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The Sebastian Series | Book Two | Dark Bonds (The Sebastian Trilogy 2)

by Janey Rosen  

Amazon No.1 Bestselling Sebastian Trilogy, part two.

Following a devastating loss, Elizabeth Dove’s life is falling apart. Despite her efforts, the stress of her job and dealing with everyone’s pity is too much to endure. She found purpose and passion in the arms of her dark and commanding lover before, and she needs his strength and comfort as never before. So when Sebastian De Montfort insists she and her daughter stay at his manor for a period of healing, she welcomes the opportunity…but will his love be too painful to bear? Sebastian needs Elizabeth more than ever, but his desires take a darker turn. Sebastian’s love has always come wrapped in sadism and dominance, but as his feelings for Elizabeth grow, he demands her complete submission and acquiescence. He lost his wife, and he can’t lose Elizabeth—it would destroy him. As his desperation mounts, her only protection lies in a safe word to spare her pain. But no safe word can protect her from a silent threat. Sebastian’s mysterious maid, Scarlett, was with him through his late wife’s illness, and she’s not about to tolerate this new love. They have their own secrets, and she knows she can be all he needs. All she has to do is hide her malicious intent behind a mask of trust and concern to drive Elizabeth out of her mind and out of his life. Sebastian has always protected her, but Elizabeth doesn’t know who she can trust… And his one constant, Scarlett, holds the key to it all.

"Forget Christian, forget Gideon, forget Gabriel, heck all those dark and mysterious alpha males – forget them all and meet Sebastian. He’s going to mess with your head, he’s going to make you swoon, he’s going to make your pulse quicken and then he’s going to make you squirm. BAM! the story hit me and got its claws in me straight away, it bowled me over and I was totally at its mercy, just as Beth is with Sebastian. You’ll be laughing, nail biting and crying. The Sebastian Trilogy is a hoard of sizzling excitement and great twists." 5* Review,

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