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The Penguin Complete Novels of Nancy Mitford

by Nancy Mitford  

Available together for the first time in many years, and here in one edition, are ALL eight of Nancy Mitford’s sparklingly astute, hilarious and completely unputdownable novels, with a new introduction by India Knight. Published over a period of 30 years, they provide a wonderful glimpse of the bright young things of the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties in the … Read More

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Undercover Magic (Dragon’s Gift: The Valkyrie Book 1)

by Linsey Hall  

I’ve got two choices. Join the Undercover Protectorate. Or die. In a world of controlled magic, I’m an Unknown. Deadly power, little control. I’m only alive because I pay a Blood Sorcerer to keep me hidden. But when he comes to collect on the debt I can’t pay, one of his goons slams me with a deadly curse. Suddenly, I’m … Read More

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UNHOLY REVENGE: DI Helen Cooke Investigates (DI Helen Cooke Invesigates Book 1)

by RC Welsby  

‘A HEART-STOPPING DEBUT NOVEL’ UNHOLY REVENGE Is a fast-paced, gripping story of uncontrolled revenge. Revenge that has festered for years in the mind of the killer, but what is the catalyst that sets the murders in motion? Dark family secrets are revealed as members of the same family are targeted and killed without mercy. DI Helen Cooke and her team … Read More

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Amazing Quinoa: Family-Friendly Salad, Soup, Breakfast and Dessert Recipes for Better Health and Easy Weight Loss: Gluten-free Cookbook (Healthy Cooking and Living 1)

by Vesela Tabakova  

Quick and Healthy Quinoa Recipes That Taste Amazing!From the author of several bestselling cookbooks Vesela Tabakova comes a new mouthwatering collection of easy family recipes. This time she offers us 60+ healthy and enjoyable quinoa meals full of your favorite superfood vegetables, meats and legumes, that are simple and easy to cook whether you need a quick weeknight supper or … Read More

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by Tiffinie Helmer  

Named one of the 20 Most Romantic Books Ever! — BookBubOver 1200 reviews on Bookbub.  Alaska's matchmaking moose, Bullwinkle, has his sights set on a most unlikely pair. Holly Noelle Snow loves Christmas so much she could be one of Santa's elves, and Reese Sutton might as well be Scrooge. But there is no way BW will allow these two to … Read More

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Cage of Deceit: Reign of Secrets, Book 1

by Jennifer Anne Davis  

Sixteen-year-old Allyssa appears to be the ideal princess of Emperion–she’s beautiful, elegant, and refined. She spends her days locked in a suffocating cage, otherwise known as the royal court. But at night, Allyssa uses her secret persona–that of a vigilante–to hunt down criminals and help her people firsthand. Unfortunately, her nightly escapades will have to wait because the citizens of … Read More

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The Sins of the Fathers: The time travel saga that spans a century… (Touchstone Season 1)

by Andy Conway  

One touch… and you’re who knows when? A brilliant paranormal mystery that launches this bestselling saga with an Edwardian thriller that blends science fiction with historical adventure. 2018 UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION. In a small corner of Birmingham, England, Rachel and Danny are a pair of mismatched History students from opposite sides of the tracks. But they find their lives … Read More

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Flying by the Seat of My Knickers (The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Book 1)

by Eliza Watson  

Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead? When Caity Shaw is fired from her first job that doesn’t require an elf uniform, her older sister, Rachel, an event planner, hires her to work a meeting in Dublin. Caity jumps at the opportunity to travel abroad and escape her pathetic life. However, even four thousand miles from home, … Read More

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Red Wine and Roses (The Hamiltons Book 1)

by SJ McCoy  

Take a trip to wine country to meet the Hamiltons in this new sweet and steamy series from SJ McCoy. Cameron Hamilton may well be the most eligible bachelor in Napa Valley. He’s the CEO of Hamilton-Groves, one of the largest wine producers and distributors in the country. He lives a charmed life. Admired for his skills in the boardroom … Read More

