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Killer Instinct (Instinct Series Book 1)

by Robert W. Walker  


A brilliant and determined FBI medical examiner, she was an expert student of the criminal mind who thought she could face anything.

That was before Wisconsin. Before she saw one of his victims…


The FBI agent had a special code name for his unusual method of torture: Tort 9, the draining of the victims blood. The newspapers called him the Vampire-Killer. But his own twisted love letters were signed "Teach"… and were addressed to the one woman he wanted most of all: His hunter, his prey, Dr. Jessica Coran.

(This book is first in Robert W. Walker’s Instinct series. It was previously published in paperback. This ebook also features an excerpt of WHISKEY SOUR by J.A. Konrath.)

About the Author

Robert W. Walker is the author of more than forty thriller novels, including 11 books in the acclaimed INSTINCT series featuring FBI medical examiner Jessica Coran.

Praise for Robert W. Walker

"Masterful." — Clive Cussler

"Ingenious." — San Francisco Examiner

"Gruesome." — The Sunday Oklahoman

"Frightening." — Midwest Book Review."

"Bone-chilling." — Publisher’s Weekly

"Perfect for Patricia Cornwell fans." — Mystery Scene

"Walker is a master at the top of his game." — Joe Konrath

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