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The Adventures of Upcote and Smythe: Two Middle-Aged Men on a Mission

by A R Lowe  

UPCOTE, a self-styled gentleman of leisure who subsidises his state hand-outs with a little wheeling and dealing on the side meets the struggling SMYTHE and sets out to help his young protégé of fifty-three fulfil his true and hitherto well-concealed potential.

With the help of Upcote’s indomitable Aunt Mabel and under the sceptical scrutiny of coin-obsessed café owner Bob, the two men set out to put their sartorial and cultural superiority on a sound financial footing.

Dodging the slings and arrows of outraged punters our two heroes push, swerve and stumble onwards towards their dream of esteem, prosperity and an escape from the mean streets of Nuncaton.

A hilarious new novel from the author of ‘Spanish Journals: The Posthumous Diary of an Expat’, ‘Barry Braithwaite’s Last Life’ and ‘The Year that Crime Paid.’

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