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Everything I Never Told You:’s #1 Book of the Year 2014

by Celeste Ng  

‘There is much here that might impress Pulitzer and Man Booker judges…Ng brilliantly depicts the destruction that parents can inflict on their children and on each other’ Mark Lawson, Guardian Lydia is the favourite child of Marilyn and James Lee; a girl who inherited her mother’s bright blue eyes and her father’s jet-black hair. Her parents are determined that Lydia … Read More

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Dreams of Reality

by Sylvia Hubbard  

Skye Patterson – 24-year old entrepreneur trying to make her way in the world all by herself since she was orphaned at birth – finds herself the victim of a mind controlling substance. Moving to Detroit, was a big step emotionally, but she never thought it would be a big step mentally. The mind controlling drugs invade her life enveloping … Read More

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Icebound (Legends of the Shifters Book 2)

by J.B. North  

Ivy’s journey continues as she struggles with the loss of her beloved friend. Instead of freedom from the conservatory, now all she wants is revenge for his death. Then, on her way back from the island, something horrible happens. An excruciating pain rips through her heart as the serum of the plant invades her system. While it makes her stronger, … Read More

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Let’s Grill Tennessee’s Best BBQ Recipes: World Famous Memphis BBQ

by David Martin  

The Best Collection of Tennessee BBQ Recipes and Techniques Anywhere!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Do You Want to Amaze Your Friends and Family With Your Authentic Memphis BBQ Dishes? Tennessee puts its own unique spin on this American classic. Memphis BBQ is known everywhere for its deep smokey flavor and the long time it takes for each piece of meat … Read More

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The Pride of the King (Bold Women of the 18th Century Series Book 2)

by Amanda Hughes  

For readers who like historical fiction with a bit of a love story. Wickedly inviting, the dark side of life has always seduced Lauren De Beauville. With copper-colored tresses and the smile of a pirate this young adventuress throws caution to the wind and leaps into a quagmire of temptation that is 18th Century New York. Will she survive her … Read More

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Running Mate: A Billionaire Romance

by Katie Ashley  

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Barrett The name’s Barrett Callahan. Yeah, that Barrett Callahan—the one the press dubbed “Bare” after those naked sexting pictures surfaced. At twenty-five, I was armed with an MBA from Harvard, an executive position at my father’s Fortune 500 company, a penthouse, and a different piece of delectable eye candy in my bed every weekend. I had a life most men … Read More

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A Study In Murder: A Homes & Watkins Romantic Mystery

by Debra Snow  

Winner of the 2019 NYC Big Book Award for Romantic Suspense. Writing rivals clash, but when her ex-husband ends up dead and he is a suspect, they must join forces. Widower Mark Watkins and divorcee Sheryl Homes have written successful books featuring the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, and are fans of each other’s work. When the pair finally meet at … Read More

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Hungry for Miles: Cycling across Europe on One Pound a Day

by Steven Primrose-Smith  

The latest book from Steven Primrose-Smith, the author of Amazon Bestseller, No Place Like Home, Thank God. After blowing all his cash on his previous long-distance bike ride (No Place Like Home, Thank God), Steven Primrose-Smith wants to go cycling again. Without the necessary funds, he decides to see if it’s possible to travel thousands of miles on a budget … Read More

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The Cabin (The Cold Case Quartet Book 2)

by Jørn Lier Horst  

‘Horst is brilliant on the day-to-day details of investigation, while keeping tension to the end’ SUNDAY TIMES If you loved Wallander, meet Wisting – your next Scandi crime obsession . . . 15 years ago, Simon Meier walked out of his house and was never seen again. With no leads, the case quickly ran cold. Until now. Because one day … Read More

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by Addison Cain  

“Startling in its brutality, the Alpha’s Claim series is a sensual masterpiece which glorifies in its own unflinching depiction of the most base of human nature.” – Zoe Blake, USA Today bestselling author No one will take what’s his… The Commodore stole her off the streets in broad daylight—the first Omega female discovered in Bernard Dome in generations. He took … Read More

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Golden Lies

by Barbara Freethy  

From #1 NYT Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes a standalone romantic suspense novel filled with intrigue, action, adventure and love. Every family has secrets — some too intriguing to resist … some too dangerous to ignore … A novel about three remarkable families — the fifty-year-old promise that once bound them together, the fiery betrayal that tore them apart, and … Read More

