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Blood Red Sea (Maddox Book 2)

by Jack Hayes  

The year is 1944.

After five hard-fought years, the Allies are close to victory.

But Germany still has one last secret – and one that could still turn the war in its favour.

Travelling on a U-boat to Japan is a highly explosive uranium bomb, the first of its kind.

But why are the Nazis giving such a precious weapon to the Japanese?

And where might the Japanese use it?

In London, Special Operations Executive Captain Maddox is given a simple task.

Stop the U-boat at all costs.

A British, French and American team is assembled for the mission.

They will strike a mysterious island controlled by the Nazis where the U-boat is scheduled to stop.

But nothing about this job is what it appears to be.

The British, the French and the Americans all have their own agendas — and so do the Germans.

And none of them involve Captain Maddox making it to the end of the war alive.

‘Blood Red Sea’ is the second in a series of full-throttle World War Two thrillers featuring Captain Maddox that combine meticulous research with gripping story-telling to create memorable tales of action and adventure.

It is perfect for fans of Jack Higgins and Alistair MacLean.

‘An explosive action thriller that throws new light on WWII’.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘The Dante Conspiracy’.

Jack Hayes is an author and journalist living in London.

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