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As a Man Thinketh: 21st Century Edition (The Wisdom of James Allen)

by Sam Torode  

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As a Man Thinketh for Today’s ReadersJames Allen’s classic rephrased in contemporary language Widely considered the greatest self-help book of all-time, As a Man Thinketh reveals how our thoughts determine our character, circumstances, health, appearance, and achievements. The choice is yours: either master your mind to create the life you want, or remain mired in frustration and failure. While James … Read More

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A Stranger’s Touch (Psychic Heat Book 1)

by Roxy Boroughs  

“A gripping story from a fresh voice in romantic suspense.” Nora Wilson – Best-selling Amazon Author. Single mom, MAGGIE HOLMES, is a by-the-book Calgary cop, until her seven-year-old asthmatic son, Davie, is kidnapped. Frantically grasping at any hope, she turns to STAFFORD WEBB, a former FBI psychic who retrieves information through his sense of touch. Stafford is reluctant. Unbeknownst to … Read More

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Black Cherry Betrayal: A Cozy Murder Mystery (Claire’s Candles Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Agatha Frost  

Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!Book 2 in the BESTSELLING Claire’s Candles Cozy Mystery Series!Claire Harris is excited to get the keys to her candle shop finally. A foul smell coming from the attic, however, turns her excitement into a living nightmare. There, she finds the body of Jane Brindle, the owner of the tearoom, which had stood in the … Read More

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The Scale: A Small Town Romance (Martha’s Way Book 1)

by Mika Jolie  

Minka Greene is trying to get her life together. She’s struggling with her weight, her nonexistent love life, and a million other imperfections. Worse, her twin sister is marrying the man she’s been secretly pining over. And she’s the maid of honor. What else could life possibly throw her way? Enter Jason Montgomery, the best man. Mesmerizing blue eyes. Sculpted, … Read More

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A Crafty Crime (A Stoneybrook Mystery Book 1)

by Eryn Scott  

Even close-knit towns have secrets … Hadley James is finally living the life she’s always wanted: making jam and selling it at the local farmers market. When the local knitting store owner asks her to cat-sit, Hadley doesn’t give it a second thought. What could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Suddenly, her simple cat-sitting job has turned into a murder … Read More

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Over My Dead Husband’s Body (A Ghosts of Landover Mystery Book 1)

by Etta Faire  

When your free house includes a dead roommate… Carly was thrilled when her ex-husband left her his house after he died. (It was even better that the man was dead, honestly.) But the inheritance meant moving back to the small lakefront town of Landover, a place she said she’d never return to.  There was something strange lurking underneath that seemingly … Read More

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Fortune’s Flower (Passport to Romance Book 1)

by Anthea Lawson  

From USA Today, RITA-nominated author Anthea Lawson comes this full-length Victorian romantic adventure full of wit, adventure, and plenty of passion! Miss Lily Strathmore has made a desperate bargain. One last adventure abroad with her botanist uncle and his family, and then she will do as her parents bid and wed the proper (and boring) viscount her mother has selected … Read More

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Lakeland Lily: An emotional tale of love and loss (Lakeland Sagas Book 1)

by Freda Lightfoot  

When tragedy strikes, she must find a new path… Lily Thorpe is spirited, ambitious and desperate to escape the poverty of her Lake District home, and marry her secret sweetheart Dick Rawlins. But tragedy strikes and Dick is killed in a boating accident caused by the wealthy and arrogant Clermont-Read family. Lily is forced to reassess her future, and she … Read More

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How To Get A Man Without Getting Played: 29 Dating Secrets to Catch Mr. Right, Set Your Standards, and Eliminate Time Wasters

by Bruce Bryans  

How to Attract Men Worth Dating and Get the Guy You Really WantWhen it comes to finding a suitable mate for a passion filled, committed relationship, one of the things men want most in a woman is self-possession, or said another way, womanly poise. When high-quality men come across a woman with poise they crave her respect, her approval, and … Read More

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The Meditations: An Emperor’s Guide to Mastery (Stoic Philosophy Book 2)

by Marcus Aurelius  

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How to think clearly, act purposefully, overcome obstacles, and find peace & happiness along the way. Marcus Aurelius (121-180 CE) was one of the few true philosopher-kings in history. His father died when Marcus was three. At age fifteen, he was adopted by his aunt’s husband, the future Emperor Antoninus Pius, putting him in the line of succession. At forty, … Read More

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Orconomics: A Satire (The Dark Profit Saga Book 1)

by J. Zachary Pike  

A disgraced Dwarven hero. A band of deadbeat adventurers. His last shot at redemption could get him killed. If Gorm Ingerson really wanted to drink himself to death, he never should have helped the Goblin. When his good deed lands him in a bad contract, Gorm finds himself entangled in a quest that will pit him against business magnates, the … Read More

