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The Perfect Girlfriend: The gripping and twisted Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller that everyone’s talking about!

by Karen Hamilton  

YOU’VE NEVER READ A LOVE STORY AS TWISTED AS THIS. ***THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER*** Perfect for fans of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL, and THE GIRL BEFORE. Meet Juliette. She’s intelligent, driven, committed – and in love. Juliette loves Nate.She will follow him anywhere. She’s even become a flightattendant for his airline, so she … Read More

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An American Werewolf In Hoboken: Paranormal Werewolf Shifters Romantic Comedy (Wolf Mates Book 1)

by Dakota Cassidy  

"Dakota never disappoints!" MaryJanice Davidson, NYT bestselling author. Wooing a life mate can be hard enough for a wolf, wooing one while under the threat of a curse, even more so. After being drugged and captured by Animal Control, Max Adams is on Hoboken’s doggie death row when his life mate adopts him, takes him home, and promptly names him … Read More

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Three Sisters: A British Mystery (Emily Castles Mysteries Book 1)

by Helen Smith  

Join twenty-six-year-old Emily Castles for her first outing as an amateur sleuth. Emily is invited to a party in a large house in London, hosted by a mysterious troupe of circus performers. She accepts, despite her misgivings, because her dog has died and she needs cheering up. But when she witnesses a murder in the midst of the surreal entertainment, … Read More

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Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy Book 1)

by Rachael Wade  

Amaranth (Book 1) The Gates (Book 2) The Tragedy of Knowledge (Book 3)Unearthed (A Resistance Trilogy Novella) Knowledge changes everything… Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to relocate and escape her abusive past. She didn’t expect to fall in love and plummet herself into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires. Thanks … Read More

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The Vampire wants a Wife (Supernatural Dating Agency Book 1)

by Andie M. Long  

Running a dating agency can be a killer… Shelley Linley is sick of sickos. Yet another prankster has applied to her dating agency. This one says he’s a vampire and he wants Shelley to help him find a wife. Meeting him for a second interview against all her better judgement, Shelley discovers that he has no clue about women. A … Read More

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Among the Reeds: The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust

by Tammy Bottner  

A young Jewish mother. A Nazi occupation bent on genocide. A heart-breaking decision that will tear a young family apart. Belgium, 1940. Melly Bottner is just eighteen with a three-week old newborn son when the Nazi occupation of Belgium begins. She and her young husband Genek live in fear as it becomes obvious that all Jews will soon be taken. … Read More

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Highland Deception

by Meggan Connors  

When Kenneth Mackay, long-banished rogue and thief, returns to the Mackay holding at the request of his brother, he has no idea what he might find. He certainly doesn’t expect to be confronted with his twin’s imminent death, or with the plan his brother has concocted. Ten years before, Malcolm made a tragic mistake, and, to preserve the family name—and … Read More

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Porn Star: A Second Chance, Secret Baby Romance

by Callie Vegas  

​SEX. LIES. DECEPTION. LUST JAX RYDER is the hottest adult movie star in Vegas and he loves his life. He can have any woman he wants, when he wants and how he wants. Why would he have a relationship when he has sex with women for a living? AURORA BLUE is new to the adult movie industry and she is only … Read More

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Summer at Sea: The Summer Series Book 1

by Beth Labonte  

** A 2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner**Four jackets of varying weights, enough socks for the entire Confederate Army, three umbrellas, most of the antacid aisle from the local pharmacy, and six pairs of old people sneakers that all look exactly the same. Have you ever helped your parents pack for a weeklong cruise? No? I didn’t think so. So … Read More

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What the Heart Wants: An Elemental Romance (Soulmate Series Book 1)

by Kelli McCracken  

A recurrent dream.A fated encounter.A destiny neither can deny. Heaven Lewis needs a break—from college, from relationships, from her life. After arriving in L.A., her vacation plans are thwarted by chaos. Encountering a celebrity wasn’t on her to-do list. Neither is dating him. But the more time they spend together, the more his soul speaks to hers. Dylan McBride is … Read More

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BONE: A Contemporary Romantic Medical Suspense Story

by Dee Palmer  

Only a good Doctor can be this bad…Dr. Joel Prescott is back. He’s cold, calculating, ruthless.He’s also smokin’ hot and utterly charming. Dr. Prescott has a plan. He has his sights set on her. As much as she fights the attraction she just can’t seem to keep away. Their chemistry is explosive. Regan is a nurse with a full-time job … Read More

