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The People vs. Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 25)

by James Patterson  

Detective Alex Cross has never been on the wrong side of the law. Until now. Charged with murdering followers of his old nemesis Gary Soneji, Alex Cross becomes the poster child for trigger-happy cops. He knows it was self-defence. Will the jury agree? Suspended from the police and fighting for his freedom, even Cross’s own family begin to doubt his … Read More

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Leaving Berlin

by Joseph Kanon  

* Don’t miss THE ACCOMPLICE, the next heart-pounding and intelligent espionage novel from ‘master of the genre’ (The Washington Post), Joseph Kanon * ‘Up there with the very best . . . Kanon writes beautifully, superbly . . . He is the master of the shadows of the era’ The Times From the author of The Good German (made into a film starring George … Read More

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100 Proof Stud (Darcy Walker Mystery Book 3)

by A. J. Lape  

AN AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER IN TEENS MYSTERIES & THRILLERS, SPIES AND DETECTIVE STORIES Sometimes life smacks you right in the kisser with a whole lot of ohhhh craaaaap. Ask Darcy Walker…or the guys trying to date her…100 Proof Stud picks up four months after summer break. Darcy discovers the aftermath pales in comparison to the crisis her heart is in. … Read More

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A Tango Before Dying Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #7 (Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series)

by Anna Celeste Burke  

When trouble waltzes in, it’s not long before Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler step in to solve another mystery! The renowned dancer, Madame Charlotte Carol Chantel, is visiting LA to participate in the World Ballroom Dance Championship. Lunch and a photo op in Arcadia Park with "Mad" Max Marley suddenly go terribly wrong. An angry woman hurls a glass … Read More

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Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood series Book 1)

by Heather Hildenbrand  

After tonight, Tara Godfrey knows two things for sure.1.Mean girls who turn into werewolves are not normal.2.Hot guys who aren’t bothered by a little murder are probably bad news. When Tara kills a would-be attacker, shock sets in. Then he shows up. Wesley St. John. Hot, mysterious, and a little impatient, he’s just enough of a distraction to keep Tara … Read More

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Sticks and Stones (The Barn Church Series Book 2)

by Shellie Arnold  

Since childhood, Julie Matthews has felt closest to God when singing. Mere days away from realizing her lifelong dream of singing professionally, she awakens in a hospital room unable to speak. Suddenly her dreams and God seem distant. 

 Rick Matthews supports his ambitious wife, but has no solution for the constant tension between them. During Julie’s recovery, Rick becomes Julie’s caregiver and … Read More

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The Twelve Stones (The Twelve Stones, Book 1)

by RJ Johnson  

Twenty two years ago, Alex McCray found the first of the Twelve Stones, a set of powerful artifacts left for Humanity to find and use to save Earth from certain destruction. Returning to his hometown of Onyx, California, Alex reunites with his father who returns the stone Alex found so many years ago. Their reunion is cut short however after … Read More

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The Shaman’s Tale

by David Lieberman  

Deep in the jungles of Costa Rica lives a legendary shaman. Local surf-lore whispers that he can manifest perfect waves with his breath and surf without a board. Halfway across the world, struggling with anxiety attacks and riddled with fear, Will Goldman sets out into an adventure seeking an inner calm. As their two paths slowly begin to cross, Will … Read More

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The Last Lost Girl

by Maria Hoey  

Unravelling the past can be dangerous . . . On a perfect July evening in the sizzling Irish summer of 1976, fifteen-year-old Festival Queen Lilly Brennan disappears. Thirty-seven years later, as the anniversary of Lilly’s disappearance approaches, her sister Jacqueline returns to their childhood home in Blackberry Lane. There she stumbles upon something that reopens the mystery, setting her on … Read More

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After She’s Gone

by Camilla Grebe  

A gripping, twisty new thriller from the bestselling author of The Ice Beneath Her, perfect for fans of Will Dean’s Dark Pines. A case as cold as the season. A profiler who can’t remember. A killer ready to strike again. Psychological profiler Hanne Lagerlind-Schön and her partner, investigator Peter Lindgren are invited to the small, sleepy industrial town of Ormberg … Read More

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Chernobyl Prayer: Voices from Chernobyl (Penguin Modern Classics)

by Svetlana Alexievich  

A startling history of the Chernobyl disaster by Svetlana Alexievich, the winner of the Nobel prize in literature 2015 On 26 April 1986, at 1.23am, a series of explosions shook the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. Flames lit up the sky and radiation escaped to contaminate the land and poison the people for years to come. While officials tried to hush up … Read More

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Benjamin Ashwood

by AC Cobble  

A young man leaves his small village with mysterious strangers on an epic journey. Life is simple in Ben’s village until an unexpected attack brings the arrival of exciting strangers. Before he understands what is happening, the strangers have recruited his sister to go with them on an adventure. Ben leaves with them to ensure her safety. Soon, they venture … Read More