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Tech Mage: The Magitech Chronicles Book 1

by Chris Fox  

Enslaved and Forced to Fight Dragons Aran awakens in chains with no memory. He’s conscripted into the Confederate Marines as a Tech Mage, given a spellrifle, then hurled into the war with the draconic Krox and their Void Wyrm masters. Desperate to escape, Aran struggles to master his abilities, while surviving the Krox onslaught. Fighting alongside him are a Major … Read More

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Beauty Never Dies Chronicles 1: Slumber

by J.L. Weil  

Thousands of copies sold. Millions of pages read. Topped the Teen Dystopian charts for months. There is no such thing as happily ever after. Everything Charlotte Winston thought she knew has been thrown out the window. From the moment she opens her eyes, the world she remembered ceases to exist, and in its place is a post-apocalyptic realm filled with … Read More

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Solving Cold Cases: True Crime Stories that Took Years to Crack

by Andrew J. Clark  

Chilling. One of the best words to describe the cases recounted in this book. These gruesome crimes seemed to hit a dead end… That is until the case was reopened for investigation years later and solved.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! From the more famous cases to the more obscure, the crimes and hardships that the victims had to suffer will … Read More

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Escaping Indigo

by Eli Lang  

Micah thought he’d always be in a band. All he ever wanted was to play drums and make great music, but when his best friend and bandmate passes away, Micah is left adrift. The thing that’s always lifted him up is now a reminder of everything he’s lost. In an attempt to put his life back together, Micah takes a … Read More

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Instant Pot Cookbook: 1000 Day Instant Pot Recipes Plan: 1000 Days Instant Pot Diet Cookbook:3 Years Pressure Cooker Recipes Plan:The Ultimate Instant Pot Recipes Challenge:A Pressure Cooker Cookbook

by Katie Banks  

1000 Days of Instant Pot Recipes Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker  Would not you enjoy cooking delicious recipes, and doing this for 1000 Days in a Row? Then this is your book! A delicious scent coming from your instant pot. Your next meal is about be served. Can you picture this moment? It is difficult to … Read More

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House of Dolls: A Superhero Thriller

by Harmon Cooper  

Hate your job.Win the lottery.Get a superpower. Roman Martin is a normal guy until he happens upon a winning lottery ticket that grants him an incredible superpower. Unfortunately, Roman has to keep his new power a secret, and in a society that separates super powereds from half-powereds, that’s a big deal. There’s also his troubled past, a dark secret that … Read More

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Dating Daisy

by Daisy Mae  

"A  humorous book, about online dating for women."  Daisy Mae This is a funny , online dating novel. Read the truth about sex, lies and online dating! This book not only gives dating advice, but actually sets the rules for online dating!  Interspersed with the dating stories,  are tales of women's sexual health. A must read for any women contemplating … Read More

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The Body in the Beck (A D.I. Price Mystery Book 2)

by Joanna Cannan  

When famous climber Francis Worthington discovers the body of a man floating in a mountain pool in the Lake District, he goes on to finish his climb before reporting it. After the local police have examined the body, they realise they have a case of murder on their hands and call in Detective Inspector Price of Scotland Yard. Price is … Read More

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A Matter of Love and Death: a historical mystery you don’t want to miss

by Caron Albright  

An absorbing 1930s mystery that you won’t be able to put down   Adelaide, 1931. Telephone switchboard operator Frances’ life is difficult as sole provider for her mother and adopted uncle. But it’s thrown into turmoil when she overhears a suspicious conversation on the phone, planning a murder. If a life is at risk, she should tell the police; but that would … Read More

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His Hostage: A Kidnap Romance

by Anna Adler  

Her kidnapper is rough, dangerous…and the best sex she ever had. Evelyn is trapped in an unhappy marriage with Jack Moorland, the impotent heir to a software fortune. Her husband treats her with nothing but contempt, but Evelyn lacks the confidence to leave him—and he has no intention of letting her go. Then one fateful night, she accidentally trades her … Read More

