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Saving Capitalism: For The Many, Not The Few

by Robert Reich  

'A very good guide to the state we’re in' Paul Krugman, New York Review of Books 'A well-written, thought-provoking book by one of America’s leading economic thinkers and progressive champions.' Huffington Post Do you recall a time when the income of a single schoolteacher or baker or salesman or mechanic was enough to buy a home, have two cars, and … Read More

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Among Wolves: The Birth Of An Assassin (A Jericho Black Thriller Book 1)

by Jordan Vezina  

Born of war. Raised by Nazis. Circumstances have given Will Hessler every excuse to become a monster. Instead, he’s going to become the one hunting them. All his life, seventeen-year-old Will Hessler has had to live with the knowledge that his mother and grandfather are Nazis – escapees from the Third Reich, living anonymously in the suburbs of San Francisco. … Read More

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Her Deepest Fear (Rosemary Run Book 1)

by Kelly Utt  

After her husband dies suddenly, Cate begins to suspect she’s being followed — and starts questioning everything she thought she knew. But the answers she discovers may be the worst of all… Cate Brady almost had it all. Until a knock on her front door brought news that her beloved husband had been in a terrible accident. He was pronounced … Read More

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Ghost House (Soul Mate – Book One)

by Richard Crawford  

Everyone believes Tommy’s best friend died in a terrible accident. Only Tommy knows that it wasn’t an accident at all. He made a drunken mistake he can never take back. And now he’s haunted, literally. It sounds nuts, and sometimes Tommy is not sure if he is nuts. It doesn’t seem to matter too much until he meets Suki. UK … Read More

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Silent Night (Sam Archer Book 4)

by Tom Barber  

Praise for Silent Night:‘Intriguing, suspenseful …amazing read’‘Starts off well and just gets better and better’‘I find every book to be even more exciting and thrilling with this series. The twists and turns simply amaze me’‘Fantastic story teller; all of his books in my eye are rated 5 stars. Lots of sleep lost but it is worth it’‘Engaging and a page … Read More

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Fanny Bower Puts Herself Out There

by Julia Ariss  

Fanny Bower is not a joiner. She leads a quiet existence – keeping to the sidelines, avoiding high jinks, living in her head and waiting for something momentous to happen. A few weeks into a new job, at the urging of her socially savvy colleague, she decides to begin afresh to conquer her fears and release her inner dynamo – … Read More

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The Fear of the Blow: A Young Woman’s Gut-Wrenching True Story of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Alcoholism and Redemption

by Jena Parks  

A page-turner. A true tale of wickedness, despair, and redemption. Not to be missed. Born into a Dark and Secretive World of Domestic Violence”What kind of life is this you live? Can you remember even one day you didn’t go to bed afraid and wake up afraid?” These are the words Jena Parks says, looking in the mirror as a … Read More

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Naomi’s Story: A Romance in Amish Country Story

by Melanie Schmidt  

Eighteen-year-old Naomi Miller isn’t exactly like all of the other Amish girls. Sure, she wants to get married and start a family just like everyone else, but Naomi also uses her God-given talent to run a successful business, one she doesn’t want to be forced to give up for a family. When tragedy strikes Naomi’s family, she meets a young … Read More

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The Law of Moses (Sam and Laura’s Story Book 1)

by Kwen D Griffeth  

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He Planned For A Simple Life, Until The War Began Samuel Cardiff had a plan. He had recently graduated from the Teachers College and now he was returning home. The first goal completed, his next step was to find a position and then he could get married. ˃˃˃ He Was a Christian Pacifist With Little Care For The Outside World … Read More

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Kate Benedict Cozy British Mysteries Vol 1-4 (The Kate Benedict Series)

by Carrie Bedford  

A BRITISH COZY TO DIE FOR  With just a hint of the paranormal… Kate Benedict at first seems a delightfully by-the-book cozy female lead: a successful architect at an elegant firm in rainy London with a penchant for sleuthing, even if it means landing her smack dab in the middle of the wrong place at the wrong time. But she … Read More

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The Vanished Child (Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mysteries Book 4)

by M J Lee  

"A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story." "Couldn’t put this book down." "The sort of reading you know is going to hurt, but at the same time the reading honours the experience." "A gripping read set in Australia and England that will stay in my thoughts for a long time." "It was educational and horrifying and happy and sad, all at the … Read More

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Blood Feud: The gripping, gritty gangster thriller that everybody’s talking about! (Kerry Casey)

by Anna Smith  

'MARTINA COLE FANS WILL LOVE THIS FAST-PACED THRILLER' SUNDAY MIRROR They came for her family. Now she's coming for them. This nail-biting thriller introduces Glasgow's newest gangland mistress, Kerry Casey. Kerry Casey thought she'd made a life away from the dirty dealings of her gangster family. Her father wanted to make them legit – her brother Mickey had other ideas, … Read More

