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The Curvy Girls Club: Hilarious chick lit about best friends and muffin tops (Confidence is the New Black Book 1)

by Michele Gorman  

"This is a delightful book of friendship, acceptance, and belonging for anyone who has ever wondered: “What if?”" Publishers Weekly Welcome to the club where size doesn’t matter…Meet best friends Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane. Fed up with always struggling to lose weight, they ditch the scales and start a social club where size doesn’t matter. At the Curvy Girls … Read More

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The Miracle Girl

by T. B. Markinson  

Newspaper publisher and world traveler JJ Cavendish continually feels pressured to live up to her Miracle Girl nickname. Not many people know she’s living a carefully crafted lie. She may not hide ties to the LGBT community, but she does hide past struggles with addiction. When the Colorado native is handpicked to take the helm at a dying Denver newspaper, … Read More

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In Broad Daylight (Crime Rant Classics)


From Publishers Weekly:Ken Rex McElroy terrorized the residents of several counties in northwestern Missouri for a score of years. He raped young girls and brutalized them after they went to live with him or even married him; he shot at least two men; he stole cattle and hogs, and burned down the houses of some who interfered with his criminal … Read More

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Sinful Intent (ALFA Investigations Book 1)

by Chelle Bliss  

"PERFECT mix of suspense, steam, and love!" ~Harper Sloan, NYT bestselling author When former Navy SEAL Morgan DeLuca joined the team at ALFA Investigations,he never imagined he’d find more than a job. But his first client was a drop-dead gorgeous, powerful businesswoman with a no-holds-barred attitude. Never cross the line. That had always been his rule, but that was before … Read More

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Ivory Nation: A Gabriel Wolfe Thriller (The Gabriel Wolfe Thrillers Book 11)

by Andy Maslen  

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Avenge the dead Paras… A troop of paras stumble on an elephant’s butchered corpse. A sniper observes a glamorous Royal couple on their wedding day. A charismatic ultra-left politician sees his chance to strut on the world stage. What happens next sends ex-SAS member Gabriel Wolfe deep into the heart of a global web of intrigue, ivory poaching and political … Read More

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The Battle of Jericho

by Walter Marks  

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY —“Set on Long Island, Marks’s suspenseful second crime novel featuring Det. Sgt. Neil Jericho (after 2014’s Death Hampton) contains more than a few surprises. Still reeling from the breakup of his last serious relationship—with a woman he investigated who was suspected of murdering her husband for his millions—Jericho must tackle a truly odd case. A severed foot has … Read More

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Once Upon A Time: A True Story of Memory, Murder and the Law

by Harry N. MacLean  

Once Upon A Time, A True Story of Memory, Murder and the Law. By Harry N. MacLean In 1989, Eileen Franklin, a young California housewife, claimed to recover a repressed memory of her father killing her playmate 20 earlier. In a landmark trial, the father was charged and convicted of first-degree murder, based solely on his daughter’s testimony. This book … Read More

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Dracula Rising: A Paranormal Thriller

by Jackson Stein  

Presented by #1 bestselling Kindle author, J.R. Rain. An epic tale of honor, adventure and secrets.Four hundred years before Bram Stoker put his pen to paper bad things were happening in Transylvania…deadly things. The king of Wallachia joined a secret society with his intentions unknown. That is, until his son, Prince Vlad the third, begins to unravel the ancient mystery. … Read More

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On Becoming Fearless…in Love, Work, and Life: A Road Map for Women

by Arianna Huffington  

Author, syndicated columnist, occasional actress, and businesswoman Ariana Huffington examines the ways in which fear affects the lives of women, and the steps anyone can take to conquer fear. Observing that her own teenage daughters were beginning to experience some of the same fears that had once burdened her — How attractive am I? Do people like me? Do I … Read More

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The Reluctant Detective: A C.T. Ferguson Private Investigator Mystery (The C.T. Ferguson Mystery Novels Book 1)

by Tom Fowler  

It’s C.T.’s first case. He wants an easy one.Instead, he gets Alice. C.T. Ferguson spent years as a hacker. He lived in Hong Kong, working against the Chinese government. Then they found him, threw him in jail, and eventually kicked him out. In Baltimore, C.T. sets himself up as a private investigator. Then Alice walks in. She’s sure her husband … Read More

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Capital Fleet: The Complete Ixan Legacy Series Box Set

by Scott Bartlett  

The complete military space opera series from bestselling author Scott Bartlett. Last time, the aliens smashed the galaxy. Humanity held on by the fingernails. In the decades since, we’ve put worlds back together. We’ve licked our wounds. But Captain Husher warned us they would return. We didn’t want to believe him. We couldn’t afford to believe him. Doesn’t matter. The … Read More