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The Kindred Killers (Jake Boulder Book 2)

by Graham Smith  

Looking for a fast-paced and utterly gripping crime thriller? Then try this book by #1 best-selling author Graham Smith, an explosive thriller full of stunning twists and turns. Jake Boulder’s help is requested by his best friend, Alfonse, when his cousin is crucified and burned alive along with his wife and children. As Boulder tries to track the heinous killer, … Read More

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The Snow Globe: A Psychological Thriller

by Tony Faggioli  

In the four years since breaking off her engagement, Maggie Kincaid has fled from city to city, seeking to escape her ex-fiancé Michael’s relentless pursuit. Abandoned by a criminal justice system that cannot seem to protect her despite multiple restraining orders, she is ready to give up. But it isn’t that easy. Maggie’s dead grandmother keeps haunting her dreams, warning … Read More

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The Lady of Mercia’s Daughter: England: 918

by M J Porter  

Betrayal is a family affair. 12th June 918. Æthelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of Alfred the Great, is dead. Ælfwynn, the niece of Edward, King of Wessex, has been bequeathed her mother’s power and status by the men of the Mercian Witan but knows she is vulnerable to the North of her kingdom, exposed still to the retreating … Read More

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Who Let Me Adult?: 20 Lessons I Wish I’d Learnt Before Entering the Working World

by Dave Colley  

This is the ultimate guide book for those entering the working world. Who Let Me Adult? covers the topics that the education system didn’t teach you – such as the low-down on how to get the right job, how to make and grow your money, and how to find happiness. Sections include:•Finding a Sense of Purpose•Accumulating Financial Wealth•Targeting Career Success … Read More

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Total Exposure (Jordan’s Game Book 1)

by JA Huss  

From NYT Bestselling author, JA Huss. Evangeline’s life is dark and lonely. She’ll do anything to change that. Anything. Even play a game with a stranger she’s never met. What starts out as "therapy" soon turns into a passionate anonymous love affair. Her blindfold is like a security blanket and his touch is what lights a fire inside her. I … Read More

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Surviving Him (Shameless Book 1)

by Frey Le Karr  

Finding Logan was a gift Dana never knew she needed.With him by her side keeping the fears away and helping to raise her daughter’s, it numbs the pain of her past. But underneath everything, she can’t help waiting for the ball to drop.And drop it does. When tragedy strikes, she’ll do anything to keep her family safe, even if that … Read More

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The 28th Gate: Volume 2

by Christopher C. Dimond  

From tracking a rogue neuromancer to fending off raiders, Hunter thought things would return to normal after he escaped from Maunhouser’s laboratory ship. But he was wrong. When Katherine makes a startling discovery in the data she stole from Maunhouser, Hunter is forced to face troubling news before ultimately learning what Maunhouser bought at Site B. Once again, he must … Read More

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BLONDE: A gripping murder mystery (The PI Perry Webster mysteries Book 1)

by Stan Jackson  

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Under suspicion following his girlfriend’s murder, a man turns private investigator to find her real killer It was a blossoming romance, cut short by a cruel murder. Perry Webster, a university lecturer at York University, is distraught at his young love’s death. But when the police start to suspect he was the culprit, his world is turned upside down. Working … Read More

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Court of Shadows: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (Institute of the Shadow Fae Book 1)

by C.N. Crawford  

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A girls’ night out means three things to me: drinking whiskey with my best friend, trying not to kill anyone, and keeping my magic hidden. A fae gladiator like me isn’t supposed to exist anymore. But my Friday night takes a bad turn when a lethally gorgeous fae–Ruadan–tries to assassinate me. He’s known as the Wraith, and he’s taken a … Read More

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Tempted By Her Boss (The Renaldis Book 1)

by Karen Erickson  

**The freebie TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT is included in this edition! Read Paige and Matteo’s COMPLETE story here!** Business? Meet pleasure… The Renaldis, Book 1 Paige Stewart loves her job. Nannying for little Matty is a pleasure. But she wants more. She wants the kind of pleasure that’s found in her boss Matteo’s master bedroom. Matteo Renaldi knows it’s wrong to lust … Read More

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Recklessly Mine (Bennett Brothers Book 1)

by Emily Bowie  

Three Rivers are two words Chase never wants to hear again. It holds far too many painful memories of the life he had. But when Chase has to take an unexpected trip back to the small town, he is forced to deal with parts of his past he thought he had buried forever. Pulled into the buzz around town about … Read More

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No One Comes Close: A memoir

by J. A. Newman  

Many women dream from time to time of the man they would have married if only circumstances had allowed, but very few attempt a solution. No One Comes Close is a true story of how one woman, unhappy in her marriage, set out to find her first love and the consequences it incurred.

