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If Then: How One Data Company Invented the Future

by Jill Lepore  

Radio 4's Book of the WeekA Financial Times Book of the YearShortlisted for the 2020 Financial Times / McKinsey Business Book of the YearLonglisted for the National Book Award 'The story of the original data science hucksters of the 1960s is hilarious, scathing and sobering – what you might get if you crossed Mad Men with Theranos' David RuncimanThe Simulmatics … Read More

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Slow Cooker Comfort Foods

by Bonnie Scott  

Do you have a busy, hectic lifestyle? Are you looking for fast ways to provide healthy and tasty meals for your family? If you own a slow cooker or crock pot and have never really used it to its full potential, then you are missing out. Ideal for busy people, a slow cooker does all the work in one pot, while … Read More

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Cursed Wolf: Urban Fantasy Shifter Stand-Alone (Creatures of the Otherworld)

by Brogan Thomas  

For a shifter… …being stuck in wolf form is torture. The moment I shifted; my life changed. After witnessing a traumatic event at a young age, nine-year-old Forrest shifted into her wolf form – and was unable to shift back. Years later and suffering at the hands of her malicious step-brothers, she stubbornly clings to the hope that she’ll turn … Read More

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How to get onto the property ladder: A first-time buyer’s guide to financing and finding your first home

by Ned Browne  

This updated 2021 edition includes the latest government help-to-buy schemes and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – including its effect on interest rates, property prices and buyer preferences. So much has changed. But one thing that hasn’t changed is this: Things have never been tougher for first-time buyers. The number of people aged 25-34 who own their own home … Read More

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BLACK (Clashing Colors Book 1)

by Elin Peer  

What if you were born into a wealthy family who didn’t know about you? I’ve seen the mansion my father owns – from the outside. He lives there with his perfect wife and perfect kids. I’m his dirty little secret that he’s been hiding from the world. The quickie behind the high school bleachers 22 years ago, wasn’t supposed to … Read More

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Flown By The Billionaire (A Steamy Romance)

by Carla Davis  

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Melissa is a successful career woman who escaped the small town she grew up in. That is, until she is laid off and forced to move back in with her overbearing parents. Desperate to escape, Melissa takes a job as a flight attendant on a billionaire’s private jet. She vows not to mix business with pleasure; but plans are made … Read More

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Broken: The Gallagher Family

by Annie Jocoby  

A traumatized virgin. An incorrigible billionaire womanizer. Can they make it work?Nick O’Hara is, for lack of a better word, a man-wh***. Look in the Urban Dictionary under that word, and his name will no doubt be mentioned. The only qualifications that he looks for in a bed-mate is that the person is hot and breathing. Mainly hot. He has … Read More

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The Great Game (The Counterpoint Trilogy Book 2)

by D.R. Bell  

It’s 2022 and the US teeters on the edge of secession between "blue" and "red" states. After years of patient preparation, a block of countries led by China and Russia stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Fortunes are made and lost in a matter of hours. But some have more far-ranging … Read More

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Voyage In His Arms (A Spicy Romance)

by Ann Walker  

Jaime is engaged and is busy planning the best day of her life. Things are going according to planned until one day she gets the shock of her life. Jamie decides to confront her worst nightmare head on and live in the moment. A few weeks later Jamie finds herself aboard a luxury cruise ship deep on the Pacific Ocean. … Read More

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Longshot: An Alien Invasion Sci-Fi Novel

by Avery Blake  

A brand new novel written in the BLOCKBUSTER, BESTSELLING, and READER-LOVED Alien Invasionuniverse. While Las Vegas burns, John Abbot is on fire. What’s a Gambler to do when the kind of winning streak he’s only ever dreamed about hits just as aliens invade and it looks like the world is coming to an end? Even while Las Vegas catches fire all … Read More

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Bringing Ragnarok: Book One

by Andrew Tanner  

"Imaginative world that mixes mythologies, science, philosophy, and history into a big adventure… It’s like an action movie, but smarter." – Amazon review In Germany in 1944, an audacious plot to assassinate Hitler and take control of the Nazi party is underway. In 2041 post-America, there’s a war brewing over a cache of nuclear weapons held beneath the former state … Read More

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The Gym-Less Workout: Calisthenics: Bodyweight training creating ridiculous physiques without the gym

by Milo Kemp  

Do you want to get an athletic body without going to the gym even if no other workout routine has worked for you before? Well with only 18% of gym users going consistently, chances are you do. Have your results at the gym plateaued? Have you failed at other gym workouts? Or are you even intimidated by the gym? Because … Read More

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Savannah’s Secrets (Mills & Boon Desire) (The Bourbon Brothers, Book 1)

by Reese Ryan  

Falling for the boss, or taking him down? Savannah Carlisle had the perfect plan. By infiltrating the Abbott family’s Tennessee bourbon empire as their events manager, she’d be one step closer to claiming half of the business they stole from her grandfather. Now she’s not so sure. Because sexy Blake Abbott, heir to it all, is simply intoxicating. He’s supposed … Read More

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The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football

by David Goldblatt  

THE DEFINITIVE, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED BOOK ABOUT FOOTBALL 'Football conquered the world with its capacity to astonish, and this is its definitive history' The IndependentThere may be no cultural practice more global than soccer. Rites of birth and marriage are infinitely diverse, but the rules of soccer are universal. No world religion can match its geographical scope. The single greatest simultaneous … Read More

