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A Book of Night Women

by Marlon James  

This is the story of Lilith, born into slavery on a Jamaican sugar plantation at the end of the eighteenth century. Even at her birth, the Night Women—a clandestine council of fierce slaves plotting an island-wide revolt—recognize a dark force in her that they treat with both reverence and fear. But as Lilith comes of age and begins to understand … Read More

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Oath Keepers MC: The Collection

by Sapphire Knight  

Oath Keepers MC (The Collection) features 4 full size novels, 2 short stories and is 825 printed pages. Come fall in love with the Oath Keepers world. •In Exposed you meet Cain, the club brawler with a set of dimples that will make you wet. •2 Piece in Relinquish is full of naughty ideas, especially when a headstrong brunette comes … Read More

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One Chance (Hogan Brother’s Book 1)

by KL Donn  

From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes the first book in the Hogan Brother’s series. Welcome to Loveland, CO where family is everything and love happens. “Stupid.” One word that could ruin a person. One word that can change a life. One word that can destroy a mind. Soph Sophia Bennett heard it all her life. Smart, sweet, and … Read More

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The Secrets We Keep (A Waterford Novel Book 1)

by Mia Hayes  

In an insta-worthy neighborhood, she thought her skeletons were safe in the closet. But life in suburbia isn’t always picture perfect… Elizabeth Mavery needs a fresh start after her husband slept with another woman. Nervous to move to a new town, she’s surprised when she’s welcomed by the local in-crowd. But when an unknown blogger begins posting the group’s darkest … Read More

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DEAD AND GONE TO BELL (A Samantha Bell Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

by Jeremy Waldron  

A gripping crime mystery that will make your jaw drop. Investigative reporter, Samantha Bell, knows the end is near. But when young women are suddenly being targeted by a mysterious serial killer who leaves little clues behind, Samantha pushes her way into the biggest murder investigation of her life. Four crime-solving women set out on an exhilarating adventure to stop … Read More

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Best Egg Roll, Spring Roll, and Dumpling Recipes from Mama Li’s Kitchen

by Sarah Spencer  

From Mama Li’s Kitchen to yours. Learn to make delicious egg rolls, spring rolls, and dumplings with Mama Li’s best recipes Mama Li showed me everything I know about cooking Asian foods. One of the fondest memories I have from Mama Li was helping her make dumplings, egg rolls, and spring rolls for a friend’s wedding. It was a family … Read More

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The Long Escape

by Jeff Noonan  

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The Long EscapeByJeff Noonan This is a true story; a story of survival. It tells of how a boy and his family lived a life of hellish abuse, fought back, and learned to live with the memories. It is also an adventure tale, following the boy through the military buildup to the Viet Nam War, Pacific Island love affairs, and … Read More

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by Yvie Towers  

***Texas Association of Authors 2014 WINNER for Best African-American Historical Fiction*** Lily’s a young woman with a tragic past and an uncertain future. Julian’s a man with a questionable past and a seemingly bright future. When the two of them meet, their worlds collide, blurring the lines between slave and master, freedom and subjection, and even love and hate. Author’s … Read More

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Until the Stars Fall from the Sky (Hidden Beauty Book 1)

by Mary Crawford  

The existence of love at first sight is doubtful — until it happens to you. As a lifeguard and law student, Jeff Whitaker grasps life head-on after putting his dreams on hold due to a family crisis. But his legendary focus changes when a woman rescues a little boy while Jeff is lifeguarding. This most interesting, captivating, complex woman tempts … Read More

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Ask for the Rain: Receiving Your Inheritance of Revival & Outpouring

by Lou Engle  

Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring!  Ask the LORD for rainIn the time of the latter rain. (Zechariah 10:1) God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the Earth. How should you respond? Ask for more!  How can revival impact your everyday life? Maybe you’ve thought revival is for “super-charged” Christians—not for everyday people going … Read More

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Immortal Plague: A Warriors of Light and Dark Novel (The Judas Chronicles Book 1)

by Aiden James  

THE GREAT BETRAYER…IN HIS OWN WORDS. First in the pulse-pounding, action-packed “Judas Chronicles” series by bestselling author Aiden James. William Barrow carries a dark secret. A very dark secret. An archivist for the Smithsonian Institute and also a part-time operative for the CIA, no one would ever suspect the handsome ‘thirty-ish’ William is in fact the most reviled human being … Read More

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See You at the Bar (A Harry Gilmour Novel Book 5)

by David Black  

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The Mediterranean, early 1940s. Lieutenant Harry Gilmour, captain of the S-Class submarine HMS Scourge, has been tasked with patrolling the Mediterranean and supporting operations for the Allied forces. Someone, however, is on his tail: Captain Charles ‘the Bonny Boy’ Bonalleck VC, who cannot forget Lt Gilmour calling him out on his conduct during an operation early in the war. Harry … Read More

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Love at the Italian Lake

by Darcie Boleyn  

On the shores of Lake Garda, a beautiful romance unfolds. But is it only for summer? Don’t miss this gorgeous, heart-warming novel from Darcie Boleyn, bestselling author of 2017 smash-hit Summer at Conwenna Cove. Sophia Bertoni discovers her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and realizes her life is going nowhere. Leaving her high-pressure job, she travels to Italy to stay … Read More

