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The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

by Michael Lewis  

THE OUTRAGEOUS NO.1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, NOW AN OSCAR- AND BAFTA-WINNING FILM From the jungles of the trading floor to the casinos of Las Vegas, The Big Short, Michael Lewis’s No.1 bestseller, tells the story of the misfits, renegades and visionaries who saw that the biggest credit bubble of all time was about to burst, bet against the banking system – … Read More

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HERO Force Box Set: Books One – Three

by Amy Gamet  

Meet the men of HERO Force, the Hands-on Engagement and Recognizance Operations team. Book One: Stranded with the SEAL Love and danger collide on a snowy mountain road… Navy SEAL Trevor “Hawk” Hawkins is on a mission to avenge his teammate’s death when he crashes into another car during a blizzard. Olivia Grayson was running from her own wedding, but … Read More

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Wicked Wyckerly (Rebellious Sons Book 1) (Rebellious Sons Series)

by Patricia Rice  

Nominated for the prestigious romance Rita award! John Fitzhugh Wyckerly has been the spare heir all his life, supporting himself with gambling and charm. The news that he’s inherited the bankrupt title of Earl of Danecroft shatters his indolent world. Even penniless, he’s always paid his debts, but now the estate’s creditors are closing in. He can fake his death … Read More

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The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3)

by A.C. Fuller  

How do you expose a conspiracy that's hiding in plain sight? Alex Vane was once a top investigative journalist. Now he peddles celebrity gossip and clickbait listicles, watching from a distance as his wife moves on with her life – without him. But Alex's past catches up to him when he learns that an old source, James Stacy, has been killed … Read More

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Stealing the Biker’s Heart (Dogs of Fire: Savannah Chapter Book 2)

by Piper Davenport  

18+ for language and sexual situations. Jasmine Buckley’s busy life has no room for anything that doesn’t involve color palettes, fragrance samples, or building her burgeoning cosmetic empire. And she’s certainly too damn busy for a man. Too bad for her, she’s about to meet a man who could either be the makeover her love life needs, or the ultimate … Read More

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The Medicine

by Jon Martindale  

Lindsey Sterling, ex-nurse and conservationist, is travelling to the heart of South America to survey a newly discovered rainforest. Her task: to keep everyone alive and healthy whilst dealing with their team leader’s imperfections. But her group isn’t the only one interested in the region and a local tribe could prove far too dangerous to deal with; especially when the … Read More

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Amish Romance: Arranged Marriage (Amish Brides: Historical Romance Book 1)

by Samantha Price  

Even though the Amish don’t arrange marriages, that didn’t stop Miriam Shantz’s parents from arranging for her to marry Amish man, Adam Stutzman.With only vague memories of Adam, Miriam goes along with her parents’ plans of the marriage until she sees the tall young Amish man, Stephen Williams. Stephen and Miriam forge a friendship when he takes the family by … Read More

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Marigny Street (Saving Angels Book 1)

by Annie Rose Welch  

Do you believe in the power of dreams? Way down south on Marigny Street in the heart of New Orleans, the land of Catholic intercessions, purgatory, and supernatural superstitions, young Evangeline Chenier dreams of a radiant boy who saves her from a storm. She takes the dream seriously – in her family, dreams are sometimes more than dreams. Sometimes they … Read More

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The Gatekeeper’s Sons (The Gatekeeper’s Saga Book 1)

by Eva Pohler  

Dive into a world in which the ancient gods of Greek mythology are real.Part paranormal romance, part epic urban fantasy, the first in this bestselling young adult series is the teen novel mythology lovers have been searching for:Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos … Read More

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What Holly’s Husband Did: A laugh out loud romantic comedy with a twist!

by Debbie Viggiano  

A feel-good romantic comedy with a twist that will make you gasp! Holly Hart has been married for fifteen blissful years to hubby Alex. Well… if you don’t count last Christmas, when she accidentally found a load of sexy texts on Alex’s phone. But every marriage has its ups and downs and Alex had a perfectly reasonable explanation… so why … Read More

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The Headspace Guide to… Mindfulness & Meditation: 10 minutes can make all the difference

by Andy Puddicombe  

First published as Get Some Headspace, this reissue shows you how just 10 minutes of mediation per day can bring about life changing results. ‘It’s kind of genius’ Emma Watson Andy Puddicombe, founder of the much publicised Headspace, is on a mission: to get people to take 10 minutes out of their day to sit in the here and now. … Read More

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The World as I See It

by Albert Einstein  

The most advanced and celebrated mind of the 20th Century, without a doubt, is attributed to Albert Einstein. This interesting book allows us to explore his beliefs, philosophical ideas, and opinions on many subjects. Subjects include politics, religion, education, the meaning of life, Jewish issues, the world economy, peace and pacifism. Einstein believed in the possibility of a peaceful world … Read More

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by Bryan Smith  

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"DEPRAVED lives up to its name in the most brutal and visceral way. Sort of like a roller-coaster ride… but with battery acid and razor blades on the handlebars. Smith’s most effective and merciless work to date!" –Ronald Kelly, author of FEAR, HELL HOLLOW NAMED ONE OF BRIAN KEENE’S TOP 10 BOOKS OF THE YEAR FOR 2009. Welcome to Hopkins … Read More

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A Wanted Man (Ben Bracken Book 1)

by Robert Parker  

It’s down to fathers and fatherhood. Ben Bracken, ex-soldier, has just got out of Strangeways. Not by the front door. With him, he has his ‘insurance policy’ – a bag of evidence that will guarantee his freedom, provided he can keep it safe – and he has money, carefully looked after by a friend, Jack Brooker. Rejected by the army, … Read More