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Jessamine: (The Jessamine Series – Book One)

by Shani Struthers  

***** ‘An absolute gem of a read, perfect for curling up with beside the fire.’***** ‘A compelling tale of secrets and learning to let go.’***** ‘Prepare to put your life on hold once you start this book – unputdownable!’***** ‘Very Wuthering Heights, brooding, haunting and magnificent.’***** ‘It is a poignant, haunting novel with a wonderful location.’***** ‘A fabulous atmospheric story with quite a … Read More

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by Paul Bannister  

‘Full of action, intrigue and historical insight.’ Richard Foreman 1216 AD. King John has died and his young son, Henry, a boy of only nine years has been left to rule. Frederick Banastre and his own son, Alaric, know that the kingdom is too fragile to withstand any further civil war. But they are distrustful of the devious William Longsword … Read More

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The Success System that Never Fails

by William Clement Stone  

Often the rules for success are so simple and so obvious they aren’t even seen. But when you search for them, you, too, can find them. And during the search something wonderful happens—you acquire knowledge, you gain experience and you become inspired. And then you begin to realize the necessary ingredients for success.All of these things and more can be … Read More

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Shattered World (Broken World Book 2)

by Kate L. Mary  

Shattered World, the exciting sequel to Broken World, follows a group of survivors as they struggle to find safety in a world shattered by a devastating virus, and taken over by the walking dead… Stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert, surrounded by zombies, Vivian and Axl are sure they’re facing the end. The dead are closing in and … Read More

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The Silver Baron’s Wife

by Donna Baier Stein  

The Silver Baron’s Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado’s Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). This fascinating heroine worked in the silver mines and had two scandalous marriages, one to a philandering opium addict and one to a Senator and silver baron worth $24 million in the late 19th century. A divorcée shunned by Denver society, Lizzie raised two daughters in … Read More

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Imago (Imago, Book One)

by N.R. Walker  

Nerdy, introverted genius lepidopterist, Lawson Gale, is an expert on butterflies. He finds himself in a small town in Tasmania on a quest from an old professor to find an elusive species that may or may not even exist.Local Parks and Wildlife officer, Jack Brighton, is an ordinary guy who loves his life in the sleepy town of Scottsdale. Along … Read More

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Civilization and Its Discontents

by Sigmund Freud  

Civilization and Its Discontents is considered Freud’s most brilliant work. We all know that living in civilized groups means sacrificing a degree of personal interest, but couldn’t you argue that it in fact creates the conditions for our happiness? It seeks to answer several questions fundamental to human society and its organization: What influences led to the creation of civilization? … Read More

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The Sensitives: A Demonic Paranormal Horror

by Rick Wood  

Oscar works a dead-end job, in a dead-end town, in a dead-end life. Little does he know, he could be the only person able to save a young girl from the demon wreaking havoc inside her… Oscar is a loser with no ambition and no friends – until he meets April. Like Oscar, she is a Sensitive – someone who … Read More

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Broken (The Guitar Face Series Book 1)

by Sasha Marshall  

2016 SIBA HUMOR AND NEW ADULT WINNER! “Guitar Face rocks!" She Hearts Books Blog I was born to make music and bring the masses to their knees . . . until, I wasn’t anymore. Until the thought of doing all of this without him made me sick to my stomach. Henley Hendrix survives a crash that kills her closest band … Read More

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The Way of All Flesh

by Ambrose Parry  

LONGLISTED FOR THEAKSTON OLD PECULIER CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEAR Edinburgh, 1847. Will Raven is a medical student, apprenticing for the brilliant and renowned Dr Simpson. Sarah Fisher is Simpson’s housemaid, and has all of Raven’s intelligence but none of his privileges. As bodies begin to appear across the Old Town, Raven and Sarah find themselves propelled headlong into the … Read More

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Mama Day: A Novel

by Gloria Naylor  

A “wonderful novel” steeped in the folklore of the South from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Women of Brewster Place (The Washington Post Book World). On an island off the coast of Georgia, there’s a place where superstition is more potent than any trappings of the modern world. In Willow Springs, the formidable Mama Day uses her powers … Read More

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Reaper’s Fall (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 5)

by Joanna Wylde  

The New York Times bestselling author of Reaper’s Stand is back in her “uber-alpha rough world of MCs”* as one woman’s future is rocked by the man whose hardcore past could destroy her… He never meant to hurt her. Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers … Read More

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