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Organized for Murder (Organized Mysteries Book 1)

by Ritter Ames  

Losing a client to murder and being accused of the crime was not on Kate McKenzie’s agenda…Organization expert Kate McKenzie is on track to make her new business, STACKED IN YOUR FAVOR, a hit in small-town Vermont. But when her first client is found dead, the job takes a decidedly sinister turn. Kate thought she and her family were making … Read More

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One Night Only

by G.P. Ritchie  

★★★★★ "Like the love child of Jo Nesbo and Ian Rankin with a helping of metaphysical wonder" – Amazon UK reviewer★★★★★ "This author has the gift of striking emotions…I loved every bit of this story" – Reader's Favorite★★★★★ "Wow", "Gripping read", "Chilling mystery" – Amazon UK reviewers Life is precious. That's why they take it.As a boy, Andy Lorimar loved … Read More

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Gone But Not Missed (A Nathan Miccoli Mystery, Book 1)

by A R Kennedy  

Lillian Brannon wakes up on Valentine’s Day in an exact replica of her bedroom but the only item that she believes is authentic is her dog, Laude. She is held captive in her kidnapper’s basement apartment, summoned upstairs once a week for a chaste dinner. But will his kindness last, and more importantly, why isn’t anyone looking for her? Lillian’s … Read More

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Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4)

by Suzanne Wright  

They may not be made for each other, but animal instincts are impossible to ignore. Madisyn Drake is a rare breed of cat shifter…a loner, unpredictably wild, and emotionally distant. A recent betrayal has left her ready to sharpen her claws on the next man she sees…until a prowling wolf with steel-gray eyes and a brooding dark edge challenges her … Read More

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True Love’s Fire: Hell Yeah!

by Sable Hunter  

While vacationing at a cabin in the Ozarks, Scott Walker – Austin neurobiologist, gets snowed-in and has to be rescued by local, Lia Houston. She brings him food, helps him fix his heat and tries to get his car on the road. A monster storm has paralyzed the mountain and as she’s trying to chain his car to her truck, … Read More

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The Clever Guts Diet: How to Revolutionise Your Body from the Inside Out

by Michael Mosley  

Your gut is astonishingly clever. It contains millions of neurons – as many as you would find in the brain of a cat – and is home to the microbiome, an army of microbes that influences your mood, weight and immune system. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Mosley takes us on a revelatory journey through the gut, showing how junk … Read More

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Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed (Ms. Marvel Series)

by G. Wilson  

Collects Ms. Marvel (2014) #12-15, S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014) #2. Love is in the air in Jersey City as Valentine’s Day arrives! Kamala Khan may not be allowed to go to the school dance, but Ms. Marvel is! Well sort of – by crashing it in an attempt to capture Asgard’s most annoying trickster! Yup, it’s a special Valentine’s Day story featuring … Read More

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A Mountain Walked

by Neil Gaiman  

H. P. Lovecraft wrote “The Call of Cthulhu” in 1926, initiating the Cthulhu Mythos, one of the most widely imitated shared-world universes in weird fiction. Even in his lifetime, many other writers added to the Mythos, and after his death hundreds if not thousands of authors of weird, fantasy, and science fiction have added their distinctive elaborations on Lovecraft’s basic … Read More

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Stalking the Others (H&W Investigations Book 4)

by Jess Haines  

Vampires, werewolves, mages–the Others are very real, and wreaking havoc in Shiarra Waynest’s life. But now, she’s returning the favor. . . Once, she was one of the good guys–or as close as a New York P.I. can get. Then Shiarra Waynest was drawn into the world of the Others. Every faction has its own loyalties and agenda. And Shia’s … Read More

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Side Hustle: Build a Side Business and Make Extra Money – Without Quitting Your Day Job

by Chris Guillebeau  

From the New York Times bestselling author of $100 Startup comes this accessible guide to building a side business from scratch – without having to give up your day job. Side Hustle is about much more than just making some extra cash; it’s about freedom and job security in today’s unstable business environment. That’s because when you receive income from … Read More

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