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Love’s Will

by Meredith Whitford  

Anne Hathaway is a headstrong 26 year-old woman.

But when she meets a man eight years her junior her life changes dramatically.

Will Shakespeare is no ordinary Stratford lad.

His head is full of poetry, and big dreams of success on the London stage.

But after a whirlwind romance, Anne falls pregnant and Will finds himself tied down to a life he doesn’t want.

Desperate to fulfil his dreams he eventually saves enough to move to London.

Pining for her love and bored of her provincial life, Anne follows him to the bustling city.

But the city of vice soon threatens the life they have built together.

And Anne finds herself caught up in a drama as intense as any that Will is penning for the theatre.

‘Love’s Will’ is a brilliantly-researched romantic comedy that brings England’s greatest playwright vividly to life. It combines historical detail with a moving story to create a book that is both informative and entertaining.

‘Beautiful, witty, insightful.’ – Richard Foreman, best-selling author of ‘A Hero Of Our Time.’

‘An exciting and absorbing tale’- Brian Kavanagh,best-selling author of the Belinda Lawrence Mysteries.

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