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Customer Persuasion: How to Influence Your Customers to Buy More & Why an Ethical Approach Will Always Win!

by Chloe Thomas  

From generating traffic to getting the customers’ first purchase and then turning them into advocates, Customer Persuasion is the bible for putting the customer at the heart of your business.

In Customer Persuasion, Chloë Thomas, author, podcast host, and founder of eCommerce MasterPlan, provides an easy to follow system for growing your sales.

What you’ll learn in Customer Persuasion:
Why it’s essential to embrace persuasion in marketing
Why unethical persuasion will kill your business
How to work out which part of the business needs your attention
What website, marketing, customer service or product optimisation you need to do next
Lots of simple ways to increase your conversation rate
And 100s of ways to get more people to buy!

Who this book is for:

Business owners and managers
Anyone who wants more customers
Additional resources included in Customer Persuasion to help you get more customers:

Business performance evaluation spreadsheet
Extended profiles of key case study businesses
Lists of successful companies whose approach you can model
Accompanying Customer Persuasion workbook
A checklist for each Stage of the model

Previously Published as "Customer Manipulation"

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