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Finding Audrey

by Sophie Kinsella  

From the bestselling author of the Shopaholic series comes a YA novel of humour, heart and heartache. Finding Audrey is Sophie Kinsella’s first novel for teens, perfect for fans of John Green. Audrey can’t leave the house. she can’t even take off her dark glasses inside the house. Then her brother’s friend Linus stumbles into her life. With his friendly, … Read More

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Dreaming of You

by Jennifer McNare  

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NEW COVER only. Original Publication Date: 3/1/2013 Their passion was ignited by a treachery neither of them could have ever foreseen, yet it resulted in a love that was destined to last forever… To secure the wellbeing of her beloved family, Melody Settrington agrees to marry Charles Cavendish, the elderly Earl of Edgington, despite her … Read More

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Silent Sales Machine 10.0 : Your Newly Revised Guide To Multiple Streams of Income Online! Includes Amazon FBA, eBay, Audience Growth and more!

by Jim Cockrum  

This all-time top seller is now in its 10th major update and ready for 2019 and beyond! As one of the most-read Internet business success authors of all time, Jim is committed to keeping ‘Silent Sales Machine’ up to date and always full of the most cutting edge ideas. Multiple online business strategies are documented as the author advises everyone … Read More

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Darknet (Cyber Series Book 2)

by Matthew Mather  

From the million-copy bestselling author of CyberStorm comes a frighteningly realistic new thriller, an adrenaline-fueled mystery with a noir/tech edge that takes readers to a new edge of the cyber world. A GLOBAL CORPORATION HIDES A DARK SECRET… A TERRIFYING NEW ADVANCE IN TECHNOLOGY… WILL BE REVEALED. Follow one man’s journey through a shadowy underworld that threatens the security of … Read More

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The Studying Hours: How to Date a Douchebag

by Sara Ney  

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CRUDE. ARROGANT. AHOLE.Sebastian ‘Oz’ Osborne is a walking, talking cliche.One of the university’s most celebrated student athlete—and possibly the biggest douchebag–Oz has a filthy mouth, a fantastic body, and doesn’t give a sh*t about what you, or anyone else thinks. He loves to have fun,but loves winning even more. SMART. CLASSY. CONSERVATIVE.Jameson Clarke may be the university’s most diligent student—but … Read More

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The Earl and His Tiger Special Edition: Regency Romance

by Elizabeth Moss  

Stranded together during a snowstorm, the rakish Earl of Stanton is staggered to discover that his sturdy "tiger" – an elite Regency groom – is actually a female in disguise. Being a duke’s daughter had brought Lady Jane de Montfort nothing but misery and the prospect of a loveless marriage. So she had run away to pursue the only passion … Read More

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Punk 57

by Penelope Douglas  

From New York Times Bestselling Author, Penelope Douglas, comes the latest New Adult romance… "We were perfect together. Until we met." Misha I can’t help but smile at the lyrics in her letter. She misses me. In fifth grade, my teacher set us up with pen pals from a different school. Thinking I was a girl, with a name like … Read More

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Dreaming in Norwegian

by Frankie Valente  

Edvard Christiansen was only fifteen when he joined the Norwegian resistance. He took part in the Shetland Bus operation that helped people escape the Nazi occupation of Norway. Traumatised by his experiences, Edvard moved to Shetland after the war, and never returned home. Seventy years later, his grand-daughter, Lisa Balfour, is considering studying for a PhD, and has chosen the … Read More

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BLAIRE: Blaire Part 1 (The Dark Romance Series)

by Anita Gray  

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★Now a Top 20 International Amazon Bestselling Series★ For readers who love the darkness of FSOG, This Man, Twist Me, Captive in the Dark & Red Sparrow, start your new addiction. Bought. Conditioned. Sold to the enemy.My name is Blaire. I’m head of security to a man who controls the Russian underworld in Europe. His name is Maksim and he’s … Read More

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Witness for Wendy (Bearing Witness Book 1)

by Marcia Turner  

A missing actress. A bored writer. A matter of life and death when their stories collide…… Actress Wendy Knight thought her life was finally turning around. She had a key role on a popular soap opera and bought a beautiful cottage. But when her ex came back into the picture, he wanted to take all of that away from her … Read More

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The Penal Colony

by Richard Herley  

The future. The British government now runs island prison colonies to take dangerous offenders from its overcrowded mainland jails. Among all these colonies, Sert, 25 miles off the north Cornish coast, has the worst reputation. There are no warders. Satellite technology is used to keep the convicts under watch. New arrivals are dumped by helicopter and must learn to survive … Read More

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The Optician’s Wife

by Betsy Reavley  

"The Optician’s Wife is a stylish, brilliantly crafted thriller which really delivers." LJ Ross – Bestselling author of The DCI Ryan books.Can you ever really know someone? When Deborah, an unpopular seventeen-year-old, meets the charming and handsome Larry, he sweeps her off her feet. The trouble is Larry has a secret. Then a series of grisly murders cast a shadow … Read More

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The Difference Between

by Blake Moreno  

"You’re the strongest person I know.” Wade Maguire and Russ Paulson are in love. After a year of passion and happiness, they’re buying a home and moving in together. Everything is rosy for them—until a jealous and insane ex from Wade’s past puts all of that to the test. "I need to figure out if there’s a way to move … Read More

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Shadow Corps: A Superheroes in Space Fantasy

by Justin Sloan  

Sam was badass even before she learned how to harness her super powers. All Sam ever wanted was to kill aliens and defend Earth. When she’s taken up to space to join a ROK Marine and a couple of badass aliens with the mission of going to the darkest corners of the galaxy to kill bad guys, she’s right at … Read More