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The Haunting of Ashburn House

by Darcy Coates  

People whisper rumors about a family murdered at Ashburn House. They say its old owner, Edith, went mad in the building, and that restless ghosts walk the halls at night.When Adrienne arrives on the gothic house’s doorstep, all she has is a suitcase, twenty dollars, and her pet cat. She doesn’t know why her estranged Aunt Edith bequeathed Ashburn to … Read More

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Life After War Box Set 1-3

by Angela White  

Untold Miles of Lawless, Apocalyptic Roads Fated to lead New America, seven gifted people survive a nuclear apocalypse only to find themselves on a cross-country quest through horrors that will shake the very core of who they thought they were. These long-denied protectors of humanity are destined to rebuild their country…if they can stay alive long enough to find each … Read More

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Old Ironsides

by D.C. Ford  

Centuries after three quarters of the human population on earth fell victim to a savage plague, a new enemy rises to threaten the existence of humanity. A population divided by those still fully human, those part machine and those who are both dead and alive at the same time, what it means to be truly human has already been long … Read More

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The Holiday Cottage by the Sea: An utterly gorgeous feel good romantic comedy

by Holly Martin  

The new book from the bestselling author of Summer at Buttercup Beach. Escape to Sandcastle Bay, where you’ll discover a charming little seaside village brimming with heart-warming friendships, quirky characters and plenty of sunshine. The perfect place to fall in love this summer… Tori Graham is in need of a holiday. Trying to piece her heart back together after losing … Read More

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Psychic Surveys Book Two: Rise to Me: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

by Shani Struthers  

Rise to Me is the second in the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, featuring plot twists, compelling characters and a mystery at its dark heart! "This isn't a ghost we're dealing with. If only it were that simple…" Eighteen years ago, when psychic Ruby Davis was a child, her mother – also a psychic – suffered a nervous breakdown. Ruby was never told … Read More

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The Thoughtful Leader: How to use your head and your heart to inspire others

by Mindy Gibbins-Klein  

Is it time for leaders to think more deeply and more effectively? Tired of people throwing the term ‘thought leadership’ around and using it to label unexceptional people and mediocre content, Mindy Gibbins-Klein sets out to define and introduce a new paradigm and a new standard of idea generation and sharing. Thoughtful leaders exhibit exceptional thinking as well as consideration … Read More

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Pretend You’re Mine: A Small Town Love Story

by Lucy Score  

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I only wanted to protect you… Luke Garrison is a hometown hero, a member of the National Guard ready to deploy again. Strong, sweet, and sexy, he doesn’t have a girlfriend and doesn’t want one. When the wildly beautiful Harper stumbles into his life, though, he realizes that she’s the perfect decoy. A fake girlfriend to keep his family off … Read More

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Always the DJ

by Andy Holmes  

What would you do if you were a part-time DJ, but the rest of your existence was like a record, playing at the wrong speed? You’re pushing thirty, in a dead end job, your best friend’s living with a meat head, whilst your own romantic situation is more problematic than trying to play a CD on a turntable!! Meet Alex … Read More

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A Cruel Fate (Quick Reads 2014)

by Lindsey Davis  

Martin Watts, a bookseller, is captured by Royalists. Jane Afton’s brother Nat is taken too. They suffer inhumane treatment as prisoners-of-war. In Oxford Castle jailor William Smith tortures, beats, starves and deprives his helpless victims. Can Jane rescue her sick brother before he dies of neglect? Will Martin dare to escape? Based on real events in the English Civil War, … Read More

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Civil Disobedience and Other Essays

by Henry David Thoreau  

American author, naturalist, and abolitionist, Henry David Thoreau was a principal figure of the 19th century movement of Transcendentalism. Central to the philosophy is a belief that people, who are inherently good, are corrupted by the organized institutions of society and that consequently the best community is one that is built upon on independence and self-reliance. This corrupting influence is … Read More

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The Woman in Black (Jessica Daniel Series Book 3)

by Kerry Wilkinson  

The Woman in Black is the third gripping Jessica Daniel novel from bestselling sensation, Kerry Wilkinson. Someone has left a severed hand in the centre of Manchester and the only clue Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has to go on is CCTV footage of a woman in a long black robe placing it carefully on the ground. With a lengthy missing … Read More

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The Street to Recovery

by Kevin Kennedy  

Curly Watts is a TV icon – for twenty years appearing on millions of TV screens around the country in Coronation Street. Kevin Kennedy is one of the UK’s most successful soap actors, although behind the scenes and high-profile appearances, he faced a painful personal battle. Kevin shares his experiences of alcoholism, rehab and IVF as well stories from the … Read More

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The Beast in the Red Forest (Inspector Pekkala Book 5)

by Sam Eastland  

A soldier returns from the frontline of battle to report that Pekkala’s charred body has been found at the site of an ambush. But Stalin refuses to believe that the indomitable Pekkala is dead. On Stalin’s orders, Pekkala’s assistant Kirov travels deep into the forests of Western Russia, following a trail of clues to a wilderness where partisans wage a … Read More

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Wings of Sorrow (A horror fantasy novel)

by Iain Rob Wright  

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A captivating fantasy novel that brings the supernatural thrills of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel to a new generation.Growing up is hell. Scarlet is a sixteen-year-old girl with no friends living with her single father. The one thing her life has none of is excitement. That’s until she meets a naked stranger beside the lake. Then everything changes. Scarlet … Read More

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Deadly Alibi (A DI Geraldine Steel Thriller Book 9)

by Leigh Russell  

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‘UNMISSABLE’ – LEE CHILD * ‘A RARE TALENT’ – DAILY MAIL * ‘BRILLIANT’ – JEFFERY DEAVER A hand gripped her upper arm so suddenly it made her yelp. Biting her lower lip, she spun round, lashing out in terror. As she yanked her arm out of his grasp, her elbow hit the side of his chest. Struggling to cling on … Read More

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