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The Whispers: The new impossible-to-put-down thriller from the bestselling author

by Heidi Perks  

***THE GRIPPING NEW THRILLER FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF NOW YOU SEE HER***'Reads like Liane Moriarty at her Big Little Lies best' TONY PARSONS'I was knocked for six by the twist in this book' ROSAMUND LUPTON _________________________ A MISSING WIFE. FOUR FRIENDS. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?Anna Robinson hasn't been seen since she went on a night out with her … Read More

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The Tell All (Locust Point Mystery Book 1)

by Libby Howard  

The town party planner has a secret, and it’ll be the death of her. Good thing amateur sleuth, Kay Carrera is on the case!Life at sixty isn’t quite what Kay Carrera expected. She’s working as a skip-tracer for a PI who is desperate to land his own reality TV show. She has a new roommate who arrived with more than … Read More

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Shelter (Shelter Trilogy Book 1)

by Robin Merrill  

She begged God to rescue her.  He said, “Go.”  So she headed out into the blizzard. In a car that wasn’t exactly hers, with a dog who wasn’t exactly a rat terrier, she drove. Until she ran out of gas in the small Maine town of Mattawooptock. Mattawoopwhat? What on earth is God thinking?  But it is there, in a … Read More

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Fallen Ink: Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs

by Carrie Ann Ryan  

Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs Book 1The Montgomery Ink series continues with a spin-off in Colorado Springs, where a familiar Montgomery finds her place in a new tattoo shop, and in the arms of her best friend.Adrienne Montgomery is finally living her dreams. She’s opened a tattoo shop with her brother, Shep, and two of her cousins from Denver and she’s … Read More

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Silent Order: Iron Hand

by Jonathan Moeller  

The galaxy is at war, but wars are won and lost in the shadows.To the galaxy at large, Jack March is a privateer of the interstellar Kingdom of Calaskar and a former Iron Hand commando of the malevolent Final Consciousness. In truth, he is an alpha operative of the Silent Order, the most efficient and feared intelligence organization in human … Read More

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Blood Lies (“Lies” Mystery Thriller Series Book 5)

by Andrew Cunningham  

Gunned down on a busy Boston street, bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer is left clinging to life. Media speculation suggests a deranged fan as the shooter. But was Sabrina really the intended target?For Del Honeycutt, a chilling link emerges between Sabrina’s shooting and that of his father’s murder three years earlier. Discovering that his father was leading a secret life, … Read More

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Vendetta: A Vigilante Justice Crime Thriller (Gia Santella Crime Thriller Series Book 1)

by Kristi Belcamino  

They killed everyone she loved, and now they are coming for her…"A new feisty, smart heroine and an exciting beginning of a new series!"Giada Valentina Santella’s life has fallen apart.Her efforts to drown the grief of losing her parents with self-destructive behavior come to a screeching halt when an unexpected letter reveals that her loved ones were murdered.Now Gia changes … Read More

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Samson’s Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires Book 1)

by Tina Folsom  

Can be read as a standalone. No cliffhanger ending.Vampire bachelor Samson can’t get it up anymore. Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there’s nothing wrong with his hydraulics – that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.His … Read More

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Butterfly Kisses: A Thrilling Serial Killer Novel (Detective Damien Drake Book 1)

by Patrick Logan  

His hands are bound behind him, a crude butterfly drawn in blood on his bare back. He isn’t the first. When a drug addict finds the body of a man in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in New York City, Detective Damien Drake is called in to lead the murder investigation.The victim was a philanthropist, father, doting husband, and … Read More

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101 Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing: For Children Aged 3-7

by Martin Williams  

During this global pandemic there are many unknowns for teachers. However, one thing is clear – social distancing, at least in some form, is here to stay for the foreseeable future.Attempting social distancing with young children raises many questions: how is it possible? How can we incorporate it into games and activities? How do we help and support children with … Read More

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Secret Evenings in Pretty Beach : A cosy, feel-good, uplifting romantic read to escape with in 2021 – love, life, & secrets by the sea. (Secrets in Pretty Beach Book 1)

by Polly Babbington  

Even more books of the author on sale today!

Get ready to get lost in the gorgeous world of Pretty Beach all over again.  Settle down with a cup of tea ready for the next instalment from the sparkly little town by the sea as we meet Strawberry Hill resident Lottie Cloudberry. The sun is shining, Lottie’s beautiful garden is beginning to come to life and she stumbles upon an idea … Read More

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The Love Game (The Game – Book One)

by Emma Hart  

The first title in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling The Game series His challenge? Make her fall in love with him. Her challenge? Play the player. Until life changes the rules of the game.Maddie Stevens hated Braden Carter on sight. Arrogant, egotistical, and the playboy of the University of California, Berkeley, he's everything her brother Pearce has … Read More

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Some Kind of Fairy Tale: A Tale of Enchantment

by Graham Joyce  

Twenty years ago , sixteen year old Tara Martin took a walk into the mysterious Outwoods in the Charnwood Forest and never came back. Extensive searches and police investigations find no trace and her family is forced to accept the unthinkable. Then on Christmas day Tara arrives at her parents’ door, dishevelled, unapologetic and not looking a day older than … Read More

