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The Silent Companions: The prize-winning ghost story

by Laura Purcell  

Winner of the WHSmith Thumping Good Read Award As featured on the Radio 2 Book Club and the Zoe Ball ITV Book Club '[An] extraordinary, memorable and truly haunting book' Jojo Moyes '[It] shone, for originality for the sheer quality of the writing, the characters and some masterly chills' Peter James Some doors are locked for a reason… Newly married, … Read More

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Operation Dawn Wolf: A Redacted Transcript – Agent Carrie Harris

by GJ Stevens  

Book 1 of the Agent Carrie Harris Series Formed of audio transcripts of covert recordings and team member journal entries, this file documents OPERATION DAWN WOLF, an EYES-ONLY covert operation to identify and terminate the perpetrators of ongoing [redacted] of the highly secret Special Operations candidate selection process. The transcripts document the progression of covertly recruited 2Lt [redacted] (now known … Read More

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Surrendered Hearts

by Carrie Turansky  

Winner of the International Digital Award, Inspirational Novel Category A gas pipeline explosion and fire destroy Jennifer Evan’s apartment and change her life forever. Not only does she lose her home and beloved dog, the ugly scars that cover her arm, neck and shoulder steal her confidence and cause her fiancé to desert her. With her funds depleted and her … Read More

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The Last Chance Lawyer (Daniel Pike Legal Thriller Series Book 1)

by William Bernhardt  

Getting his client off death row could save his career… or make him the next victim. Daniel Pike would rather fight for justice than follow the rules. His unique ability to "connect the dots," to observe what others do not, has made him the most notorious criminal lawyer in St. Petersburg. But when his courtroom career goes up in smoke, … Read More

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That Healing Touch (Cutter’s Creek, Book 1)

by Kit Morgan  

Jack Carlson spied for the union army for four, long years and what did he get for his trouble? Blindness. Battered by the war and lost without his sight, he seeks refuge in Cutter’s Creek, Montana. There he hopes to heal his bitter heart. But he’s going to need a lot more help than what he can come up with. … Read More

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Written with Regret (The Regret Duet Book 1)

by Aly Martinez  

Every little girl dreams of the fairytale. The one where the white knight rushes in to save her from the clutches of evil. They fall in love, have babies, and live happily ever after. By that definition, my life should have been a fairytale too. When I was eight years old, Caven Hunt saved me from the worst kind of … Read More

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Hey You, Pretty Face: Can Jack catch the criminals before the girls go missing forever? (Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey Book 5)

by Linda Coles  

An abandoned baby. Three girls stolen in the night. Two connected cases? London, Winter, 1999. When an abandoned newborn baby is discovered, DC Jack Rutherford becomes involved. Covering the holiday period almost singlehandedly, resources are at breaking point and he’s pushed to his limit. While searching for the young mother, evidence of an organized crime ring almost breaks his heart … Read More

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EDGE (Gentry Boys)

by Cora Brent  

USA TODAY Bestseller!! ROSLYNIt was him. Conway Gentry. The boy I’d known years ago – the one who’d loved my best friend and was left shattered by her death – was now a macho adrenaline junkie, an arrogant, womanizing hustler. There was not a single good reason on this earth to fall for him. But no one told my heart … Read More

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Mendelevski’s Box: A heartwarming and heartbreaking Jewish survivor’s journey

by Roger Swindells  

He survived Auschwitz but now Simon Mendelevski has to find out who betrayed his family September 1945. Auschwitz survivor Simon Mendelevski, penniless and unkempt, returns to Amsterdam in a desperate search for his family, friends and neighbours. Simon meets two Dutch women, both of whom have also suffered. One, known to him before the war, is anxious to make amends … Read More

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Grit (King’s Harlots MC Book 1)

by J.M. Walker  

*Can be read as a standalone novel* "An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker" He refuses to fall in love.He was born alone and he will die alone. Or, at least he thought so until now.Vice-One is all he knows. His squad. His brothers. The men he spends … Read More

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Bound: A Doyle Witch Cozy Mystery (The Witches of Doyle Book 1)

by Kirsten Weiss  

Book 1 in the Trilogy! Bound by magic, bound by love, bound by murder… The Bonheim triplets live seemingly ordinary lives, hiding their magic from their neighbors in the small, mountain town of Doyle, California. But then a body is found in flighty, big sister Jayce’s coffee shop. Confronted by a sheriff with a grudge, a sister in denial, and … Read More

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Black Diamonds: The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty

by Catherine Bailey  

Wentworth is in Yorkshire and was surrounded by 70 collieries employing tens of thousands of men. It is the finest and largest Georgian house in Britain andbelonged to the Fitzwilliam family. It is England's forgotten palace which belonged to Britain's richest aristocrats. Black Diamonds tells the story of its demise: family feuds, forbidden love, class war, and a tragic and … Read More

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Dark Sentinel (‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 32)

by Christine Feehan  

In an explosive novel from No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan, a human woman ignites the desire of her Carpathian lifemate – and of an ancient vampire with a score to settle . . . After the devastating loss of her entire family, Lorraine Peters heads to the woods searching for peace of mind and anything to … Read More

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The Last Thing I Remember: An emotional thriller with a devastating twist

by Deborah Bee  

"An enthralling thriller . . . utterly addictive" Sunday Telegraph. A tense psychological thriller with a devastating twist, perfect for fans of BA Paris' Behind Closed Doors and The Girl on the Train. Sarah is in a coma. Her memory is gone – she doesn't know how she got there. And she doesn't know how she might get out. But … Read More

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The Swan House: A Novel

by Elizabeth Musser  

Mary Swan Middleton has always taken for granted the advantages of her family's wealth. But a tragedy that touches all of Atlanta sends her reeling in grief. When the family maid challenges her to reach out to the less fortunate as a way to ease her own pain, Mary Swan meets Carl–and everything changes. For although Carl is her opposite … Read More

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Strengthen Yourself in the Lord: How to Release the Hidden Power of God in Your Life

by Bill Johnson  

Today’s believer is faced with situations unknown fifty, thirty, even twenty years ago. To stand in victory and enter our hour of promotion is to learn how to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord. You will learn how to: Encourage yourself, Overcome seriously bad days, Stay connected to your destiny, Access Heaven’s open door and Disarm hell with thanksgiving.

