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Critical Mass: V.I. Warshawski 16 (The V.I. Warshawski Series)

by Sara Paretsky  

When private eye V.I. Warshawski is called out to a derelict drug house in a rural town just south of Chicago she discovers something she wasn’t expecting: the mutilated corpse of a man dumped in a cornfield.

It is a discovery that throws V.I. into the fascinating world of physics and invention: a design which sparked the construction of the computer as we know it the development of nuclear weapons the wonder of Newton’s prisms and a train of dramatic events that occurred in war-time Vienna over seventy years ago.

With a range of suspects too scared to open up V.I. must delve deep into the past to find clues. Someone holds the answers to her questions – someone who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from resurfacing . . .

Packed with Paretsky’s masterfully crafted suspense and offering an illuminating insight into some of the greatest scientific developments of the twentieth century this is set to be V.I.’s most enlightening – and exhilarating – adventure yet.

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