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Skin Deep: The most gripping thriller of 2018

by Liz Nugent  

‘Bloody brilliant!’ Denise Mina ‘Extraordinary’ A.J. Finn ‘A twisted thriller, reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith.’ Ian Rankin, Guardian Books of the Year ‘Absorbing, beautifully written’ The Times, Crime Books of the Year ‘Every bit as amazing as her first two [novels]’ Lisa Jewell IBA Crime Fiction Book of the Year Winner 2018 From the No 1 bestselling author of Richard and … Read More

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The Lake House Secret, A Romantic Mystery Novel (A Jenessa Jones Mystery Book 1)

by Debra Burroughs  

A reluctant homecoming, two enticing men from her past, and a chilling murder to solve… Home is the last place reporter Jenessa Jones wants to be. It's been 12 years since the journalist's father sent her away to hide a pregnancy, and the only thing that could bring her back was the man's funeral. Assigned to cover a local discovery of … Read More

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Start Writing Your Book Today: A step-by-step plan to write your nonfiction book, from first draft to finished manuscript

by Morgan Gist MacDonald  

You know you want to write a book, so why does it feel so hard to sit down and do the writing? And once you get in a flow, why is it so difficult to stay in flow? And once you’ve finished writing, how do edit and revise so you know it’s a good book, that you’re proud to sell? … Read More

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The Honorable Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (A Meryton Mystery Book 1)

by Jennifer Joy  

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When his freedom means the loss of hers … can anyone win? Fitzwilliam Darcy has avoided the entrapments of dozens of desperate maidens seeking a wealthy husband … until the Netherfield Ball. He could lose himself in her fine eyes, but there’s just one problem: She doesn’t want him. Elizabeth Bennet seeks a brief respite from the crowded ballroom only … Read More

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Trading Yesterday: (A Second-Chance, Stand-Alone, Secret Baby, Sports Romance.)

by Kahlen Aymes  

From USA Today bestselling author, Kahlen Aymes comes and angsty, sexy, stand-alone that will renew your faith in unconditional love. Chase, I need you. Please come. -Teagan Something inside me snapped as her text screamed from the screen of my phone. My heart started pounding as I was instantly sucked into a vortex of emotions, pulled unwillingly into a past I … Read More

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Torn Asunder: A Supernatural Action Adventure Opera (Protected By The Damned Book 1)

by Michael Todd  

Katie Maddison never wanted to learn how to kick a demon’s ass, all she was doing was helping a fellow university student with his Chem homework. She just trusted people too much. Now, she will be the new weapon in a war she had no idea existed with warriors wielding both weapons and supernatural abilities. Demon Hunters, Demon Fighters … Known as … Read More

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Dr. Frank N. Stein: The Rise of Gabriel (Book 1)

by Jennifer Martucci  

A classic horror tale that has spanned centuries with a modern twist…Every town has secrets. But is Harbingers Falls ready to be home to the most terrible of all secrets? A madman, who seeks to eradicate humanity and replace it with his own creations, nestled among them? Recently relocated to the small, sleepy town in upstate New York, Dr. Franklin … Read More

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The Hunt

by Susan Bliler  

Kidnapped, corralled, and marked, Vesa Watson refuses to break. A nameless face in the sea of a dozen or so other women who were snatched off the street just like her, Vesa refuses to show any sign of weakness. She can’t. There’ll be no hope of escape if she loses it now. Unsure what is going to happen, she knows … Read More

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My Cowboy (My Cowboy Series Book 1)

by Brooke May  

Growing up in Northeastern Wyoming, Emma Price has always known that the ranching way of life is never easy. After losing her dad, her brother’s illness and now the risk of losing everything that means something to her, Emma is in for a fight. What started off as a routine day of checking on her horses, turned her world upside … Read More

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When No One is Watching

by joseph hayes  

On the eve of announcing his run for Congress, a charismatic Chicago politician causes a deadly accident. Panicked, he frames his best friend, a good-hearted alcoholic, and flees the scene. As one man tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, the other embarks on a meteoric rise to political stardom. But when a dogged detective digs deeper … Read More

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Heat (A Hotter Than Hell Novel Book 1)

by Holly S. Roberts  

An Arizona HEATWAVE is on the horizon! I’m a private investigator and not by choice. I dreamed of becoming a police officer my entire life, made the dream reality, and had it taken away by a shoulder injury. Now, I’m snapping pictures of cheating husbands and wives, tracking down people who don’t want to be found, and basically working one … Read More

