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Ruby Flynn

by Nadine Dorries  

County Mayo, Ireland, 1947. In the worst winter in living memory, Ruby Flynn is rescued from the tiny cottage on the Atlantic coast where her family has perished. She is one of the storm orphans, taken in by nuns to be educated for a life in service. Now she must find her own way in the outside world. The FitzDeane … Read More

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Till the Dust Settles

by Pat Young  

A gripping & unmissable debut thriller Two women will never meet, but their lives are about to collide.  Lucie married young. Her husband has become abusive, controlling and violent. Having lost everything as a result of the marriage, Lucie decides it is time to walk away.  As she leaves the house on the morning of September 11th, heading to a … Read More

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Hollywood Dirt

by Alessandra Torre  

Cole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Watch out Los Angeles, there’s a new bad boy in town. Summer Jenkins. That’s me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings … Read More

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Made for Me (A New Beginnings Book 1)

by Kathryn R. Biel  

Michele’s lack of focus in life hasn’t bothered her, until the day she finds herself with mounting credit card debt, unable to afford her rent, and without a job. While her meddling family questions how she can end up in this predicament, at the age of 29, and single to boot, Michele doesn’t want to admit the truth. All she … Read More

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My First – Jason & Katie (Crossroads, Book 1)

by Melanie Shawn  

Jason Sloan is known as Harper’s Crossing’s resident Romeo, and he’s never had to work too hard to live up to that nickname. With his easygoing charm, whiskey-colored brown eyes, and sinfully sexy half smile, women just seem to fall all over themselves when he’s around. Well…most women, anyway. Katie Lawson’s the one woman who isn’t putty in his hands, … Read More

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The Inheritance

by Irina Shapiro  

Katie Price is baffled when a man claiming to be her grandfather leaves her his entire estate in the Scottish Highlands. The bulk of the estate consists of a thriving whisky distillery and a moldering castle, where the eccentric old man actually lived until his death. The Will stipulates that Katie must travel to Scotland and claim her inheritance in … Read More

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Fatally Bound – A gripping serial killer thriller (McRyan Mystery Thriller Series Book) (McRyan Mystery Series Book 5)

by Roger Stelljes  

Fatally Bound… by one decision with deadly consequences.THE CRIME SERIES WITH OVER 2 MILLION DOWNLOADS and 20,000+ REVIEWSNew York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery SeriesGot Kindle Unlimited? Click [Read for Free]** HOT READS FOR 2018 – FIREBALL – a gripping killer thriller ** FATALLY BOUND… by one decision with deadly consequences.Hannah opened the backdoor of her house and walked … Read More

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Her Vigilant SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 1)

by Caitlyn O'Leary  

Hanging on by a ThreadSophia Anderson takes care of everyone but herself. She will stop at nothing to keep her family safe. When she goes searching for her runaway little brother in a bad part of town, she becomes the one in need of rescue. A White KnightNavy SEAL, Mason Gault, faced many dangers while in the line of duty. … Read More

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The Wizard of Time (Book 1)

by G.L. Breedon  

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An Epic Time Travel Fantasy Adventure Gabriel Salvador has dreams about the future, and his dreams always come true. When he dreams one night that he will drown, he knows upon waking it is only a matter of time before his dream becomes reality. Plucked from the timeline of history at the moment of his death and considered dead by his … Read More

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The Last (Last Mayor Book 1)

by Michael John Grist  

7 billion zombies. 1 man. The streets outside are filled with an ocean of the raging dead. A plane tumbles from the sky to crash into Manhattan. Talented artist Amo is alone, maybe the last man alive in a horrifying, violent world. His first thought is of Lara – the beautiful, smart barista he risked his life to date. Now … Read More

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Killer of Kings (The Bernicia Chronicles Book 4)

by Matthew Harffy  

Beobrand has land, men and riches. He should be content. And yet he cannot find peace until his enemies are food for the ravens. But before Beobrand can embark on his bloodfeud, King Oswald orders him southward, to escort holy men bearing sacred relics. When Penda of Mercia marches a warhost into the southern kingdoms, Beobrand and his men are … Read More

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Ice Cold Alice

by C.P. Wilson  

Ice Cold Alice: A killer who is as cold as Ice  They thought that they had all the power, until she took it from them.  A killer hunts abusive spouses, blogging about their sins post-kill. Soon the murders and the brazen journaling draws the attention of Police Scotland’s CID. This killer works with surgical preparation, precision and skill, using a … Read More

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Follow Me: A Quest in Two Worlds

by Ken Howard  

He was about to sign out, when a curious file name caught his attention, just two words, tucked away and buried in the mass of dreary headings. ‘Follow Me’ it read. His eyes narrowed. Follow Me? What could that possibly mean? Young Chris Daunt’s whole world collapses when, during his 15th birthday party, his older brother Andrew test drives a … Read More