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A Time To Lie (Detective John Drake Book 1)

by D.W. Hardin  

In a life or death situation, a police officer has milliseconds to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life. The flash of a gun forces Officer John Drake to make such a decision. Not only is the suspect killed, but a fellow officer is mortally wounded. Before the internal investigation can ramp up into high gear, … Read More

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Her Name is Murder (Lady Dreamscapes Book 1)

by A.C. Merkel  

“We can’t waltz forever, Grant.”“We can damn well try.” Magical musician Murder LaVoe is tired of running. She’s been running for almost 500 years. When you don’t age, people take it personally. She has returned 40 years later to her favorite borough in New York City. Her hope: to finally settle down and hide her secret by taking the identities … Read More

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Prisoner 4374

by A.J. Griffiths-Jones  

For more than a century, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream was a potential Jack The Ripper suspect. He was a sinister character, preying on the unfortunate souls who were forced to make a living as streetwalkers in Victorian London, and ultimately led those poor women to an untimely and torturous death. These crimes eventually branded him the ‘Lambeth Poisoner’. However, during … Read More

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A Home In Sunset Bay

by Rebecca Pugh  

’From the rich descriptions to the believable characters and the engaging plot, I was hooked from page one.’ – Laura (Goodreads) There’s no place like home… Enough is enough! The always perfect Laurie Chapman had jumped in her car and raced as fast as she could from London heading to Sunset Bay and (she hopes!) the open arms of her … Read More

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The Wheelwright’s Daughter: A historical tale of witchcraft, love and superstition for 2021

by Eleanor Porter  

Can she save herself from a witch's fate? Martha is a feisty and articulate young woman, the daughter of a wheelwright, living in a Herefordshire village in Elizabethan England. With no mother Martha's life is spent running her father's meagre household and helping out at the local school whilst longing to escape the confines and small-mindedness of a community driven … Read More

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by Ian Douglas  

The Marines have landed on Mars to guard the unearthed secrets of an ancient and dangerous alien race: Ourselves. The Year is 2040. Scientists have discovered something astonishing in the subterranean ruins of a sprawling Martian city: startling evidence of an alternative history that threatens to split humanity into opposing factions and plunge the Earth into chaos and war. The … Read More

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The Spaniard’s Marriage Bargain (Mills & Boon Modern)

by Abby Green  

Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations. Back in her husband’s bed… Rowan had discovered two things that would change her life for ever. The first filled her with joy – she was pregnant! The second was something that she felt compelled to keep to herself – even from … Read More

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The Disappeared: A gripping crime mystery full of twists and turns!

by Ali Harper  

YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME… A twisty, compelling, characterful crime thriller from a major new talent. NOT TO BE MISSED! A distraught mother… When Susan Wilkins walks into No Stone Unturned, Leeds’s newest private detective agency, owners Lee and Jo are thrilled. Their first client is the kind of person they always hoped to help—a kind woman desperately worried about her … Read More

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Code of Rainbow: Ancient Barons and the Returned Assassin (Book 2)

by Weiqi Wang  

Revised edition: This edition includes editorial revisions. ====== This is the second book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of SCIENCE. The magic in this world is different from the "traditional" concept, because it’s backed up by realistic, physical scientific theories. As the story goes on, you’ll enjoy the unique charm … Read More

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Somebody to Love

by Kristan Higgins  

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Kristan Higgins is back with a hilarious and heartwarming new story about a rich girl who discovers that a little hard work may be just the thing she needs…. After her father loses the family fortune in an insider trading scheme, single mom Parker Welles is faced with some hard decisions. First … Read More

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My Secret Diary

by Jacqueline Wilson  

A wonderfully written and engaging teenage memoir: read all about Jacqueline's problems with her family, her first love, her school life and her friends. Read extracts from her real diaries and the stories she wrote as a teenager; learn all about the music and books she loved, her troubled school life and her parents' difficult relationship. Written in Jacqueline's usual … Read More

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Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit and Other Stories

by P.G. Wodehouse  

‘Does one desire the Yule-tide spirit, sir?’ ‘Certainly one does. I am all for it.’Aunts, engagements, misunderstandings and hangover cures; this delightful collection from ‘the greatest chronicler of a certain kind of Englishness’ (Julian Fellowes) brings together a baker’s dozen of P. G. Wodehouse’s finest short stories.‘A comic master’ David Walliams‘A cavalcade of perfect joy’ Caitlin Moran

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On The Slow Train: Twelve Great British Railway Journeys (Slow Train 1)

by Michael Williams  

Never was the sadness of the end of an affair so poignantly expressed than in Flanders and Swann’s elegy The Slow Train: This beautifully-packaged book will take the reader on the slow train to another era when travel meant more than hurrying from one place to the next, the journey meaning nothing but time lost in crowded carriages, condemned by … Read More

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A Fool’s Hope: Book Two (The Last War 2)

by Mike Shackle  

'One of the best fantasy novels of the year' Novel Notions'Probably my favourite book of the year' The Chronicler'One of the best books I've read this year' Starlit BookThe sequel to the darkly fantastic WE ARE THE DEAD: with more unflinching action, A FOOL'S HOPE sees Jia's revolutionaries dig in their heels as they learn that wars aren't won in … Read More

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