting chance of survival—or tear them apart.

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The Wisdom Of Secrets Book One: The Templar Covenant

by AMI Noone  

A brotherhood that has existed since before the time of Christ, a sacred pact and a secret that is older than time itself. Although they have been mentioned in the bible and traces of their existence are scattered throughout the globe, Peter Madeloy had always presumed that the myths of the possible existence of an ancient brotherhood, living on Earth … Read More

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The Terminate Code: A gripping, action & revenge thriller, with a fast pace, and a terrifying twist (Hedge & Cole Thriller Series).

by Kevin Bradley  

Imagine coming home one night to find that the person you love most in the world has completely vanished. There are no messages, no calls, and no communication of any kind.Your partner has disappeared and you have no idea why. How relieved would you be when you discover that your loved one is still alive, only to find out that … Read More

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The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller Book 1)

by Todd Merer  

Narcos meets John Grisham in this fast-paced thriller about a larger-than-life lawyer who knows too much. When the world’s most notorious cartel bosses get arrested, they call Benn Bluestone. A drug lawyer sharp enough to exploit loopholes in the system, Bluestone loves the money, the women, the action that come with his career…but working between the lines of justice and … Read More

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The Empty House

by Rosamunde Pilcher  

Virginia Keile has a secret dream. To have a second chance at loving the tall, handsome Cornish farmer she met – and foolishly lost – the heady summer she was a debutante. Life has taught Virginia a great deal in twenty-seven years – about wedding a titled bachelor picked out by her mother, about a lonely marriage that ended in … Read More

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Mildreds: The Vegetarian Cookbook

by Dan Acevedo  

‘If you think vegetarian food is limiting, this is the book to change your mind.’Health & Fitness ‘Theres inspiration here to help you elevate humble vegetables into something special.’ The Caterer ‘Be warned, you’ll want seconds of everything…’Veggie Magazine ‘This is good food at it’s best, made with delicious, fresh ingredients, which are easy to source and easy to cook … Read More

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The UnTied Kingdom (Choc Lit)

by Kate Johnson  

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The portal to an alternate world was the start of all her troubles – or was it? When Eve Carpenter lands with a splash in the Thames, it’s not the London or England she’s used to. No one has a telephone or knows what a computer is. England’s a third world country and Princess Di is still alive. But worst … Read More

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The Best Thing I Never Had: The bestselling feel-good romantic comedy!

by Erin Lawless  

‘Funny and Addictive!’ Fabulous Magazine (Sun) Funny, sad and honest, if you loved David Nicholls’ One Day and Mhairi McFarlane this is the book for you. ‘So much more than a love story, more of a life story.’ Five years ago at university they had been seven friends that laughed hard and loved harder. Nicky and Miles were the couple … Read More

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The Many Colours of Us: The perfect heart-warming debut about love and family

by Rachel Burton  

‘A gloriously romantic tale of family secrets’ – Rachael Lucas ‘This wonderfully warm debut is full of heart – I defy you not to devour it in a day!’ – Ali Harris Fall in love with Rachel Burton’s stunning debut novel, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, Adele Parks and Sheila O’Flanagan Can finding yourself allow you to follow your … Read More

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The Queen of Wishful Thinking

by Milly Johnson  

THE QUEEN OF FEEL-GOOD FICTION! 'Every time you discover a new Milly book, it’s like finding a pot of gold – and this gem is no exception … laughs, drama, romance and high jinks aplenty, there’s nothing about this novel not to love (5 stars)' Heat When Lewis Harley has a health scare in his early forties, he takes it as a wake-up … Read More

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Two Kinds of Truth: The New Harry Bosch from No.1 Bestseller (Harry Bosch Series)

by Michael Connelly  

If the truth doesn’t get him – the lies will. ‘Two Kinds of Truth is as brilliant as anything Connelly has written. A super-gripping thriller’ Evening Standard * * * * * Harry Bosch works cold cases, helping out the under-funded San Fernando police department. When a double murder at a local pharmacy is called in, Bosch is the most … Read More

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The Complete Book of Fallen Angels

by Valmore Daniels  

Angel Fire My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this. One night, I was attacked in my home. The fire … it raged out of control. I survived the inferno, but my house burned to the … Read More

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If You Could See Me Now

by Cecelia Ahern  

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Tender, magical and captivating – a story of family, friends, and the unlikeliest of romances from the No. 1 bestselling author, Cecelia Ahern. What if love was right there in front of you – you just couldn’t see it? Elizabeth Egan is too busy for friends. As a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse’s young son Luke and with her … Read More

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Another Way to Fall

by Amanda Brooke  

What would you do if you could write the story of your life? From the Richard & Judy author of YESTERDAY’S SUN This is the story of Emma’s life. For three long years, she has battled with illness, enduring everything with bravery and always with hope. Then one day, Emma is told that they’ve reached the end of the road. … Read More

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