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The Wedding Favor: A Sweet Marriage of Convenience Romance (Your Invitation to Romance Book 1)

by Caroline Mickelson  

When Ava McKenna left the neighborhood she grew up in, she never planned to look back. And for ten years she didn’t. Not until Mateo Ortega, the handsome and charming boy next door, showed up to ask for her help. Mateo needed a favor, actually he needed a pretend fiancée, and he thought Ava would be the perfect woman for … Read More

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The Bitter End: a dark mystery full of twists

by Ann Evans  

Do you like dark, twisting and suspenseful mystery thrillers? Then you are going to love The Bitter End. Paul finally has his life back on track. After losing his wife, Helena in a horrific car crash, he has found love with Sally and moves into her country cottage.    As a former high-ranking Naval Officer, Paul now works as Head of … Read More

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Claimed Royalty: (Crowned and Claimed Series, Book 1)

by Betty Shreffler  

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Betty Shreffler comes the first installment in a passionate, riveting, and adventurous royal romance series. In a world where a woman's purity is the fine line between being Queen and being killed, he was given one duty–to protect my purity and above all, to protect me. Both were a battle we weren't ready for. Forced … Read More

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Random Psychic: Curse of Soulmate (Circle of Fate Book 1)

by D.N. Leo  

Burning love. Deadly secrets. Haunting past. Being a journalist for a long time, Madeline has seen a lot of practical jokes. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them. She must use her psychic ability to infiltrate the LeBlancs, the most mysterious pharmaceutical conglomerate in the world, to find a hidden artifact, or a group of criminals will kill her best friend. … Read More

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What Vengeance Comes (John Decker Series Book 2)

by Anthony M. Strong  

An ancient evil has been summoned… John Decker left Wolf Haven, Louisiana, to escape the memories of his troubled past, believing he would never return. But after twenty years working for a big city police department, he suddenly finds himself back in Wolf Haven, taking the reins as the town’s sheriff. Expecting to spend his time dealing with the trivialities … Read More

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Hide in Time

by Anna Faversham  

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Books>Romance>Time Travel A time travel romance : Laura finds herself washed ashore from a shipwreck early in the 21st century – she’d stormed off from her betrothed in 1814 so she’s somewhat confused as to how this could happen. She likes her new life but she realizes she has made a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, Xandra … Read More

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The Huntingfield Paintress: A genuinely original, utterly enchanting story

by Pamela Holmes  

‘A genuinely original, utterly enchanting story’ – A.N.Wilson ‘A slice of Suffolk history brought beautifully to life’ – Esther Freud ‘an atmospheric and enjoyable story of a singular and free-thinking woman’ – Deborah Moggach Plucky and headstrong Mildred Holland revelled in the eight years she and her husband, the vicar William Holland, spent travelling 1840s Europe, finding inspiration in recording … Read More

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SENTINEL: an exciting British detective crime thriller


Detective Chief Inspector Danny Radford returns in this gripping crime novella When DCI Radford acts in a way that seriously jeopardises an ongoing investigation, fellow officers’ suspicions that he has gone native seem to be confirmed. But when they finally track down who was behind a brutal beating of a priest, not everything turns out to be as it seems. … Read More

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Stripped Raw

by Prescott Lane  

KenzieI’m a yes girl. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about saying yes to whatever comes my way in life. So when I had the chance to move to Europe after college, I said, yes. When I had the chance to open my own lingerie line, I said, yes. And when my … Read More

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Until the Twelfth of Never: Should Betty Broderick ever be free?

by Bella Stumbo  

Soon to go into production as a major Hollywood motion picture. They were two of the most notorious and controversial murder trials of the last twenty-five years, splitting American public opinion in half. Before dawn on November 5, 1989, Betty Broderick got into her car and drove over to the house in San Diego of her lawyer ex-husband, Daniel T. … Read More

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The Royal Companion: An epic love story (The Companion series Book 1)

by Tanya Bird  

Bound by tradition. Now they must follow the rules. SHORTLISTED FOR THE WOOLLAHRA DIGITAL LITERARY AWARDS 2017 Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated women—possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. Aldara is sixteen years old when she is sold by her farming family to the obnoxious Prince Pandarus as a gift for his younger brother, Prince Tyron. Resistant at first, … Read More

