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by Sebastian Faulks  

Birdsong is a mesmerising story of love and war spanning three generations between WW1 and present day. THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 1910. Amiens, Northern France. Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman, arrives in the French city to stay with the Azaire family. He falls in love with unhappily married Isabelle and the two enter a tempestuous love affair. But, with the … Read More

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Feral: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 2)

by Lucretia Stanhope  

Why are werewolves going missing? When a frustrated alpha requests the aid of the Paranormal Peacekeepers, a new partnership is formed. Alice and Amarok are assigned to get in and get answers before the pack problems bleed into the lives of the townspeople. Prisoner or ambassador? As a hybrid, Alice is still struggling with what her place is at the … Read More

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Outside the Limelight (Ballet Theatre Chronicles Book 2)

by Terez Mertes Rose  

Rising ballet star Dena Lindgren’s dream career is knocked off its axis when a puzzling onstage fall results in a crushing diagnosis: a brain tumor. Complications from the extraction surgery kick off a long and difficult recovery, prompting the company’s artistic director, Anders Gunst, to shift his attention to an overshadowed company dancer — Dena’s older sister, Rebecca, with whom … Read More

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Breakfast On The Patio: A city to countryside renovation journey – our escape to the country

by Sheila Douthwaite  

The Douthwaite’s cottage renovation diary has been reviewed & articles published with Lincolnshire Life Magazine, Lincolnshire Poacher Magazine, Lincolnshire Echo Newspaper, The Writers Magazine, Louth Leader Newspaper and Skegness Standard. **Breakfast On The Patio has continued to be a Kindle Home Repair Best Seller – frequently reaching number one** (2014-2016) A cottage renovation journey, in date order, from 2007-2016.A true … Read More

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The Premier League’s Worst Ever Players

by Peter Nuttall  

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Did Francis Jeffers ever keep you awake at night? Did you slap yourself in the face each time you witnessed an Eric Djemba-Djemba attack-splitting pass? Did Titus Bramble cause you to eat your match programme in frustration? Then this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Relive all your least favourite Premier League moments by taking a journey back through … Read More

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William Price and the Thrush

by Sarah Waldock  

William Price, brother of Fanny Price from Jane Austen’s ‘Mansfield Park’, is on his way to join the Sloop of War ‘Thrush’ following the end of the events in Miss Austen’s book. His adventures at sea in a time when the time when the threat from Napoleon looked to be at an end are still full of danger and action … Read More

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Saved By You (The By You Series Book 2)

by Kelly Harper  

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Kelly Harper…Saved By You is the follow up to the Top 100 Free New Adult Rockstar Romance, Ruined By You, which has been featured in Bookbub and on Maryse’s Book Blog. Saved By You is full of tattooed rock stars, mystery, steamy romance, and some old fashioned country charm. Can one summer change your life?Just … Read More

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Marathon In Three Months: How To Train For A Marathon In Twelve Weeks

by Thomas Watson  

This book is the ultimate guide to marathon training and preparation on a tight training schedule. Most people would typically allow four to six months to prepare for their marathon. In this book, I show you how to compress your training into three months. How? By training smart and focussing on mileage increases as opposed to speed; I walk you … Read More

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Born This Way: Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an Era

by Sacha Lanvin Baumann  

"The book is excellent."――Michael Carangi In February 1978, when the flawless Gia Carangi arrived in New York at the age of barely eighteen, she had already landed a contract with one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world. The future that lay before her seemed dazzling. Blessed with a magnetic beauty and a unique personality, the young Philadelphia … Read More

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Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance Book 1)

by Dakota Cassidy  

"Thank you, Dakota Cassidy. I’d read the damn phone book if you wrote it!!" NYT Bestselling Author Robyn Peterman Freshly sprung from witch jail, Winnie Foster just has to fulfill the conditions of her parole and she’s home free. Too bad that parole takes place in Paris. (Texas!) Where she’ll work at a school for the magically inclined. (KIDS!) And … Read More

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The Sun Shard: Flint & Steel, Fire & Shadow 1 (Flint and Steel, Fire and Shadow.)

by Rob Bayliss  

Once, men and neanderthals shared the Summerlands between the Cheama Sea to the South and the Hailthorn Mountains in the North. But from across the seas the Empire came, borne on huge clockwork-driven ships, their black powder alchemy proving stronger than flint axes, steel swords and naked courage. The old ways were lost as the new Fire God blazed; the … Read More

