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Playing with Fidelity: an earth-shattering romance (Hot Set Book 1)

by Kerry Northe  

“Hot Set oozes passion. Really looking forward to reading the sequel.” Beth Boyd (Bestselling author of Love)

"Sumptuous summer reading. A delightful setting. I couldn’t put it down." Ann Abrams (Author of Mobius)

"simply amazing, very well developed plot and characters." Justine Clunes

An epic romantic story that will take your breath away

Soap opera actor Kate Johnson is committed to her caring and sometimes over-protective husband, Mark. Her marriage is happy and Kate is content but her life changes when she unexpectedly wins the female lead in an independent film opposite international movie star, Rhys Bradford. During their several weeks together filming in the stunning backdrop of the Australian desert, Kate’s commitment to Mark is threatened by Rhys’s magnetic charm. When a sensational on-screen kiss exposes a suppressed chemistry, Kate is torn between the increasingly fictional role she is acting out in her married life and the allure of her handsome co-star.

Casting a shadow over their burgeoning romance are their respective partners, Mark the apparently safe and stable architect and Rhys’s girlfriend, Amelia Rhein who, based in Los Angeles, is prepared to fight to keep the only loving relationship she’s ever known.

With sumptuous, mature prose, strong, well-developed characters, Kerry Northe takes us on a lightly humorous, but seriously romantic story of love and desire. It has its Bridget Jones moments as well as deep reflections on the inner feelings of those drawn together in love and torn apart by fame and jealousy.

Playing With Fidelity is the first of two books that follow Kate’s story. The second part, Hot Set: The Jealousy Game, is also available for your kindle:

Warning: This book has some sexual themes and is only appropriate for adults.

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