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Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life

by Peter Godfrey-Smith  

‘Brilliant’ Guardian ‘Fascinating and often delightful’ The Times SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE What if intelligent life on Earth evolved not once, but twice? The octopus is the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien. What can we learn from the encounter? In Other Minds, Peter Godfrey-Smith, a distinguished philosopher of science and a … Read More

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The Distance Between Us: What happens to a marriage once children and life take over…

by Georgie Capron  

Happy children, happy husband, happily ever after? Tasha knows that she should count her blessings: married for eleven years, mother to three healthy children, she should be content with her lot. However, feelings of frustration have settled over her like a dark cloud. Despite living under the same roof and sharing the same bed, Tasha has never felt so distant from her … Read More

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A Kingdom’s Cost: A Historical Novel of Scotland (The Black Douglas Trilogy Book 1)

by J. R. Tomlin  

Eighteen-year-old James Douglas can only watch, helpless, as the Scottish freedom fighter, William Wallace, is hanged, drawn, and quartered. Even under the heel of a brutal English conqueror, James’s blood-drenched homeland may still have one hope for freedom, the rightful king of the Scots, Robert the Bruce. James swears fealty to the man he believes can lead the fight against … Read More

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Seducing Death (Moon Virus Book 3)

by Cassandra Lawson  

In the decade following the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, Ian has existed in a world built on grief and hatred. Just when Ian has finally begun to claw his way through the shadows of his past, a knife to the heart ends it all . . . or is it the beginning? After waking up in a … Read More

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The Courage To Love (Love On The North Shore Book 1)

by Christina Tetreault  

Sean O’Brien sacrificed his future for his family. Now it’s his turn to find love and happiness. Eighteen years ago Sean became the man of the house when his father walked out on the family. Without a second thought, he put his own hopes and dreams on the back burner and took care of his mom and younger sister. Now … Read More

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Pit Perfect Murder (A Barkside of the Moon Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Renee George  

When cougar-shifter Lily Mason moves to Moonrise, Missouri, she wishes for only three things from the town and its human population. . . to find a job, to find a place to live, and to live as a human, not a therianthrope. Lily gets more than she bargains for when a rescue pit bull named Smooshie rescues her from an … Read More

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Mr. Dirty (London Billionaire Book 3)

by Nana Malone  

My life was great until my new neighbor made my life impossible. She can't stand me. And the feeling is mutual.She's annoying, and persistent, and a pain. She's also gorgeous, and smart…and completely immune to me. But now she needs my help with a little Ex payback and I'm more than happy to lend my expertise.  Now all I have … Read More

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Queen Of My Heart (Life Won’t Wait Book 1)

by Nikki Lynn Barrett  

The first in a brand new series from USA Today Bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett! When the next King of country music offers to take you under his wing, what’s a girl to do? Pinch herself, of course. Repeatedly. Then take the offer! Quinn Winters is tired of being the actress known for most killed off characters. After discovering her … Read More

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Blue Murder: Fame. Fortune. Murder. (Tyler and Mills)

by Mark L. Fowler  

Highly acclaimed crime series featuring the inimitable DCI Jim Tyler and DS Danny Mills.Fame. Fortune. Murder.Johnny and the Swamp Seeds are on the cusp of success when singer Johnny Richards goes missing. The body of a young man is found in the local canal. But the dead man is not Johnny Richards.DCI Jim Tyler leads the investigation into the brutal … Read More

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30 First Dates: a romantic comedy (Unlucky in Love Book 1)

by Stacey Wiedower  

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From USA Today bestselling author Stacey Wiedower… 30 dates, 30 wild ideas, total media frenzy… but only one Mr. Right. Erin Crawford is a relationship blogger with a bucket list and a vendetta. After having horrible luck in her own relationships, she decides to start a blog called "30 First Dates." Her mission: go out with 30 men before her … Read More

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Rot and Ruin (The Rot & Ruin Series Book 1)

by Jonathan Maberry  

In a world full of zombies, who are the REAL MONSTERS? Nearly fourteen years ago, a freak virus swept across the world – turning those infected into the undead. Benny Imura has grown-up never knowing anything different; his last memory of his parents was of them becoming zombies. Now Benny is fifteen, and joining his brother Tom in the 'family … Read More

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Love Song

by Sophia Bennett  

Love Song is the winner of the RONA Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2017. A million girls would kill for the chance to meet The Point, but Nina’s not one of them. She’s the new assistant to the lead singer’s diva fiancŽ, and she knows it’s going to suck. Heading off on tour with the hottest band in the … Read More

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Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity

by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd  

Greg Boyd and his father, Ed, were on opposite sides of a great divide. Greg was a newfound Christian, while his father was a longtime agnostic. So Greg offered his father an invitation: Ed could write with any questions on Christianity, and his son would offer a response. Letters from a Skeptic contains this special correspondence. The letters tackle some … Read More

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Lady Helena Investigates: Book One of the Scott-De Quincy Mysteries

by Jane Steen  

A reluctant lady sleuth finds she’s investigating her own family. Step into Lady Helena Whitcombe’s world with the first novel in a series that will blend family saga and mystery-driven action with a slow-burn romance in seven unputdownable investigations. 1881, Sussex. Lady Helena Scott-De Quincy’s marriage to Sir Justin Whitcombe, three years before, gave new purpose to a life almost … Read More