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The Dinner List

by Rebecca Serle  

‘We’ve been waiting for an hour.’ That’s what Audrey says. She states it with a little bit of an edge, her words just bordering on cursive. That’s the thing I think first. Not, Audrey Hepburn is at my birthday dinner, but Audrey Hepburn is annoyed. What if your dream dinner party were to actually happen? For New Yorker Sabrina, fantasy … Read More

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Find Me: A gripping thriller with a twist you won’t see coming

by J.S. Monroe  

Five years ago, Rosa walked to the pier in the dead of night, looked into the swirling water, and jumped. She was a brilliant Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected. Was that what really happened? The coroner says it was suicide. But Rosa’s boyfriend Jar can’t let go. He sees Rosa … Read More

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The Disappeared: a gripping mystery thriller

by Sibel Hodge  

The Widow. The Secret. The Liar. The Disappeared… On a routine flight from Africa to England, Dr Mason Palmer is tragically killed when the light aircraft he’s travelling on crashes and disappears in dense bushland. The Widow… Ten months later, Nicole Palmer is still trying to block out the grief of her husband’s sudden death. Until one morning she receives … Read More

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A Traveler’s Guide to Belonging

by Rachel Devenish Ford  

Timothy keeps getting rice in his baby's hair. India is overwhelming even if you aren't 24 years old and a newly widowed father, and Timothy isn't sure that he or his son will survive without a mother in the picture. He begins a journey through India with his baby, searching for a home in the new landscape of fatherhood, and … Read More

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The Hong Kong Trap: The Whistleblower Expose of a Rotten London Bank (Root Of All Evil Book 1)

by Jonathan Veale  

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It started with one blatant lie But this lie was broadcast worldwide and picked up by a trader in Hong Kong who made it his business to watch his back. Just as well he did, for within days his life and career were being threatened by the man who had deliberately misled hapless politicians in London. A whistleblower is born … Read More

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Winterman: a tense serial killer thriller

by Alex Walters  

The War is Behind Him. But his battle has only just begun… DI Ivan Winterman is a man with a troubled past. The Blitz has left his young son dead and his wife seriously injured. He has made enemies in high places and, with his career going nowhere, he returns to his home town in East Anglia, seeking to rebuild … Read More

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Broken: A Dark Romance

by W. Winters  

From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes an emotionally gripping, standalone, romantic suspense with an edge of darkness. I never thought of life like the petals of a rose before. But they’re so alike. Delicate and easily crushed. Broken… just like he made me. He could pluck away and there was nothing I could do except be destroyed and … Read More

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Eagle: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone

by Janie Crouch  

Finn Bollinger. Military codename: EAGLE.A single dad, a warrior, a hero. And the only person who can save Charlotte Devereux. The woman who once shattered his life. When former Special Forces soldier Finn Bollinger is asked to help with an undercover mission, he's up for the task. His job teaching survival skills to civilians at Linear Tactical keeps him sharp, … Read More

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Circling the Sun

by Paula McLain  

A RICHARD & JUDY BOOK CLUB PICK ‘Thrilling…sun-soaked, gin-fuelled…A totally absorbing and compelling read.’ Richard & Judy The author of The Paris Wife takes us to the heart of another true story: set in 1920s colonial Kenya, Circling the Sun is about an unforgettable woman who lives by nobody’s rules but her own. She was a daughter of Edwardian England, … Read More

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Who Murdered Mr. Malone?: A Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Book (Garden Girls Christian Cozy Mystery Series 1)

by Hope Callaghan  

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Read This Cozy Mystery FREE with Kindle Unlimited! “If you like clean cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love the Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series” Who Murdered Mr. Malone? is Book 1 in the Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series BONUS – RECIPES INCLUDED!————————————— Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Belhaven. Nothing that is, … Read More

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Earth Alone (Earthrise Book 1)

by Daniel Arenson  

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They came from deep space. They came to destroy us. Fifty years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the Earth. Most of humanity perished. We fell into darkness. But now we rise from the ashes. Now we fight back. Marco Emery was born into the war. After his mother is killed, he joins the Human Defense Force, Earth’s ragtag army. Emery must … Read More

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Wicked Days (An Ivy Morgan Mystery Book 1)

by Lily Harper Hart  

Have a witch of a good time … Ivy Morgan is happy with who she is, and what she can do. She certainly doesn’t need to second guess her life, or her witchy ways … that is until Shadow Lake’s newest police detective enters her life.Jack Harker is haunted by a past he refuses to talk about, and he’s not … Read More

