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A Mail-Order Heart (Miners to Millionaires Book 1)

by Janelle Daniels  

He ordered how many brides? Clara is left reeling when she arrives in Promise Creek and finds out the man she’s come to marry died—leaving not one fiancée but nine! With nowhere else to turn, she’s forced to accept a lucrative offer from the woman-starved town. If all the women stay, they’ll inherit Ivan’s house and mine—but only if they … Read More

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The Dark Ones

by Rachel Van Dyken  

To touch a Dark One is death. To talk to an immortal is suicide. Yet, I’ve been marked by both. A Vampire. And the King of the immortals. My life is no longer my own. And now I know the truth, my life was never mine to begin with. It was theirs. It’s always been theirs.

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The Farmer’s Slaughter (A Harley and Davidson Mystery Book 1)

by Liliana Hart  

The Texas Hill Country promises to be anything but ordinary when bestselling mystery writer, Agatha Harley, begins researching her next novel. What she doesn’t expect is for her research to lead her to her newly retired neighbor, Hank Davidson. She recognizes a cop when she sees one, and Hank doesn’t look like her idea of retired, despite the black socks, … Read More

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Samantha Moon: Including Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the Vampire for Hire Series

by J.R. Rain  

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Boxed set of four #1 bestselling "Vampire for Hire" mystery novels, starring Samantha Moon―mother, wife, private investigator… vampire! MOON DANCE (Vampire for Hire #1) Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever … Read More

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Rath’s Deception (The Janus Group Book 1)

by Piers Platt  

On the cut-throat streets of Tarkis, orphaned teens like Rath end up jailed … or dead. So when the shadowy Janus Group offers Rath a chance to earn riches beyond his wildest dreams, he seizes it. But the Janus Group is as ruthless as the elite assassins it controls. Rath will have to survive their grueling, off-world training, and fulfill all fifty kills in his contract before a single cent comes … Read More

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God Save the Spy: A Cold War Spy Novel (Spy and Espionage Book 1)

by John Ellsworth  

BRITISH SECRET SERVICE INCOMING TELEGRAM: RUSSIAN SPY…WANTS TO DEFECT…CAN ONLY BRING WIFE…CAN WE RESCUE DAUGHTER AGE ONE? Russian KGB officer Nikolai Semenov agrees to spy for the British, as he is enraged at what Russia has done to his family. He begins passing KGB secrets to the Brits. It is 1962, and Nikolai smuggles Russian war plans for Cuba. President … Read More

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Resisting the Boss (Mid Life Love Series Book 1)

by Whitney G.  

A USA Today bestseller.- Claire Gracen’s life is picture perfect. Her career as a marketing director is on the brink of being legendary, and her marriage to her high school sweetheart has never been stronger. No, wait. It has. It used to be amazing and fulfilling, but one day Claire realizes that she’s been living a lie and her best … Read More

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Bo the Bat

by Alma Hammond  

Sometimes your first impression needs a closer look. See how Bo wins kids over to all the good things about bats in this fun, rhyming story that is also educational. Reading level 1 to 2Celebrates differences in others and respect for natureLearn the true story about the misunderstood batFun Facts about real bats; includes disclaimer that you should not touch … Read More

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Off Kilter

by Glen Robins  

Collin Cook is a man on the run. Dealing with a crisis in confidence due to recent struggles in his career and a strained marriage, Collin tragically witnesses over the phone the fatal accident that claimed his wife and children. This shock pushed him over the edge, and the large insurance settlement he received made the unstable Collin a target … Read More

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Blood Warrior: Academy of Vampires (The Alexa Montgomery Series Book 1)

by H. D. Gordon  

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My mother trained me to kill, I just never knew why. Until now… Turns out, vampires, werewolves, and every creature of myth is real. The question is, why are they after us? All I know is—I have to protect my little sister. At all costs. But the hidden academy we find ourselves in is not what it seems, and we … Read More

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Steeped in Suspicion (A Pebble Cove Teahouse Mystery Book 1)

by Eryn Scott  

"A ghost mystery for readers who don’t usually enjoy the paranormal."  Pebble Cove is not the sleepy coastal town Rosemary remembers from her childhood. Ghosts are everywhere, and only she can see them. When Rosemary Woodmere inherits her estranged grandmother’s Victorian teahouse, she doesn’t expect to also inherit a ghost named Asher from the 1920s. Things get weirder for Rosemary. … Read More

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The Lost Plot: The Invisible Library 04 (The Invisible Library series Book 4)

by Genevieve Cogman  

The fourth title in Genevieve Cogman's witty and wonderful The Invisible Library series, The Lost Plot is an action-packed literary adventure. A covert mission.A royal demand.And a race against time. In a 1920s-esque America, Prohibition is in force, fedoras, flapper dresses and tommy guns are in fashion, and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in … Read More

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One Night at Finn’s (Finn’s Pub Romance Book 1)

by R.G. Alexander  

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**A standalone romance from the Finn Factor World of New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author R.G. Alexander.**Ever been on a bad date? Hold my beer… My dry spell isn’t voluntary. It just happened. Or didn’t happen. And then… it didn’t happen some more. I’m not saying I’m looking for perfection, but is hot, sweaty sex with a genuinely … Read More

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Tin Men: Dark family secrets are best left with the dead. (Chrissy Livingstone Book 1)

by Linda Coles  

Mysterious photos. Missing diaries. Family secrets with fatal consequences. Chrissy Livingstone grieves over her father’s sudden death. While she cleans out his old things, she discovers something she can’t explain: seven school-style photos of boys with the year 1987 stamped on the back. Unable to turn off her intrigue, she sets out to find them only to discover that three … Read More