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Deep Dark Secrets: a must-read psychological thriller

by Keri Beevis  

The darkest minds hide the deepest secrets… Lizzie Kent wasn’t supposed to babysit the night she was murdered. She was covering for her best friend, Nell. Nell has lived with the guilt ever since.  Eighteen years later Nell returns to the area, desperate to escape a bad relationship after inheriting her aunt’s rundown guesthouse. But her return isn’t welcomed by … Read More

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Once a Girl, Always a Boy: A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey

by Jo Ivester  

Jeremy Ivester is a transgender man. Thirty years ago, his parents welcomed him into the world as what they thought was their daughter. As a child, he preferred the toys and games our society views as masculine. He kept his hair short and wore boys’ clothing. They called him a tomboy. That’s what he called himself. By high school, when … Read More

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Dragonsinger: (Dragonriders of Pern: 4): the mesmerizing novel from one of the most influential fantasy and SF writers of her generation (Pern: Harper Hall series Book 2)

by Anne McCaffrey  

Dragonriders of Pern is an epic of the fantasy genre for a reason. Discover why this series is so beloved and lose yourself in Pern: a world of dragons and other worldly forces; a world of mighty powers and omnious threats, from New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author Anne McCaffrey. If you like David Eddings, Brandon Sanderson and … Read More

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The Girl in the Window: A Novel of Psychological Suspense

by Renee Pawlish  

Try Deadly Connections, the first book in the Sarah Spillman mystery series, at no cost to you. Copy and paste to your browser for details.She thought her neighbors had the perfect life. But when murder rocks the suburbs, she becomes the perfect suspect… Amber is barely holding it together. In the midst of a messy divorce, sometimes the only … Read More

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The Sisters: A gripping psychological thriller perfect for fans of The Perfect Couple

by Claire Douglas  

’Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train’ Marie Claire From the author of Sunday Times bestseller, Local Girl Missing One lied. One died. When one sister dies, the other must go to desperate lengths to survive After a tragic accident, still haunted by her twin sister’s death, Abi is making a fresh start in Bath. But when she … Read More

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The White Tower (The Aldoran Chronicles: Book 1): An Epic Fantasy Adventure

by Michael Wisehart  

On Sale — Limited Time OfferWinner – National IE Award for Fantasy. Winner – Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy. Winner – Beverly Hill Award for Epic Fantasy. RunnerUp – Kindle Book Awards for Fantasy.They are feared, hated, hunted down, and destroyed…… and yet they are mankind’s last hope.For a thousand years magic has been banished throughout the Five Kingdoms, and … Read More

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From Doon With Death: (A Wexford Case) The brilliantly chilling and captivating first Inspector Wexford novel from the award-winning Queen of Crime (Inspector Wexford series Book 1)

by Ruth Rendell  

Readers of PD James, Ann Cleeves and Donna Leon will love this gripping crime thriller full of twists and turns from multi-million copy and SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author Ruth Rendell. This edition has an introduction from Ian Rankin and an afterword by the author.'If crime fiction is currently in rude good health, its practitioners striving to better the craft and … Read More

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Kismet: Small Town Police Romance (Birch County Blue Book 1)

by April Canavan  

What doesn’t kill you… In the wake of an attack leaving her beaten and devastated, Maya Daniels becomes someone new. No longer meek and gentle, she’s forced to live her life in a world that has repeatedly tried to tear her down. Faced with her new reality, Maya learns to fight for the life she wants, with the man who … Read More

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Sea of Spies (The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 2)

by Alex Gerlis  

A nest of espionage. A break for the border. A race to survive. The Allies are desperate to stop neutral Turkey supplying vital materials to the Nazis – materials which could help them win the war. But then a British agent makes a fatal mistake, and disappears in Istanbul. In England, detective turned spy Richard Prince – back from a … Read More

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Waiting for Tom Hanks

by Kerry Winfrey  

A rom-com-obsessed romantic waiting for her perfect leading man learns that life doesn’t always go according to a script in this delightfully charming and funny novel.Annie Cassidy dreams of being the next Nora Ephron. She spends her days writing screenplays, rewatching Sleepless in Seattle, and waiting for her movie-perfect meet-cute. If she could just find her own Tom Hanks—a man … Read More

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The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco

by Artie Bucco  

Nuovo Vesuvio. The "family" restaurant, redefined. Home to the finest in Napolitan' cuisine and Essex County's best kept secret. Now Artie Bucco, la cucina's master chef and your personal host, invites you to a special feast…with a little help from his friends. From arancini to zabaglione, from baccala to Quail Sinatra-style, Artie Bucco and his guests, the Sopranos and their … Read More

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In A Holidaze: Love Actually meets Groundhog Day in this heartwarming holiday romance. . .

by Christina Lauren  

'Pure, irresistible magic from start to finish' Emily Henry, New York Times bestselling author of Beach ReadLove Actually meets Groundhog Day in this magical holiday romance from the New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners.It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . but not for Maelyn Jones. She's living with her parents, hates her going-nowhere job … Read More

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