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Karly Sheehan: True Crime Behind Karly’s Law

by Karen Spears Zacharias  

A true recounting of the high-profile Oregon murder case that led to Karly’s Law. Part memoir, part investigative journalism, this is the story Ann Rule called "A Must Read." Reminiscent of Capote’s In Cold Blood, the book has been written in the tradition of new journalism. The writer’s proximity to the people involved make for unrelenting storytelling. As Karly’s abuse … Read More

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The Runaway Jury

by John Grisham  

When justice is for sale, every jury has a price. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark trial against a tobacco company begins. There are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and soon it swerves mysteriously off course. The jury is behaving strangely, and at least one juror is convinced he’s being watched. Soon they have to be sequestered. Then a … Read More

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The Jazz Files (Poppy Denby Investigates Book 1)

by Fiona Veitch Smith  

It is 1920. Twenty-two year old Poppy Denby moves from Northumberland to live with her paraplegic aunt in London. Aunt Dot, a suffragette, was injured in battles with the police in 1910. Her contacts prove invaluable. Poppy lands a position as an editorial assistant at the Daily Globe. Poppy has always wanted to be a journalist and laps up the … Read More

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The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

by Andy Andrews  

What makes the difference between failure and success?  Join David Ponder on his incredible journey to discover the Seven Decisions for Success that can turn any life around, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem. A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller, The Traveler’s Gift is the continuation of David Ponder’s story in The Traveler’s Summit. 

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Edwin: High King of Britain (The Northumbrian Thrones Book 1)

by Edoardo Albert  

Edwin, the deposed king of Northumbria, seeks refuge at the court of King Raedwald of East Anglia. But Raedwald is urged to kill his guest by Aethelfrith, Edwin’s usurper. As Edwin walks by the shore, alone and at bay, he is confronted by a mysterious figure – the missionary Paulinus – who prophesies that he will become High King of … Read More

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The Clydach Murders: A Msicarriage of Justice

by John Morris  

Is Dai Morris a brutal murderer or the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice? Author and former solicitor John Morris investigates the Clydach murders, which occurred in 1999, for which Dai Morris was convicted in 2006. In a case which shocked the country Mandy Power, her bed-ridden mother and her two young daughters were battered to death. The crime … Read More

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Making Marion: Where is Robin Hood when you need him?

by Beth Moran  

She had been looking for somewhere to stay, but instead Marion Miller finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace and Pigs campsite and, despite her horrible shyness, promptly lands herself a job. Marion came to Sherwood Forest to discover her father’s mysterious past, but all she has to go on is a picture of … Read More

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The Reluctant Detective (A Faith Morgan Mystery Book 1)

by Martha Ockley  

"Couldn’t resist touching the body, eh?" observed Ben. Faith was defiant. "I had to check for a pulse." Faith Morgan may have quit the world of crime, but crime won’t let her go. The ex-policewoman has retrained as a priest, disillusioned with a tough police culture and convinced that she can do more good this way. But now her worlds … Read More

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The Vicar’s Wife (Tales from Goswell)

by Katharine Swartz  

Jane Hatton and her British husband Andrew relocate from New York City to a small village on the Cumbrian coast. Jane has been city-based and career-driven but when her fourteen year old daughter Natalie falls in with the wrong crowd at school in Manhattan, she and Andrew decide to try country living. However Jane has trouble getting used to the … Read More

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Moon Called: Mercy Thompson book 1

by Patricia Briggs  

The first novel in the New York Times bestselling Mercy Thompson series – the major urban fantasy hit of the decade ‘I love these books!’ Charlaine Harris The best new fantasy series I’ve read in years’ Kelley Armstrong MERCY THOMPSON: MECHANIC, SHAPESHIFTER, FIGHTER I didn’t realize he was a werewolf at first. My nose isn’t at its best when surrounded … Read More

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Sacred Games

by Vikram Chandra  

An enormously satisfying, exciting and enriching book, Vikram Chandra’s novel draws the reader deep into the lives of detective Sartaj Singh and Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India. Sartaj, the only Sikh inspector in the whole of Mumbai, is used to being identified by his turban, beard and the sharp cut of his trousers. But ‘the silky Sikh’ … Read More

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Fisher of Men (The Dunbridge Chronicles Book 1)

by Pam Rhodes  

Neil Fisher’s first trip to Dunbridge was not a success. Having inadvertently locked himself in St Stephen’s Church for hours (and succumbing to the communion wine and wafers for dinner) it seemed miraculous they gave him the curate’s job! On arrival in the small town of Dunbridge it quickly becomes clear that life is not going to be tranquil for … Read More