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The Workhouse Children: A heartwarming saga

by Lindsey Hutchinson  

Tears and tribulations, laughs and heartbreak, from an exciting new talent. Perfect for the fans of Jo Cox and Lyn Andrews.

Cara Flowers’ mother disappeared when she was too young to realise, and when her grandmother dies she leaves not only an enormous fortune, but also a huge responsibility – she wants Cara to find their estranged family.

Her quest leads her to the doors of the looming Bilston workhouse where children are torn away from their families to toil for others. Shocked by the appalling conditions, Cara vows to find a way to shut down the building and rescue its residents. And then she discovers a link between the workhouse and her missing mother…

Can Cara overcome her past and save these children from their fate?

What people are saying about THE WORKHOUSE CHILDREN:

‘A truly beautiful read, well done to the author for giving me such enjoyment’

‘A very poignant, feel good novel’

‘I laughed, cried and gasped, such a gripping story line’

‘What an amazing story start to finish’

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