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The Con Season: A Novel of Survival Horror

by Adam Cesare  

Horror movie starlet Clarissa Lee is beautiful, internationally known, and…completely broke. To cap off years of questionable financial and personal decisions, Clarissa accepts an invitation to participate in a “fully immersive” fan convention. She arrives at an off-season summer camp and finds what was supposed to be a quick buck has become a real-life slasher movie. Deep in the woods … Read More

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Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World

by Adam Tooze  

A New York Times Notable Book of 2018. Winner of the 2019 Lionel Gelber Prize 'Majestic, informative and often delightful … insights on every page' Yanis Varoufakis, Observer The definitive history of the Great Financial Crisis, from the acclaimed author of The Deluge and The Wages of Destruction. In September 2008 the Great Financial Crisis, triggered by the collapse of … Read More

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Show Me (Thomas Prescott Book 4)

by Nick Pirog  

A horrific crime in a small town and Big Biotech collide in the shocking fourth book in the bestselling Thomas Prescott series.  When retired homicide detective Thomas Prescott learns he’s inherited a 250-acre farm in Tarrin, Missouri (pop. 2,100), he can’t get there fast enough. As he slowly acclimates to small town living, he hears rumblings about a horrific crime … Read More

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Nearly Dead in Iowa (Izzy Lewis Mysteries Book 1)

by Wendy Byrne  

From USA Today bestselling author Wendy Byrne comes a small town mystery with a big twist… Manhattan socialite Isabella "Izzy" Lewis is in desperate need of a fresh start. Ending up on the wrong side of a nasty divorce, jobless, and pretty much homeless, she’s hit rock bottom. So when the father she never knew asks her to visit him … Read More

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The Invasive

by Michael Hodges  

Bishop is trapped deep inside Montana’s Apex Valley along with his injured wife, a shotgun-wielding stranger named Colbrick, and a sneaking suspicion he’s never making it back to Chicago. Things no man has seen before haunt the woods. Strange animal species creep behind pine trees, some of them with flashing red tags that blink faster and faster. Giant birds mimic … Read More

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Blood Line: What if your family was the last left alive? (The Blood Line Trilogy Book 1)

by Michael Green  

When a devastating, Super-SARS pandemic strikes, members of the Chatfield family, scattered around the globe, discover they possess a crucial gene that gives them immunity. Knowing that for their ultimate survival they must increase their gene pool, two members of the New Zealand branch of the family embark on a perilous journey in a small yacht. The community they find … Read More

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This Poison Will Remain (Commissaire Adamsberg)

by Fred Vargas  

** Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month **The exhilarating new Inspector Adamsberg novel from France's multi-million-copy bestselling crime fiction star 'Vargas's books are…cunning, corkscrew murder mysteries' A.J. FINN After three elderly men are bitten by spiders, everyone assumes that their deaths are tragic accidents. But at police headquarters in Paris, Inspector Adamsberg begins to suspect that the case is … Read More

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United States Of Apocalypse

by Mark Tufo  

When World War 3 erupts on American soil it is up to some less than likely heroes to band together and stand tall against any and all comers as a once proud nation is brought to her knees. Cowardly terrorist attacks and indifferent Global communities have isolated America as she spirals into a desperate bid for survival. Follow Darlene Bobich, … Read More

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A Salad for All Seasons

by Harry Eastwood  

Let’s eat more salad! It’s fresh, colourful and healthy fast food. A far cry from the ‘rabbit food’ image of old, salads are now rightfully top of the menu. In A Salad for All Seasons, Harry Eastwood shakes things up, introducing us to over 100 delicious, original and easy-to-make salads to see you through the year. Spring and Summer are … Read More

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Travels with Rachel: In Search of South America

by George Mahood  

“…tears fell regularly from my eyes from laughing so much…” “…another brilliant read by George Mahood…” “…reminds me of Bill Bryson…” “…a must-read for all wannabe adventurers…” “…brilliant writing yet again…” “…hilarious read from beginning to end…” Knee-deep in a swamp in the depths of the Bolivian jungle, hunting for anacondas in a pair of sandals, it occurred to George … Read More

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Shadowed (Dark Protectors Book 6)

by Rebecca Zanetti  

USA Today Bestselling Book Danger signs rise off Jase Kayrs like steam–the scars, the secrets, the strength. He’s got a mission, and he’s not interested in much outside of it. Except Brenna Dunne. Brenna was an ass-kicking, name-taking witch–before the poison that’s killing her sapped her powers too. She knows there’s more to Jase than a handsome face and an … Read More

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Shattered Innocence

by Robert Scott  

The New York Times–bestselling account of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s remarkable escape from the sexual predator who kept her captive for eighteen years.   In 1991, an eleven-year-old-girl was abducted in broad daylight. Eighteen years later, a policewoman at the University of California, Berkeley, confronted a deranged man accompanied by two young girls. During questioning the next day, the girls’ mother … Read More

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The Ashford Affair: A Novel

by Lauren Willig  

From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig comes The Ashford Affair, a page-turning novel about two women in different eras, and on different continents, who are connected by one deeply buried secret. A New York Times best seller! As a lawyer in a large Manhattan firm, just shy of making partner, Clementine Evans has finally achieved almost everything she's … Read More

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