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Cold Pursuit (Cold Justice Book 2)

by Toni Anderson  

"Sizzling suspense and hot romance – the perfect summer read!" Single mom Vivi Vincent is thrust into her worst nightmare when she and her eight-year-old son are trapped inside a mall during a terror attack. Jed Brennan, a handsome FBI agent on enforced leave, helps Vivi and her son survive the assault. But the danger is just beginning… Vivi’s son … Read More

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The Awakening: Soul Pair Series. Book 2.

by S.J Hosken  

Betrayal. Deceit. A broken heart… Imprisoned within the Dark Guilds compound, Catherine is consumed by despair and struggles to keep hold of her sanity. Biding her time, she embraces her anger while waiting for an opportunity to escape. Tormented by thoughts of Catherine afraid and suffering, Trent faces the daily battle of keeping his inner beast in check. As the … Read More

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Do Not Disturb: Be careful who you let inside . . .

by Claire Douglas  

Could your dream home be your worst nightmare? After what happened in London, Kirsty needs a fresh start with her family. And running a guesthouse in the Welsh mountains sounds idyllic. But then their first guest arrives.Selena is the last person Kirsty wants to see.It’s seventeen years since she tore everything apart. Why has she chosen now to walk back … Read More

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Real Dirty (Real Dirty Duet Book 1)

by Meghan March  

Bad boy rocker Boone Thrasher takes center stage in New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March’s Real Dirty Duet! I have everything a guy could want—a new single burning up the charts, more money than a man could spend, and a woman I’m planning to marry. Until she doesn’t show up for my … Read More

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If I Fall: An unputdownable and emotional novel about love, loss and friendship

by Ella Harper  

Four university friends, four devastating secrets. I’m really sorry for what I’m about to do… It’s fifteen years since graduation, and Connie, Jonas, JJ and Layla have managed to remain close despite the odds. They’ve supported each other, but are some things too big for friendship? Connie is desperate to maintain the veneer of perfect family life. Jonas is feeling … Read More

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Jessamine’s Folly

by Suzanne G. Rogers  

“Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.” – Samuel Johnson After her estate is entailed away, Jessamine Foster has no choice but to live with relatives who detest her. When her aunt gives her an ultimatum to leave, Jessamine accepts a position as companion to Lord Kirkendale’s sister—even though she’s been warned her predecessors … Read More

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Titanborn: (Children of Titan Book 1)

by Rhett C. Bruno  

Titan's revolution is coming.  All it needs is one final spark.  After decades hunting wanted offworlders throughout the solar system, Corporate Bounty Hunter Malcolm Graves doesn't bother asking questions. So long as the pay is right, he's the man for the job.And he always works alone.  But when a high-profile bombing on Earth has Pervenio Corp clamoring for answers, they force him … Read More

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by Cara Dee  

Austin Huntley and Cameron Nash are like night and day. One is a family man, works in a nice office, drives an expensive car, and is content to be content. The other one is an antisocial car mechanic with a short fuse. Some things don’t change. Others definitely do. After surviving a five-month long kidnapping together, they struggle to return … Read More

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Code to Extinction (Sam Reilly Book 9)

by Christopher Cartwright  

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Extreme weather conditions are wreaking havoc on the world, and baffled scientists are unable to discover the cause. The most powerful hurricane in history approaches New York, while at the same time atmospheric rivers flood Las Vegas. Wildfires spread through Canada, and Europe is wracked by powerful earthquakes. Most bizarre of all: a tempestuous mass of dark, foreboding sky seems … Read More

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The Silk Merchant’s Daughter

by Dinah Jefferies  

NOW A SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER FROM THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE TEA PLANTER’S WIFE Dinah Jefferies’ stunning new novel is a gripping, unforgettable tale of a woman torn between two worlds… 1952, French Indochina. Since her mother’s death, eighteen-year-old half-French, half-Vietnamese Nicole has been living in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Sylvie. When Sylvie … Read More

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The Priory of the Orange Tree: THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER

by Samantha Shannon  

THE SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ‘The new Game of Thrones’ Stylist ‘Puts Samantha Shannon in the same league as Robin Hobb and George R.R. Martin. Shannon is a master of dragons’ Starburst ‘Epic fantasy with added dragons. A blockbuster’ Guardian, Best Science Fiction and Fantasy An enthralling, epic fantasy about a world on the brink of war … Read More

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Running Blind

by Desmond Bagley  

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Action thriller by the classic adventure writer set in Iceland. The assignment begins with a simple errand – a parcel to deliver. But to Alan Stewart, standing on a deserted road in Iceland with a murdered man at his feet, it looks anything but simple. The desolate terrain is obstacle enough. But when Stewart realises he has been double-crossed and … Read More

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Too Like the Lightning (Terra Ignota Book 1)

by Ada Palmer  

The year is 2454. Humanity has engineered a hard-won golden age, forged in the aftermath of a bitter conflict that wiped both religion and nation state from the planet. Now seven factions or ‘hives’ co-govern the world, their rule fuelled by benign censorship, oracular statistical analytics and technological abundance. But this is a fragile Utopia – and someone is intent … Read More

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Red War

by Vince Flynn  

*** THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR ***AMERICAN ASSASSIN is now a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE starring Dylan O'Brien (Maze Runner), Taylor Kitsch (True Detective) and Michael Keaton. When Russian president Maxim Krupin discovers that he has inoperable brain cancer, he’s determined to cling to power. His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten … Read More

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Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Nationalist Uprising

by Joshua Green  

The instant #1 New York Times bestseller. From the reporter who was there at the very beginning comes the revealing inside story of the partnership between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump—the key to understanding the rise of the alt-right, the fall of Hillary Clinton, and the hidden forces that drove the greatest upset in American political history. Based on dozens … Read More

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