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White Teeth

by Zadie Smith  

Zadie Smith’s White Teeth is a classic international bestseller and an unforgettable portrait of London One of the most talked about fictional debuts of ever, White Teeth is a funny, generous, big-hearted novel, adored by critics and readers alike. Dealing – among many other things – with friendship, love, war, three cultures and three families over three generations, one brown … Read More

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Wrong Place, Right Time (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 2)

by Elle Casey  

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Jenny’s single-parent life revolves around her kids and her job, which means that hours of Animal Planet and strings of computer code are about all she has time for. Not that Jenny’s looking for adventure or romance—she’s the type of woman who believes in playing it safe. When Jenny is called upon to do some consulting for the Bourbon Street … Read More

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Legacy of Lies: A Legal Thriller (Bocephus Haynes Book 1)

by Robert Bailey  

A small-town attorney takes on prejudice and corruption in this powerful legal thriller. Small-town lawyer Bocephus Haynes comes home late one night to find District Attorney General Helen Lewis waiting for him. Her ex-husband has just been killed. She’s about to be arrested for his murder. And she wants Bo to represent her. There’s a lot working against them. Just … Read More

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MASTER LISTS FOR WRITERS: Thesauruses, Plots, Character Traits, Names, and More

by Bryn Donovan  

Get inspired…stay inspired. Write faster…write more! MASTER LISTS FOR WRITERS makes “show, don’t tell” much easier and helps you figure out your story more quickly. In this book, you’ll find: • lists of phrases for describing facial expressions, body language, gestures, physical appearance, and emotions• 175 master plot ideas, including romance, high-stakes, family, and workplace stories• lists of words for … Read More

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The Anomaly: The blockbuster thriller that will take you back to our darker origins . . .

by Michael Rutger  

An utterly gripping thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton and Stephen King. The Anomaly will leave you breathless until the final page has been turned . . . THEY SOUGHT THE TRUTH. THEY FOUND A NIGHTMARE A team of explorers seek ancient treasures, hidden in a secret cave. At first it seems they will return empty handed. … Read More

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Joanne Fluke’s Lake Eden Cookbook: (Hannah Swensen)

by Joanne Fluke  

A collection of recipes and reminiscences from the New York Times-bestselling mystery series: “Simply superb.”—Publishers Weekly  Includes all-new recipes!   It’s a picture postcard December in Minnesota, and Main Street is brimming with festive holiday decorations. Best of all, it's time for the annual Holiday Cookie Exchange at the Community Center—catered by none other than Hannah Swensen’s bakery-café, The Cookie … Read More

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Paradise Lost (Oxford World’s Classics (Paperback))

by John Milton  

Paradise Lost is one of the greatest epic poems in the English language. It tells the story of the Fall of Man, a tale of immense drama and excitement, of rebellion and treachery, of innocence pitted against corruption, in which God and Satan fight a bitter battle for control of mankind's destiny. The struggle ranges across three worlds – heaven, … Read More

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Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships

by Henry Cloud  

Boundaries in Dating offers illuminating insights for romance that can help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control as you pursue a healthy dating relationship that will lead to a healthy marriage. Dating can be fun, but it's not easy. Meeting people is just one concern. Once you've met someone, then what? What do you build? Nothing, a simple friendship, or … Read More

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The Umbrella Conspiracy (Resident Evil Book 1)

by S. D. Perry  

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ENTER THE WORLD OF SURVIVAL HORROR When Raccoon City, a remote mountain community, is suddenly besieged by a rash of grisly murders, bizarre reports start to spread, describing attacks from vicious creatures, some humna… some not. At the center of these deaths is a dark, secluded mansion belonging to the mysterious Umbrella Corporation. Led by ALbert Wesker,, the Special Tactics … Read More

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The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

by Niall Kishtainy  

What causes poverty? Why do tax rates vary so much between countries, and why? Is inflation inevitable? This book answers these and many other questions. It is your plain-speaking, visual guide to the production and distribution of wealth. Using a unique graphic approach, it explains the issues that affect us all, including taxation, recession, the housing market, the stock market, … Read More

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Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable

by Sarah Jakes Roberts  

Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible. Everyone has experiences in their lives that stop them in their tracks and become burdens they carry with them everywhere they go. No one knows this better than Sarah Jakes … Read More

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Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again (series_title)

by Rachel Held Evans  

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If the Bible isn't a science book or an instruction manual, then what is it? What do people mean when they say the Bible is inspired? When Rachel Held Evans found herself asking these questions, she began a quest to better understand what the Bible is and how it is meant to be read. What she discovered changed her–and it … Read More

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Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood

by Lisa Damour  

Leading clinical psychologist Lisa Damour identifies the seven key phases marking the journey from girlhood to womanhood, and offers practical advice for those raising teenage girls. We expect an enormous amount from our teenage girls in a world where they are bombarded with messages about how they should look, behave, succeed. Yet we also speak as though adolescence is a … Read More

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