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Snapdragon (Love Conquers None Book 1)

by Kilby Blades  

SNAPDRAGON: LOVE CONQUERS NONE BOOK #1The rules are simple: unattached companionship, toe-curling sex and a clean break whenever it ends. Darby’s groundbreaking medical research will launch her into career stardom. Michael’s status as an architectural wunderkind will send him to a far-flung locale. Either one can say the single word that will break it off: Snapdragon. But soul-deep sex is … Read More

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Death in Profile (Hampstead Murders Book 1)

by Guy Fraser Sampson  

‘comfortingly old school crime fiction with a modern twist’ –Chris Brookmyre, bestselling thriller writer ‘Classy and sophisticated … if you thought the Golden Age of crime writing was dead, then read this.’ –Ruth Dugdall, CWA Debut Dagger Winner The genteel façade of London’s Hampstead is shattered by a series of terrifying murders, and the ensuing police hunt is threatened by … Read More

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Shoot the Messenger: A Paranormal Space Fantasy (Messenger Chronicles Book 1)

by Pippa DaCosta  

A new space fantasy series where the guys are hot, the perils are many, and one rebel messenger holds the key to the survival of the human race. Lies aren’t her only weapons against the fae… In the Halow system, one of Earth’s three sister star systems, tek and magic—humans and fae—are at war. Kesh Lasota is a ghost in … Read More

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Mindfulness for Cynics aka Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

by Nick Thawley  

Does the thought of becoming an enlightened, at-one-with-the-universe inner-light seeker make you vomit a little bit into the roof of your mouth? If so, I’m glad you’ve found this book. You’re safe now. You don’t have to be a hippie to be happy Mindfulness for Cynics is a no-nonsense beginner’s guide to mindfulness that doesn’t take itself quite as seriously … Read More

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Night Goddess: The Goddess Prophecies Fantasy Series Book 1

by Araya Evermore  

A falling world. An exiled Dragon Lord. A young woman terrified of an ancient prophecy she has set in motion. He came through the Dark Rift hunting for those who had escaped his wrath. Unchecked, his evil spread. Now, the world hangs on a knife-edge and all seems destined to fall. But when the dark moon rises a goddess awakens, … Read More

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Beware the Cuckoo: Two women, one man, and a buried secret….

by Julie Newman  

"Lies, deceit and dark secrets – this is a wonderfully addictive read" – Sheree Murphy, actress and television presenter They were reunited at his funeral, school friends with a shared past. A past that is anything but straightforward. A past that harbours secrets and untruths. Karen has a seemingly perfect life. An adoring husband, two wonderful children and a beautiful … Read More

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The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett  

The Secret Garden is a children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published as a book in 1911, after a version was published as an American magazine serial beginning in 1910. Set in England, it is one of Burnett’s most popular novels and is considered a classic of English children’s literature. Several stage and film adaptations have been made.The American … Read More

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Blood in the Water Trilogy: The Lieutenant Oliver Anson Thriller Box Set

by David McDine  

The first three thrilling adventures of Lieutenant Oliver Anson, collected together in one volume for the first time. The Napoleonic wars are brought to life with grit and gunpowder in this trilogy of hugely popular novels: Strike the Red Flag, The Normandy Privateer and Dead Man’s Island. With a clear knowledge of the period, McDine skillfully uses actual events in … Read More

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Monopoli Blues

by Tim Clark  

In November 1944, Sub Lt Bob Clark, a twenty-year old agent with Britain’s top-secret Special Operations Executive, parachuted into northern Italy. He left behind the girl he had fallen in love with, Marjorie, his radio operator. Captured by the enemy, Bob’s fate hangs in the balance and Marjorie won’t know for six months whether he is alive or dead. Monopoli … Read More

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