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Intermittent Fasting for Women: The Essential Beginners Guide for Weight Loss, Burn Fat, Heal Your Body Through The Self-Cleansing Process of Autophagy and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

by Amanda Jason  

Do you want to lose weight quickly and live healthier while still enjoying your favorite foods? If you are tired of complicated diets, calorie counting and tasteless food without achieving your desired goals, than there is an alternative for you! You can stop dieting and just follow INTERMITTENT FASTING, a revolutionary weightloss system that will help you to burn fat, heal your body … Read More

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Real Deal (Single Dads Club Book 1)

by Piper Rayne  

Red Flags… Too loud.Too clingy.Too much make-up. I could go on and on. The other guys in the Single Dad’s Club would say I’m obsessed with finding them. But none of their kid’s mothers is the epic fail that my daughter’s is, so their opinions mean shit. Caterina Santora has her own list of red flags… She’s too young.She’s my … Read More

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Yours Completely: A Cinderella Love Story (Billionaires and Brides Book 1)

by Krista Lakes  

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Maids don’t ever get to go to the ball… do they? Jace Connors:Stretched thin from running a business and organizing a wedding, the last thing Jace needs is the world’s most eligible bachelorettes trying to sneak their way into his bed. When he meets Ella grooming the inn’s horses, though, she leaves him breathless. Jace knows that he can’t let … Read More

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Raphael (Vampires in America Book 1)

by D. B. Reynolds  

Malibu, California—home to rock-and-roll gods and movie stars, the beautiful, the rich . . . and vampires. Powerful and charismatic, Raphael is a Vampire Lord, one of the few who hold the power of life and death over every vampire in existence. Thousands call him Master and have pledged absolute loyalty on their very lives. But when, in a brazen … Read More

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The Three-Body Problem

by Cixin Liu  

The Hugo Award winner and winner of the 2018 Arthur C. Clarke Award for Imagination in Service to Society. 1967: Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death during China’s Cultural Revolution. This singular event will shape not only the rest of her life but also the future of mankind. Four decades later, Beijing police ask nanotech engineer … Read More

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POPPY WOODS: Nothing could break her spirit

by Lilly Adam  

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When Lady Margaret Hutchinson abandons her illegitimate daughter in 1863 she does not foresee the consequences of her actions. Set in Victorian Oxfordshire the story of Poppy Woods tells of a courageous girl, who from her very first breath suffers neglect and cruelty. Illegally Adopted by the tight fisted and merciless Sidney Woods and his lazy wicked wife, life in … Read More

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Home Truths

by Tina Seskis  

A strong marriage can cope with the unexpected. But can it survive the unimaginable? American nanny Eleanor was never meant to meet Alex. But when she walks into his London police station to report a stalker, everything changes for them both. He’s convinced he can protect her from anything and anyone. She hopes her darkest days are behind her. As … Read More

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The Parfit Knight (Rockliffe Book 1)

by Stella Riley  

Recommended in THE TIMES and winner of a B.R.A.G. MedallionWhen the Marquis of Amberley’s coach is waylaid by highwaymen and his coachman shot, he is forced to take shelter at the first house he finds and is subsequently trapped there for a week by a severe snow storm.Oakleigh Manor is the home of Rosalind Vernon who lives alone but for … Read More

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A Boy and his Dog at the End of the World

by C. A. Fletcher  

THE MOST POWERFUL STORY YOU’LL READ THIS YEAR. ‘Fletcher’s suspenseful, atmospheric tale imagines a near future in which our world is in ruins . . . an adventure saga punctured by a gut-punch twist’Entertainment Weekly ‘You’ll remember A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World long after you finish reading’Peng Shepherd, author of The Book Of M … Read More

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Workin’ Our Way Home: The Incredible True Story of a Homeless Ex-Con and a Grieving Millionaire Thrown Together to Save Each Other

by Ron Hall  

“I saw his face.” Deborah Hall’s words launched the destiny of two men from very different worlds. Ron Hall was an international art dealer with upscale tastes; Denver Moore was a homeless drifter with a dangerous past. Millions have read about their unlikely bond through their first book, Same Kind of Different as Me—a New York Times bestseller and now a major … Read More

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