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The Science Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

by DK  

Did the Universe start with a Big Bang? Is light a wave, a particle – or both? Are we the cause of global warming? Science has made it possible to comprehend the world we live in and the theoretical multiverses beyond, offering technological advances and extending the frontiers of knowledge. Written in plain English, The Science Book presents 80 of … Read More

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Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex – Illustrated – NARRATIVE OF THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY AND DISTRESSING SHIPWRECK OF THE WHALE-SHIP ESSEX: Original News Stories of Whale Attacks & Cannibals

by Owen Chase  

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In one of the most spellbinding accounts of men who go down to the sea in ships, the modern reader is given a seat in the whale boat of Owen Chase as he and his fellow crew and their Captain make way in three boats after the wreckage of the Whaleship Essex. The account of how the Essex was wrecked … Read More

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by Stan C. Smith  

What would you sacrifice to bring to light the greatest discovery in human history? Quentin Darnell was only a boy when his anthropologist parents were overcome by a professional failure so crushing it led to his father’s suicide. Now a schoolteacher, Quentin is looking for answers that can only be found in the wild terrains of Indonesian Papua, where years … Read More

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Hollywood Blood: A Hollywood Alphabet Series Thriller

by M.Z. Kelly  

LAPD Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner, Bernie, return in this edge-of-your-seat thriller with laugh-out-loud humor. Hollywood Blood is the second book in the Hollywood Alphabet Series Thrillers. If you think you’ve got problems, meet LAPD cop, Kate Sexton. She’s just been promoted to the department’s elite Robbery Homicide Division, along with her canine partner, Bernie, a first for … Read More

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Reforming Lord Ragsdale

by Carla Kelly  

“Don’t cry, Emma,” he said. “I’m not crying,” she murmured, attempting to wipe away the tears. “Thank goodness for that,” he replied, keeping his tone light. “ ’Pon my word, Emma, I hope you are worth five thousand pounds.” The infamous Lord Ragsdale is as rich as sin, as sinful as he is rich, and as heartless as he is … Read More

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Trailersteading: How to Find, Buy, Retrofit, and Live Large in a Mobile Home (Modern Simplicity Book 2)

by Anna Hess  

All the advantages of a tiny house at a fraction of the cost! Imagine what you could do with your time if you didn’t have to spend $16,000 a year on rent or a mortgage. Old single-wide mobile homes can often be found for free (and installed for a couple of thousand dollars) in rural areas, so trailersteading is akin … Read More

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The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy Book 1)

by James Morcan  

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The #1 Best-Selling Spy Novel on and Amazon UK* How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice?  That is the question posed in The Ninth Orphan, a top-rated international thriller novel and the first book in The Orphan Trilogy.  An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break … Read More

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Rescued by a Rogue (Rakes & Rebels: The Beauvisage Family Book 2)

by Cynthia Wright  

Originally published as CAROLINEA CONFIRMED RAKEIn 1783, the Revolutionary War is ended, and Major Alexandre Beauvisage is making his way home, anticipating a return to the wicked pleasures of his former life. However, while riding through the Connecticut woods, Alec comes upon a boy lying unconscious in the autumn leaves…and closer inspection reveals that the figure in breeches is actually … Read More

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Strength in Strangers: A true story of heartbreak, hope and courage

by Lauren Britton  

From honeymoon to heart transplant. One week after their wedding, on a remote honeymoon island, Lauren was told her husband Andrew had suffered six heart attacks and had hours to live. The local medical centre lacked the equipment to keep him alive and there was no plane to a specialist hospital for several days. This is the inspirational and emotional … Read More

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Drinking from a Bitter Cup

by Angela Jackson-Brown  

“1978. The year I turned ten and the year my mama killed herself. She was thirty-five, and dying is the last thing that should have been on her mind.” After the death of her mother, Sylvia Butler’s father, a man she knows only from an old photo, takes her from Louisville, Kentucky to Ozark, Alabama to live with his family. … Read More

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Edge of Extinction (Edge of Extinction, Book 1)

by Laura Martin  

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The beasts are back…Dinosaurs have reclaimed the earth, driving humans underground and only a band of teens can save the world. JURASSIC PARK meets INDIANA JONES In this thrilling new action-adventure series. Two hundred years ago, the first dinosaur was successfully cloned. Soon after, the human race realized they’d made a colossal mistake… The dregs of humanity have been driven … Read More

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Bound by Blood (Cauld Ane Series Book 1)

by Piper Davenport  

Dr. Samantha Moore is one of the youngest and most acclaimed researchers in the world. Her specialty is blood and she has been recruited by the largest pharmaceutical company in Scotland. For what purpose she cannot begin to imagine, but in an attempt to break out of her painfully shy shell, she throws caution to the wind and leaves her … Read More

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Good Habits, Bad Habits: The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick

by Wendy Wood  

‘Wendy Wood is the world’s foremost expert in the field, and this book is essential’ – Angela Duckworth, bestselling author of Grit. What if you could harness the extraordinary power of your unconscious mind, which already determines so much of what you do, to achieve your goals? Shockingly, we spend nearly half our day repeating things we've done in the … Read More