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Follow Me Down

by Gordon MacKinney  

Literary Titan Gold Award "…a full-throttle, urbex thriller that deftly manages plot, setting, and complex characterization." — Rabbit Hole Reviews Urban explorer Lucas Tremaine should buckle down and complete his Masters in Architecture, but the past torments him. Six years earlier, Drax Enterprises’ negligence killed his father and left his mother strung out on Valium. Lucas longs to punish the … Read More

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The Seer Dimensions: Activating Your Prophetic Sight to See the Unseen

by Jennifer LeClaire  

The seer realm lies just beyond what your natural eyes can see. This dimension is full of activity, both angelic and demonic. The Seer Dimensions offers revelation and practical teaching that will help you understand and navigate the heights and depths of the spiritual world.  Many people who see in the spirit often don’t know what they are seeing, or … Read More

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The Good Sister : A Survivor’s Romance (Sister Series Book 2)

by Leanne Davis  

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A shameful secret.A violent past.And the thing that she is the most perfect at?Hiding it all.Lindsey Johanson knows how to keep quiet about anything and everything, including the monster her husband becomes behind closed doors. Circumstances allow her to make a temporary escape from him, and with the friendship of veterinarian Noah Clark, she learns that she doesn’t have to … Read More

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by Michelle Paver  

A Times Best Book of 2019. 'Paver is one of Britain's modern greats. This sinister, gothic chiller shows why' BIG ISSUE, Books of the Year 2019. "Something has been let loose…" In Edwardian Suffolk, a manor house stands alone in a lost corner of the Fens: a glinting wilderness of water whose whispering reeds guard ancient secrets. Maud is a … Read More

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E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles is Your Full-Time Gig

by Pam Grout  

E-Squared, the international hit sensation described by one reader as "The Secret on crack," provided the training wheels, the baby steps, to "really getting it" that thoughts create reality. In E-Cubed (don’t worry—there will never be E to the 27th Power), Pam Grout takes you higher and deeper into the quantum field, where you’ll prove that blessings and miracles are … Read More

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Wildlife – A Dark Thriller (Wildlife Series Book 1)

by Jeff Menapace  

A terrifying thriller from the bestselling author of Bad Games. Deep in the Florida Everglades, a horrific accident ignites a deadly feud between two families. Meanwhile, a young writer, his girlfriend and her family take a boat ride into the isolated wilds of the Everglades for research on a new book, only to become unwitting witnesses to a brutal crime. … Read More

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Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires

by Wayne W. Dyer  

An extraordinary 9-step program that will give you the keys to perfect balance in every aspect of your life. In this inspirational work, beloved best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer shows you how to restore balance in your life by offering nine principles for realigning your thoughts so that they correspond to your highest desires. Imagine a balance scale with … Read More

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Angel Prayers: Harnessing the Help of Heaven to Create Miracles

by Kyle Gray  

Learn how to ask for heavenly help and understand the signs and messages sent to you by the Angels, with the UK's most popular Angel expert! Do you ever feel frustrated because your prayers are going unanswered, and you feel like God and the Angels aren't listening? If you're feeling unsupported, Angel Prayers will turn this situation around for good. … Read More

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The Science of Self-Empowerment: Awakening the New Human Story

by Gregg Braden  

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New in paperback (originally published as Human by Design): At the cutting edge of science and spirituality, New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden explains that evolution is not the whole story of humanity–and offers a new understanding of our origins that can help us tap the extraordinary abilities we already have. What would it mean to discover we're designed … Read More

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Sugar Brain Fix: The 28-Day Plan to Quit Craving the Foods That Are Shrinking Your Brain and Expanding Your Waistline

by Mike Dow  

We now have proof that sugar shrinks the human brain.So, the question is now: How do you regrow yours–while simultaneously shrinking your waistline?The answer may be simpler than you think.New York Times bestselling author, brain health expert and host of Freaky Eaters and My 600-lb Life Reunion, Dr. Mike Dow, will help you understand how sugar mixed with bad fats shrink the brain. … Read More

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Song of Kali

by Dan Simmons  

The World Fantasy Award winner by the author of the Hyperion Cantos and Carrion Comfort: An American finds himself encircled by horrors in Calcutta.   Praised by Dean Koontz as “the best novel in the genre I can remember,” Song of Kali follows an American magazine editor who journeys to the brutally bleak, poverty-stricken Indian city in search of a … Read More

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