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When Evil Calls Your Name: a dark psychological thriller (Dr David Galbraith Book 2)

by John Nicholl  

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Are you looking for a dark and gripping psychological thriller? Then you’ll love When Evil Calls Your Name by #1 best-selling author John Nicholl.  Even the darkest secrets can’t stay hidden forever… When twenty-nine-year-old Cynthia Galbraith struggles to come to terms with her traumatic past and the realities of prison life, a prison counsellor persuades her to write a diary exploring the events that led to a life sentence … Read More

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Scarecrow: An international mystery full of murder and mayhem (Danny Sanchez Thrillers Book 1)

by Matthew Pritchard  

The twists keep on coming in this dramatic thriller! Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, Stuart MacBride and Tony Parsons. If the killer’s been caught, why are people still turning up dead…? When Danny Sanchez, a hard-bitten journalist working in Spain, is sent to cover the demolition of the home of an expat couple, he lands a much … Read More

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The Marriage List: full-length sweet historical romance

by Dorothy McFalls  

Compelled by his family to marry, Viscount Radford Evers makes a list of his requirements for a wife. Humble tenant May Sheffers meets none of these, so why does his heart beat madly at the sight of her? "The characters and their emotions are drawn amazingly well, and the story packs quite an emotional punch." 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick! … Read More

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Faith & Fidelity (Faith, Love, and Devotion Book 1)

by Tere Michaels  

Faith, Love, and Devotion: Book One Reeling from the recent death of his wife, police officer Evan Cerelli looks at his four children and can only see how he fails them. His loving wife was the caretaker and nurturer, and now the single father feels himself being crushed by the pain of loss and the heavy responsibility of raising his … Read More

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Dirty (Dive Bar Book 1)

by Kylie Scott  

Dirty is the first in the Dive Bar series from the author of the New York Times bestselling Stage Dive books. The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her. Lydia Green doesn’t know whether to … Read More

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The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen Book 1)

by Alison Goodman  

Jane Austen’s high society and Cassandra Clare’s supernatural underworld collide in the first book in the Lady Helen trilogy, perfect for fans of historical fiction and fantasy. London, April 1812. Lady Helen Wrexhall is set to make her curtsy to Queen Charlotte and step into polite Regency Society. Unbeknownst to Helen, that step will also take her from the glittering … Read More

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Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 4)

by Jessie Donovan  

STONEFIRE DRAGONS BOOK 4Arabella MacLeod was tortured by dragon hunters a decade ago. Ever since, her clan coddled and tip-toed around her, most especially her older brother. Desperate for a chance at freedom, she volunteers to foster with the Scottish dragon-shifter clan. She’s determined to stay clear of the charming Scottish leader, but not only does he keep crossing her … Read More

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Dirty Weekend: Swinging Sixties Book 1

by Deirdre Palmer  

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1966. A weekend in Brighton. Just for fun. And then home. But what if home is the last place you want to be? Four young Londoners – Carol-Anne, Jeanette, Terry and Mark – head to Brighton for a weekend of seaside fun. Dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of lovin’ are high on the agenda, not necessarily in that order. … Read More

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Unwholly (Unwind Dystology Book 2)

by Neal Shusterman  

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In a society where unwanted and troublesome teens are salvaged for their body parts, Connor, Risa and Lev continue to fight against the system that would ‘unwind’ them. Thanks to their high-profile revolt at the Happy Jack Harvest Camp, people can no longer turn a blind eye to unwinding.Ridding society of so-called troublesome teens might be convenient, but its morality … Read More

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Kill Or Be Killed #1

by Ed Brubaker  

The bestselling team of ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS (THE FADE OUT, CRIMINAL, FATALE) launch their new monthly series: KILL OR BE KILLED, the twisted story of a young man who is forced to kill bad people, and how he struggles to keep his secret as it slowly ruins his life and the lives of his friends and loved ones. … Read More

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Fire Point (Ryan Lock #6): A Ryan Lock Crime Thriller

by Sean Black  

Military veterans Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson are in Los Angeles and on the trail of an unlikely cult who are planning on taking their message to the world in the most devastating fashion imaginable."This series is ace. There are deservedly strong Lee Child comparisons as the author is also a Brit, his novels US-based, his character appealing, and his … Read More

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Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances

by Kimberly L. Smith  

As she shares her extraordinary stories of fighting human trafficking as an ordinary mom, Kimberly Smith Highland offers hope for readers who wonder if God is calling them to a different life–one outside the confines of cultural norms. Passport Through Darkness takes readers on Kimberly's journey from normal family life and business, to Europe, to the deserts of Africa and … Read More

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The Liar

by Nora Roberts  

When her husband Richard is killed in a freak accident, Shelby Pomeroy is devastated. But she soon learns a horrible truth – Richard was a conman and a cheat, and their life together was a lie. Returning home to Tennessee, Shelby discovers a new sense of strength and freedom. And hope, too, in the form of handsome carpenter Griffin Lott. … Read More

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How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest

by Sarah Corbett  

How to Be a Craftivist is a manifesto for quiet activism: how to tackle issues not with shouting and aggression but with gentle protest, using the process of ‘making’ to engage thoughtfully in the issues we are about, to influence and effect change. Sarah Corbett – professional campaigner and founder of the Craftivist Collective – shares her journey from burnt-out … Read More

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