Book Cover

Confession (A Detective Mark Pemberton Mystery Book 3)

by Nicholas Rhea  

Detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton is the first on the scene as he witnesses a fatal car accident.

In the victim’s last living moments he makes a confession that sets Pemberton’s senses on full alert.

James Browning admits murdering a woman and despairs of his action with the words ‘she did not deserve it’.

When a prostitute’s corpse is discovered in the woods in Penthorne a few days later it seems impossible not to connect the two incidents.

As Pemberton realises the body is mysteriously missing its shoes he remembers the chain of abusive murders performed by a killer nicknamed the ‘Sandal Strangler’.

Could he have accidentally stumbled upon the path of this mass murderer?

‘Confession’ is a gripping murder mystery from a master of the genre.

For the last 30 years, Nicholas Rhea has been writing books, drawing on his experiences in the police force, his never-ending enthusiasm for Yorkshire and his continuing interest in crime fact and fiction. His best known work, the Constable stories, provided the inspiration for the hugely popular Heartbeat TV series, and he remained involved with the series as a consultant until filming ended in 2009.

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