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Ring of Lies

by Victoria Howard  

Daniel Elliot dies in a single-car accident one rainy English night. His wife, Grace, is grief stricken. Although their marriage was imperfect, sheltered Grace doesn’t relish the future alone. She soon learns how little she knew about Daniel. There are secrets: an alias, a strange list of numbers, a house in Florida – and a mistress who’s a dead ringer for … Read More

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Existential: The Mission: To Survive (Crucible Book 1)

by Ryan W. Aslesen  

Experience the terrifying international bestseller! The Alaskan wilderness holds a nightmarish secret that threatens all of humanity in this epic sci-fi horror thriller. Looking for a blockbuster thriller that combines explosive sci-fi action with intense horror that will have you gripping the page with fear? Then look no further and standby for a roller coaster ride of terror. It was … Read More

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Full Circle (Star Trek: Voyager)

by Kirsten Beyer  

Following the events of the unforgettable Star Trek crossover trilogy Destiny, the new captain of the USS Voyager embarks on a dangerous mission that is paved with blood and haunted by ghosts of the past. When the USS Voyager is dispatched on an urgent mission to the planet Kerovi, Captain Chakotay and his first officer, Commander Thomas Paris, must choose … Read More

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Chasing the Lion

by Nancy Kimball  

From the blood-soaked sand of the Roman arena, a divine destiny will rise.For as long as Jonathan Tarquinius can remember, everyone has wanted something from him. His half brother wants him dead. His master’s wife wants his innocence. The gladiator dealers want him to fight—and die—for their greed. Rome’s most famous prostitute wants his love. And the gentle slave girl … Read More

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TSUNAMI STORM (An Intense Disaster Thriller)

by D F Capps  

Bronze Medalist – 2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards. Lieutenant Tiffany Grimes is a rising star in the Navy. She has a date with destiny. In the high-tech world of advanced secret weapons, the ability to trigger terrifying earthquakes and direct devastating storms has been mastered by the military. Vice Admiral James Billingsly now controls America’s most powerful new weapon of mass … Read More

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This Is Where It Ends

by Marieke Nijkamp  

The #1 New York Times Bestseller! Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun. 10:00 a.m.The principal of Opportunity, Alabama’s high school finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve. 10:02 a.m.The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class. 10:03The auditorium doors … Read More

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Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It

by Larry Olmsted  

“Olmsted makes you insanely hungry and steaming mad–a must-read for anyone who cares deeply about the safety of our food and the welfare of our planet.” —Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue! Bible series “The world is full of delicious, lovingly crafted foods that embody the terrain, weather, and culture of their origins. Unfortunately, it’s also full of brazen impostors. … Read More

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Ballet Beautiful: Transform Your Body and Gain the Strength, Grace, and Focus of a Ballet Dancer

by Mary Helen Bowers  

Ballet-inspired fitness for every woman! You don't have to be a professional ballerina to look like one! With Mary Helen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful, forget beating yourself up in the gym and suffering through starvation diets for some unattainable goal. You can achieve your ideal body and develop the strength, grace, and elegance of a dancer by following Mary Helen's proven … Read More

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by William Ritter  

“Sherlock Holmes crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” —Chicago Tribune Newly arrived in New Fiddleham, New England, 1892, and in need of a job, Abigail Rook meets R. F. Jackaby, an investigator of the unexplained with a keen eye for the extraordinary–including the ability to see supernatural beings. Abigail has a gift for noticing ordinary but important details, which makes … Read More

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Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire

by Paul Smith  

Whether you’re trying to communicate a vision, sell an idea, or inspire commitment, storytelling is a powerful business tool that can mean the difference between lackluster enthusiasm and a rallying cry. Addressing a wide variety of business challenges, including specific stories to help you overcome twenty-one difficult situations, Lead with a Story gives you theability to engage an audience the … Read More

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The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow

by John C. Maxwell  

“The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader gets straight to the heart of leadership issues. Maxwell once again touches on the process of developing the art of leadership by giving the reader practical tools and insights into developing the qualities found in great leaders.” – Kenneth Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® “Dr. John Maxwell is the authority on … Read More

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The Black Hole War: My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics

by Leonard Susskind  

What happens when something is sucked into a black hole? Does it disappear? Three decades ago, a young physicist named Stephen Hawking claimed it did, and in doing so put at risk everything we know about physics and the fundamental laws of the universe. Most scientists didn't recognize the import of Hawking's claims, but Leonard Susskind and Gerard t'Hooft realized … Read More

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