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Murder and Food Porn: A Northwest Cozy Mystery (Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 8)

by Dianne Harman  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

Food porn can be addictive, but is it worth murder? When her food photographer is murdered, the police ask Cassie’s husband, ex-Mafia man, Al, to help. Al’s ways of solving murder don’t always follow police procedurals. A cozy mystery that leaves you with a smile on your face! As always plenty of dogs, mouth-watering food, and recipes. This is the … Read More

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The Mine

by Antti Tuomainen  

A hitman. A journalist. A shattered family. A mine spewing toxic secrets that threaten to poison them all. In the dead of winter, investigative reporter Janne Vuori sets out to uncover the truth about a mining company, whose illegal activities have created an environmental disaster in a small town in Northern Finland. When the company’s executives begin to die in … Read More

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‘Buried Tears’ is based on a true story of two brothers, a family and a fateful day in 1941 in the village of Golden Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in the UK. The story unfolds across the backdrop of the stark realities of working-class life during war years. Vivien brings members of her family back to life in a captivating, emotional and … Read More

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The Yompers: With 45 Commando in the Falklands War

by Ian Gardiner  

Called to action on 2 April 1982, the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines assembled from around the world to sail 8,000 miles to recover the Falkland Islands from Argentine invasion. Lacking helicopters and short of food, they ‘yomped’ in appalling weather carrying overloaded rucksacks, across the roughest terrain. Yet for a month in mid-winter, they remained a cohesive fighting-fit … Read More

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The Anomaly: The blockbuster thriller that will take you back to our darker origins . . .

by Michael Rutger  

An utterly gripping thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton and Stephen King. The Anomaly will leave you breathless until the final page has been turned . . . THEY SOUGHT THE TRUTH. THEY FOUND A NIGHTMARE A team of explorers seek ancient treasures, hidden in a secret cave. At first it seems they will return empty handed. … Read More

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The Friends of Harry Perkins

by Chris Mullin  

‘Harry Perkins was buried on the day that America declared war on China.’ The definitive post-Brexit novel, and long-awaited sequel to the bestselling A Very British Coup.  ‘Terrific…measured, heart-stopping, moving, clear-eyed’. Stephen Frears ‘Brilliant, chilling and all too plausible.’ Alastair Campbell  ‘A very knowledgeable and pleasurable political thriller.’ Mark Lawson, The Guardian ‘Readable and very entertaining, and should appeal to both sides … Read More

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The Devil Is a Marquess (Rescued from Ruin Book 4)

by Elisa Braden  

When a rake beyond redemption…A walking scandal surviving on little more than wits, whisky, and wicked skills in the bedchamber, Benedict Chatham, the new Marquess of Rutherford, is at the end of his rope. Deeply in debt and down to his last farthing, he must marry nothing short of an absolute fortune, or risk utter ruin. Must marry for money…Enter … Read More

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The Hawks of Kamalon

by Michael Reisig  

A Number One Nation-Wide Best-Selling Book for Books In Motion Audio Books! The Hawks of Kamalon is an amalgam of gripping science fiction and wonderful storytelling, with imagery that becomes more believable with each page.A small squadron of British and American aircraft depart at dawn on a long-range strike into Germany, but as they cross the English Channel, the squadron … Read More

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RISE OF THE ENEMY a gripping thriller full of suspense (Enemy series Book 2)

by Rob Sinclair  

Everyone has a breaking point. Carl Logan might just have found his. Rise of the Enemy is the gripping and suspenseful second novel in the highly-acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring Carl Logan. The Joint Intelligence Agency sends agent Carl Logan on a routine mission to Russia. It should have been simple. But when Logan’s cover is … Read More

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Buried Magic (White Haven Witches Book 1)

by TJ Green  

Looking for witchy urban fantasy? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to White Haven – where secrets can be deadly. White Haven has a history of witchcraft, but the locals don’t know that there are real witches living among them, and Avery is one of them. When she has a forbidding premonition, and finds a series of clues all … Read More

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by Sarah Stovell  

She loves me. She loves me not. Bo Luxton has it all – a loving family, a beautiful home in the Lake District, and a clutch of bestselling books to her name.Enter Alice Dark, an aspiring writer who is drifting through life, with a series of dead-end jobs and a freeloading boyfriend.When they meet at a writers’ retreat, the chemistry … Read More

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Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors

by Piers Paul Read  

The #1 New York Times bestseller and the true story behind the film: A rugby team resorts to the unthinkable after a plane crash in the Andes. Spirits were high when the Fairchild F-227 took off from Mendoza, Argentina, and headed for Santiago, Chile. On board were forty-five people, including an amateur rugby team from Uruguay and their friends and … Read More

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