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The Winter Soldier

by Daniel Mason  

Shortlisted for the 2020 Joyce Carol Oates Prize 'Part mystery, part war story, part romance, The Winter Soldier is a dream of a novel' – Anthony Doerr, author of All The Light We Cannot See. From the bestselling author of The Piano Tuner, comes Daniel Mason's The Winter Soldier, a story of love and medicine through the devastation of the … Read More

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Amish Under Fire (Amish Romantic Suspense, standalone novel) (Covert Police Detectives Unit Series Book 2)

by Ashley Emma  

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After Maria Mast’s abusive ex-boyfriend is arrested for sex trafficking, she thinks she can safely return to her Amish community. But the danger has only just begun. (The books in this series can be read in any order.) Someone begins stalking her and her young son Carter, and they want blood and revenge. When Maria returns home to Unity, Maine, … Read More

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Dead Man’s Blues (City Blues Quartet)

by Ray Celestin  

*Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel of 2017* Dead Man's Blues is the gripping historical crime novel from Ray Celestin, following on from the events of his debut The Axeman's Jazz, winner of the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger for Best First Novel 2014. Chicago, 1928. In the stifling summer heat three disturbing events take … Read More

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Bryant & May – Oranges and Lemons

by Christopher Fowler  

'The most consistently brilliant, entertaining and educational voice in contemporary British crime fiction, the utterly fabulous Christopher Fowler.' Cathi Unsworth, CRIMESQUAD One Sunday morning, the outspoken Speaker of the House of Commons steps out of his front door only to be crushed under a mountain of citrus fruit. Bizarre accident or something more sinister? The government needs to know because … Read More

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Unf*ck Your Habitat: You’re Better Than Your Mess

by Rachel Hoffman  

Finally, a housekeeping and organizational system developed for those who'd describe their current living situation as a 'f*cking mess' that you 'really need to get around to fixing one day'. Rachel Hoffman began Unf*ck Your Habitat as a Tumblr blog using daily, weekly, and mini challenges to motivate the lazy to get up and start cleaning. Now with nearly 30,000 … Read More

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Saviour of Rome: (Gaius Valerius Verrens 7): An action-packed historical page-turner you won’t be able to put down

by Douglas Jackson  

A gripping and breath-taking novel of Roman adventure from bestselling author Douglas Jackson. Perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane. Readers are loving Gaius Valerius Verrens! "Spellbinding" – 5 STARS"I didn't want to come to the end, some really fascinating detail and a great story." – 5 STARS"Unexpected twists and an ending full of surprise rates it among … Read More

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A Cat in the Attic Mystery: The Magic of Halloween Night (Book 5 in 5 book series)

by Kathi Daley  

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How is one to start again after losing the one thing that speaks to your heart and fuels your passion? After a serious accident leaves Calliope Rose Collins unable to continue with the career that has owned her soul for most of her life, she returns to Foxtail Lake, Hollister House, and Great Aunt Gracie. After solving the murder of … Read More

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Dark Moon, A Legal Thriller (The Warrick Thompson Files Book 1)

by Deborah Hawkins  

The allegation is homicide. But defending it could be professional suicide. Criminal defense attorney Sarah Knight is legendary for winning impossible battles. But representing vicious killers comes at a price, and if anyone discovers her dark secrets, she’ll be the one on trial. And with a high profile double-murder case throwing her in the spotlight, victory could cost her career. … Read More

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An English Murder

by Cyril Hare  

The snow is thick, the phone line is down, and no one is getting in or out of Warbeck Hall. With friends and family gathered round the fire, all should be set for a perfect Christmas, but as the bells chime midnight, a mysterious murder takes place. Who can be responsible? The scorned young lover? The lord's passed-over cousin? The … Read More

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Christian Counseling 3rd Edition: Revised and Updated

by Gary R. Collins  

The classic counseling handbook for churches, classrooms, and the helping professions. This revised and expanded third edition of Gary R. Collins’s comprehensive counseling guide offers solid biblical teaching on how to counsel and wise guidance on a broad range of situations counselors are likely to encounter. Christian Counseling provides updated, extensive coverage of the most common issues troubling those who seek … Read More

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The Offing: A BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick

by Benjamin Myers  

'What a radical thing, these days, to have written a book so full of warmth and kindness … Gorgeous'Max Porter, author of Lanny A Times Book of the YearAn i Book of the YearA Reading Agency Book of the YearA BBC Radio 2 Book Club PickA BBC Radio 4 'Book at Bedtime'An Observer Pick for 2019 One summer following the … Read More

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The Island House: A Novel

by Nancy Thayer  

New York Times bestselling author Nancy Thayer evokes the shimmering seascape of Nantucket in a delightful novel that resonates with the heartache and hope of growing up, growing wise, and the bittersweet choices we must be brave enough to make.   Courtney Hendricks will never forget the magical summers she spent on Nantucket with her college roommate, Robin Vickerey, and … Read More

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Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

by Eric Topol  

A Science Friday pick for book of the year, 2019One of America's top doctors reveals how AI will empower physicians and revolutionize patient care Medicine has become inhuman, to disastrous effect. The doctor-patient relationship–the heart of medicine–is broken: doctors are too distracted and overwhelmed to truly connect with their patients, and medical errors and misdiagnoses abound. In Deep Medicine, leading … Read More

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