Book Cover

Night (Night Series Book 1)

by Casey Christie  

Reader Reviews:

"The plotting is rapid-fire, cinematic and harrowing."

"The writing is excellent, with language that is visceral and cutting"

"This book gives you the real deal like you haven't experienced before."

Reader Reviews:

"And we need heroes, because the villain is truly horrific"

"I love that Christie doesn't shy away from any of the brutality of the city"

"This novel gives an unflinching look inside the rancid, raunchy, frightening underworld of South African organised crime"

Reader Reviews:

"The author draws his central characters, a multi-racial team, with warmth and compassion."

"A no nonsense book that has you gripped from start to finish." 

"An excellent read with action scenes that could easily be real."

"A very good read, characters are very real and human with fears and worries."

Reader Reviews:

"The characters are brought to life in vivid colour and it is far more than a dry police procedural."

"It is so nice to find a writer with an imagination beyond the 'jaded New York city cop' thing."

"It weaves a tapestry from modern day violence and police work, with a nod to politics, and a bit of Indiana Jones." 

Reader Reviews:

"What an exciting and gripping story .enjoyed every minute of it and hope there is more to come. One of the best I've read for a while" 

"Wilbur Smith might want to take notes on how to write a best seller again from this book." 

"I would recommend anyone who is thinking of picking this book go ahead and you wont regret it.." 

"I would recommend this book to all who enjoy a good crime thriller." 

In the Media:  

"The hunt for slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's missing billions has moved to South Africa, where a fortune in cash, gold and diamonds is believed to be stashed." Sunday Times  
"Casey Christie's debut novel marks the arrival of a new star in the crime thriller genre."  
"Outstanding debut novel with a wonderful South African flavor & flair. A violent world of paramilitary police, African style layers of intrigue, and a mix of cultures brings a special atmosphere to an excellent story, great characters and a wonderful style of rhythm that drives this book forward."

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