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The Shadow of William Quest (A William Quest Victorian Thriller Book 1)

by John Bainbridge  

A mysterious stranger carrying a swordstick walks the gaslit alleys and night houses of Victorian London.
What is he seeking?
London in 1853 – a mist-shrouded city where the grand houses of the wealthy lie a stone’s throw from the vilest slums and rookeries of the poor.
Who is this man so determined to fight for justice against all the wrongs of Victorian society? What are the origins of the mysterious William Quest?
In a pursuit from the teeming streets of London to the lonely coast of Norfolk, Inspector Anders of Scotland Yard is determined to uncover the truth.
To an explosive climax where only one man can walk away…

What readers are saying about William Quest…

A page turner of a mystery from the start… I couldn’t put this one down for long as I was caught up in the twists and turns of this richly constructed tale.

Great author, fantastic book. Such a unique story and very well told.

A new hero for these times has entered literature and is destined to capture the attention of all those yearning for a better chapter within the human saga – it is William Quest.

Great read! Couldn’t put it down.

Superb plotting, believable characters, and a very effective writing style.

…a real feel for history and storytelling.

An Action Adventure Historical Mystery

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