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SPIKED – The story of a woman drugged with GhB and how she was turned into a criminal.

by Sharron Gold  

The author shares the shocking true account of how overnight her life was turned into a living hell, after her drink was spiked with GhB – a drug that can virtually turn anyone into a willing slave, combined with the potentially lethal power of hypnosis, gang stalkers on two continents, the latest technology for monitoring and recording all voyeuristic activity, outwardly "respectable" criminals send her on a journey into a 21st century hell which defies imagination, gravely endangering her physical and mental health and leaving her destitute. How does anyone survive such an ordeal? What are the effects on the victims of mind altering and so called "truth" drugs? How does a woman caught in the net of gang stalkers escape? How does she rebuild her life and start the process of seeking justice against the perpetrators?
Her only weapon is her continuity trained memory. Over the three months she was drugged, she mentally kept track of everything that happened like a continuity girl on her own nightmare. As she battles with the withdrawal from the forced addiction, the hundreds of pages she has mentally written down float around in front of her. In a race against time, she has to pick up the pages, number them and turn them into a book as fast as possible.
This is her shocking story.
Horrifying! August 22, 2015 – At first I had a hard time getting into this book. It felt like the writer was kind of "all over the place" and things weren’t making sense, after a little while, you realize that was how Ms. Gold was experiencing her life at the time. I started to pay more attention, and the story that unfolded was shocking and horrific. It takes balls to put a story out when all of those people are still out there.
Hard to put down! Robert Priebe
I met the author a few weeks ago at her shop in Hallstatt. My wife was trying on a dress and I picked up one of two copies of Spiked lying on a table. I saw the author’s picture and asked if the story was true. I am a police chief in California and had investigated sexual assaults involving "date rape" drugs. When the author, Sharron, found out I was in law enforcement she begged me to read and review her book and to give it an honest review. I promised her I would, and I’m glad I did. The story is compelling and kept me involved and anxious to read more, There’s my honest assessment but I am equally honest in saying I recommend everyone make effort to read it because the story is more than worth it. I could see this story becoming an excellent movie. For those contemplating this book, do it!
One very brave woman – Janette Hallon 4 July 2015
This is a very complex, compelling and intriguing read. Sharron has had an extraordinarily life changing series of events happen to her. Any woman, single or not must read this to be aware of just what could happen – anytime and any place.
I couldn’t put the book down – DJEon 7 June 2015
Bought this book as top seller. Interesting reading. I couldn’t put the book down .

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