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A Princess’s Duty (Of Fire and Frost Book 1)

by Sloane Murphy  

Bestselling author Sloane Murphy presents the first book in a new paranormal Fae series, A Princess’s Duty. Emilia Daarke has wanted to escape the Summer Court her entire life. She’s not brutal like the other Fae. She’s not savage. But they are. When the boy she loves, Cade Vasara, Crowned Prince of the Winter Court, kills Emilia’s twin, they are … Read More

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The Curvy Girls Baby Club: The laugh out loud happy ever after romcom about best friends (The Curvy Girls Club Book 2)

by Michele Gorman  

"Embraces the strong bonds of friendship and will leave a smile on your face! 5 Stars" Jersey Girl Book Reviews As the co-founders of The Curvy Girls Club, where loving yourself is the only rule, can these friends practice what they preach?Ellie is fresh back from her honeymoon and can’t wait to share her baby news with her best friends … Read More

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The Echoes of Sol: Books 1-3

by Charissa Dufour  

Trust and TreacheryWhen space freighter pilot Calen Macleef accidentally wins Larissa “Bit” Earnest in a lucky hand of poker, his main concern is what his gruff and uncompromising brother Jack will say about it. Jack Macleef is the captain of the ship in a world where space travel has only recently become the norm and space piracy abounds. Painful memories … Read More

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Famous Crimes the World Forgot Vol II: More Vintage True Crimes Rescued from Obscurity (True Crime Murder Book with Serial Killers)

by Jason Lucky Morrow  

Tired of Reading About the Same Crimes and Criminals Over and Over?Would you like to read about amazing crimes and criminals you never knew about?More Extraordinary True Crimes You Never Knew About With 42 Images Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II uncovers more amazing true crimes that exploded into the national news, shocking Americans from coast to coast—crimes that … Read More

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Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows

by Jason Fox  

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘A vivid, searing account of a life at war.’ BEAR GRYLLS This is a true story. The events depicted took place during the last decade in an unnamed warzone. The names and locations have been redacted to protect the security of those involved and the practices of the British Special Forces. Out of respect for the … Read More

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Bolivian Rhapsody

by Stuart Ayris  

“So, in short, Mr Ayris, you need to take it easy for a while,” the Doctor said to me. “Pneumonia is a very serious illness. For somebody of your age to have required almost three weeks in hospital is not something to be taken lightly. You do know that, at one stage, you were twenty-four hours away from being transferred … Read More

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Must Love Mistletoe (Holiday Duet Book 1) (Holiday Duet Series)

by Christie Ridgway  

Bailey Sullivan can’t stand Christmas, even though her family’s business is a store specializing in the perfect holiday. But now her hometown’s chief supplier of rooftop Rudolphs and treetop angels is in danger of going under–and it’s up to Bailey to save the shop. She has it all planned: She’ll arrive on December 1 and be gone by Christmas. Plus … Read More

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25 Days ’til Christmas: The perfect feel-good holiday romance to curl up with this festive season

by Poppy Alexander  

‘a fabulous uplifting, festive, feel-good, joyous read that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.’ Netgalley reviewer Christmas is a time to get together… Kate Thompson used to love Christmas. But that was before her husband went away with the army and didn’t come home. Now she can hardly stand the festive season. But Kate knows there is more … Read More

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Orbs (A Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction Survival Thriller)

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith  

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A masterful blend of horror, science fiction, and pulse-pounding thrills, the first book in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's bestselling Orbs series introduces the last survivors of an alien invasion and is now available in KU for the first time!  "Akin to watching movies like Independence Day… In other words, it's bound to be a cult classic!" – Men's Journal on Orbs _____________________________________ At … Read More

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Dolmarehn: Book Two of the Otherworld Series

by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson  

Magical realms, Celtic warriors, and faerie glamour: Percy Jackson meets The Mortal Instruments. “An appealing blend of awkward teen and powerful Fae. I love the passion, mystery and adventure the heroine experiences.” ★★★★★ “Do you trust me Meghan?” His voice was soft, almost pleading. I swallowed and tried hard to discern his expression in the dark. The paltry amount of … Read More

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Mr Blue: Memoirs of a Renegade

by Edward Bunker  

Edward Bunker’s life is beyond the imaginings of most fiction writers. He was born in Hollywood, California, the son of a stagehand and Busby Berkeley chorus girl, whose early divorce propelled him into a series of boarding homes and military schools. From the age of five he repeatedly ran away, roaming the city streets at night. A proud character, combined … Read More

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Termination Orders (A Dan Morgan Thriller Book 1)

by Leo J. Maloney  

In this explosive novel of world-class suspense, former Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney traces a lethal conspiracy from the frontlines of battle to the backrooms of Washington to a single assassin’s bullet. . .Termination OrdersOnce a trained killer for the CIA, Dan Morgan has built a new life for himself. But when he receives a desperate plea from his … Read More

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The Girl From The Savoy

by Hazel Gaynor  

‘Addictive, charming and gleaming with Jazz Age glitz’ The LadyThe fabulous new novel from the author of The Girl Who Came Home Dolly Lane is a dreamer; a downtrodden maid who longs to dance on the London stage, but the outbreak of war takes everything from her: Teddy, the man she loves – and her hopes of a better life. … Read More

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