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His Prairie Princess (Prairie Brides Book 1)

by Kit Morgan  

A Sweet, Western Romance Novella. His Prairie Princess (Prairie Brides, Book One) is the first in a new series about the town of Clear Creek, Oregon. One of the wackiest little towns in the old west! Enjoy this introduction to the townspeople of Clear Creek and come sit a spell! Also Available! Her Prairie Knight (Prairie Brides, Book Two) His … Read More

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Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey: The official companion to all four series

by Emma Rowley  

A revealing look backstage at the hit TV show Downton Abbey. In-depth interviews give an exclusive insight into the actors’ experiences on set as well as the celebrated creative team behind the award-winning drama. A lavishly illustrated book full of images from the new series including those stunning 1920s costumes, which will delight the millions of devoted Downton fans. Step … Read More

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Feel Better In 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life

by Rangan Chatterjee  

THE #1 BESTSELLER 'One of the most influential doctors in the country' – Chris Evans__________________________________________________ It only takes 5 minutes to start changing your life. For good. Feel Better in 5 is the first daily 5 minute plan that is easy to maintain, easy-to-follow and requires only the smallest amount of willpower. Top tips include: · A strength workout that … Read More

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To Steal A Heart (Secrets & Spies Book 1)

by K. C. Bateman  

A master spy and a beautiful thief find love and intrigue in each other’s arms. . . Forced to do the bidding of a corrupt government minister, Marianne de Bonnard agrees to plant incriminating evidence in the offices of France’s most notorious spymaster. Under cover of night, the tightrope-walking thief puts her skills to good use—until her aerial stunt is … Read More

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Lost Girls

by Caitlin Rother  

Praise for Caitlin Rother and her true-life thrillers "Will keep you on the edge of your seat."–Aphrodite Jones "An exciting page-turner."–M. William Phelps Chelsea King was a popular high school senior, an outstanding achiever determined to make a difference. Fourteen-year-old Amber Dubois loved books and poured her heart into the animals she cared for. Treasured by their families and friends, … Read More

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The Rancher (Mills & Boon Vintage Cherish)

by Diana Palmer  

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New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer brings her readers back to Branntville, Texas, with Cort Brannt's story. The heir to the Skylance Ranch empire has women gallop into his life, but the handsome lone wolf sends them just as quickly on their way… until a pretty, vivacious neighbor appears on the range. Has the most eligible … Read More

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Live and Let Diet: Cozy Mystery Series (Australian Amateur Sleuth Book 1)

by Morgana Best  

A fun cozy mystery!★ USA Today Best-selling Series ★★ KINDLE SELECT ALL STAR BOOK ★Sybil Potts moves to Little Tatterford, a small town in the middle of nowhere in Australia, seeking to find peace and quiet after the upheaval of her divorce. Although the town is sleepy and nothing has ever happened, her arrival coincides with a murder in the boarding … Read More

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Mistakes Can Kill You: A Collection of Western Stories

by Louis L'Amour  

“L’Amour is popular for all the right reasons. His books embody heroic virtues that seem to matter now more than ever.”—The Wall Street Journal Edge-of-your-seat thrillers from the greatest Western author ever. There will never be another Western writer like Louis L’Amour. A legendary author and indisputably the greatest storyteller in his genre of all time, L’Amour captivated millions of … Read More

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The Astronomy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

by DK  

Explore the world of astronomy with key quotes and bold graphics to illustrate over 100 of the universe's biggest ideas. The Astronomy Book is an exciting voyage of discovery through the cosmos. Venture from ancient speculations about the nature of the universe, to the mind-boggling theories of recent science, including those of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Learn about the … Read More

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The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

by DK  

Explore eighty of the world's greatest myths and characters, from the gods of Greek mythology to the Norse heroes, retold and explained with engaging text and bold graphics. From early creation stories to classical hero narratives and the recurring theme of the afterlife, experience each myth and unravel the meanings behind the stories, getting to the heart of the importance … Read More

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Maybe This Christmas (Snow Crystal trilogy, Book 3)

by Sarah Morgan  

Following Sleigh Bells in the Snow and Suddenly, Last Summer, Sarah Morgan returns to snowy Vermont with Tyler and Brenna's story. Brenna’s not dreaming of a white Christmas… As a professional skier she’s already had too many to count! Brenna’s more concerned about finally spending the season with the man she’s loved as long as she can remember – her … Read More

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Inheritance: The new novel from the author of Richard & Judy bestseller Moving

by Jenny Eclair  

'SO immersive, atmospheric and compelling' Marian Keyes 'Kept me glued to the page' Alex Marwood 'Achingly poignant . . . An absolutely brilliant read' Sunday Mirror _____________ Beginnings, middles and ends; Peggy, Serena, Natasha and Bel. This is the room that binds them, this is how consequences work . . . In deepest Cornwall, the mansion Kittiwake has seen many … Read More

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Exocet Falklands: The Untold Story of Special Forces Operations

by Ewen Southby-Tailyour  

“A fascinating account of three SAS missions to counter the Exocet missile . . . from ill-thought out ideas to near suicidal one-way trips onto enemy soil.”—Soldier Magazine   This is a revelatory account of three un-tabulated special forces operations, PLUM DUFF, MIKADO and KETTLEDRUM, that were tasked to destroy Argentina’s Exocet missiles during the 1982 Falkland’s campaign.   Interviews … Read More

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