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Spanish Crossings: An epic tale of love and conflict

by John Simmons  

‘From the very first words this is a beautifully written novel.’ –Vesna Goldsworthy, author Gorsky, professor of creative writing, UEA Spanish Crossings is an epic tale of love, politics and conflict, with the yearning but elusive possibility of redemption. A woman’s life has been cast in shadow by her connection to the Spanish Civil War. We meet Lorna in Spain, … Read More

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The Road Trip: A laugh out loud romantic comedy set in the French sunshine

by Susanne O'Leary  

‘I totally and utterly flipping well loved reading this book!… I had to remember not to laugh too much because it would hurt… I was addicted… I binge read it over a couple of days.’ Ginger Book Geek, 5 stars Maddy and Leanne are in need of a miracle. Maddy can’t bear to wash another pair of her husband’s Y-fronts … Read More

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The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

by Colleen Gleason  

Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you’re the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood. And when two society girls go missing, there’s no one more qualified to investigate. Now fierce Evaline and logical Mina must resolve their rivalry, navigate the … Read More

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by Sarah Potter  

Janet Beckett is a science scholarship girl who believes there’s a rational explanation for all paranormal phenomena.There is, if you happen to meet a know-it-all hippie pixie who lives in a dimensional transcendental toadstool. Samantha Hamilton-Brown thinks she is the 1960’s Queen of the Universe and can do as she pleases in her role as new head girl of Toffdene … Read More

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Soda Pop Soldier

by Nick Cole  

Call of Duty meets Diablo in this fast-paced, action-packed cyberpunk novel from the co-creator of Galaxy’s Edge universe. Gamer PerfectQuestion fights for ColaCorp in WarWorld, an online combat sport arena where megacorporations field entire armies in the battle for real world global advertising-space dominance. Within the immense virtual battlefield, players and bots are high-tech grunts, using drop-ships and state-of-the-art weaponry … Read More

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The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaësia Volume 1: Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle)

by Christopher Paolini  

A wanderer and a cursed child. Spells and magic. And dragons, of course.Welcome back to the world of Alagaësia.It’s been a year since Eragon departed Alagaësia in search of the perfect home to train a new generation of Dragon Riders. Now he is struggling with an endless sea of tasks: constructing a vast dragonhold, wrangling with suppliers, guarding dragon eggs … Read More

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All Roads Lead Home (Bellingwood Book 1)

by Diane Greenwood Muir  

Polly Giller returned to Iowa from Boston to start a new life, not that her old one was all that bad. With her inheritance, she purchased an old school building in Bellingwood and is in the middle of renovating it when the bones of two bodies are pulled out of a ceiling. The whole town knows who those bones belong … Read More

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The Hunt for the Golden Horse (The Riverdale Pony Stories Book 7)

by Amanda Wills  

A golden horse. An unsettled score. And a treasure hunt that will push Poppy to her limits. Poppy McKeever knew there’d be fireworks when her old friend Hannah came to stay. She and Scarlett don’t get on, and Poppy soon finds herself playing piggy in the middle. But the two girls promise to put their differences aside when the flamboyant … Read More

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His Choice (HIS Series Book 2)

by Sheila Kell  

Romantic Suspense BESTSELLER And AWARD WINNER • Will his choice mean certain death to the woman he promised to protect? In Sheila Kell’s passionate novel of deception and desire, a smoking-hot enforcer and a determined reporter are destined to make choices that will change everything. Every choice requires a decision, but some choices are determined by the heart. Enforcer AJ … Read More

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Beyond The Cage

by Alana Sapphire  

Sometimes silence is not golden… He hurts people for a living.I've dedicated my life to the opposite. Cameron "KO" Jackson is a gorgeous distraction I don't need, and can't help but want. I know I should stay away from the violent MMA fighter. However, he's nothing but gentle with me. One kiss turned my brain to mush. I'm falling deeper … Read More

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A Thief & a Gentlewoman (Counterfeit Contessa Book 1)

by Clare Sager  

An audacious thief. A charming nobleman. An irresistible con. Quin poses as an aristocrat to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Her goal: to save the city’s slums. Her method: swindle and move on, because rich men are for conning, not for falling in love with, however tempting this one may be. Artistic, observant, and charismatic, Atesh … Read More

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