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HEALING: Heal Your Body; Heal Your Life: Self Help Guide

by Mary Solomon  

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Learn How To Heal Yourself!
Are you sick and searching for ways to recover? Are you interested in learning how your body can repair itself? Did you know placebos are one of the most effective treatments we have in medicine?

If a placebo is effective 30-40 percent of the time, is it not proof that the human mind can help heal itself? If a sugar pill can ease pain, nausea or irritable bowel syndrome how can we illicit this same healing for ourselves?

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This insightful book teaches you to empathize with the people that surround you, and create a positive support system. You’ll discover how to take personal responsibility for your health, and learn to listen to your body’s needs.

Illness and adversity can become an opportunity, not a curse!

If you use your situation to develop your character, you can stimulate the placebo effect and increase your healing power. You’ll learn to approach illness with the power of suggestion and affirmations and unlock the wonders of your mind.

You’ll even learn how sleep empowers and heals you every night!

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