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Atticus And The Orb Of Time (The Adventures Of The Majjai Six Book 1)

by M.K. Drake  

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What if everything you were told were true. What if everything was born from something. What if we lived in a world where all the stories, all of the religions, it was all true. Dragons, demons, vampires? A continuity of singularity. And what if something wanted to destroy it all?

The demon king, Razakel, wants nothing but to rule the realms. His own domain is not enough. He has his evil eyes set on the realm of Earth. Only the Majjai are in his way. Join Atticus and his fellow warriors as they journey through time and space to protect Earth from the demon hordes and from the demon king himself. The journey begins.

The Orb Of Time: Book 1, Trilogy 1.


A note from the author:

Many thanks to all who have downloaded the book. I feel it only right to state that the day one reviews appear to be from readers who had pre release versions of the book. I appreciate their feedback greatly, but thought it fair to disclose that to all.

This is the first in a 9 book series. Two sequential trilogies followed by a prequel trilogy. I hope you all enjoy the story!!

This latest version should fix many of the typos.

I welcome reviews and feedback and will attempt to respond to as many as possible if not all. Thank you again!

M.K. Drake

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