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Victoria Four-Thirty

by Cecil Roberts  

London, 1937. A world famous composer, a honeymooning couple, a novelist in search of a plot, a German film star, a young crown prince and a sister of charity are among the disparate group of travellers on the boat train to continental Europe.

“It would be very interesting to know the life history of everybody on this train – why we are travelling on it …”

Set amid the political upheaval of the 1930s, this is the witty, insightful and bittersweet story of the passengers on the Four-thirty from Victoria. Each is facing a different journey, with their own hopes, fears and challenges; and for some, their lives will cross in unexpected ways.

The 80th anniversary edition of the newly rediscovered classic bestseller from the 1930s.

“A splendid achievement, with a classic quality.” Daily Telegraph

“What a good novelist …” Sunday Times

“A book of considerable imaginative quality.” The Guardian

“A marvel of construction and execution …” Yorkshire Post

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