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Second Shot: A Vengeance Man Thriller

by John MacRae  

A former SAS soldier is sent to the United States to help a friend who has got himself on the wrong side the law – and some very nasty gangsters – by dealing in firearms.

He’s known as The Vengeance Man.

But when the weapons fall into the wrong hands an innocent child is caught in the cross fire.

And The Vengeance Man finds himself caught up in a dangerous world of corruption and murder which takes him from the back alleys of downtown Harlem to Tennessee.

Will this be The Vengeance Man’s last battle?

Or will he get a ‘Second Shot’.

‘Second Shot’ is the follow-up to John MacRae’s best-selling thriller ‘The Vengeance Man’. It is an action packed novella of crime and revenge, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Andy McNab.

"A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster." – Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off.

John MacRae is the cover name of a former senior Intelligence Officer with a Special Forces background. He has written extensively on intelligence and military history, and has worked for BBC television and other TV companies as an advisor on military and intelligence subjects. He saw active service in the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Arabia, and Northern Ireland.

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