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by Andy Christopher  

Ollie Castles is a regular guy with one major problem: his brother is the most powerful gangster in Cannonside, London. After witnessing a gangland murder, Ollie becomes caught up in a world of drugs, power and constant danger, a world he has managed to resist his whole life. Suddenly everything he knows and holds dear is turned upside down, as his brother, Jimmy, dubbed ‘The Gentleman Gangster,’ tries to wrestle control away from him, and tempt him into a criminal partnership to rival any gang in London. Can Ollie regain control of his life, his marriage, his conscience? Or will ‘The Family’ take over?

This fast-paced gangster thriller, seen through the eyes of an innocent man thrown into a whirlwind, will take you on a roller-coaster ride you won’t forget. Contains violence/swearing.

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