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Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

by Héctor García  

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERWe all have an ikigai.It's the Japanese word for 'a reason to live' or 'a reason to jump out of bed in the morning'. It's the place where your needs, desires, ambitions, and satisfaction meet. A place of balance. Small wonder that finding your ikigai is closely linked to living longer.Finding your ikigai is easier than you might … Read More

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The NightShade Forensic Files: Under Dark Skies (Book 1)

by A.J. Scudiere  

This nail-biter from author AJ Scudiere will have you on the edge of your seat. In NightShade nothing is as it seems… Eleri Eames didn’t think she’d ever be allowed to work for the FBI again, so the special FBI division of NightShade seems like an amazing opportunity. But all too soon, her chance to start over starts to disturb … Read More

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Davenport House

by Marie Silk  

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Davenport House is the first book in a family saga following the wealthy Davenports and their servants in 1915 America.Mary Davenport is a 22-year-old idealist who worries that the world in the Progressive Era is leaving her behind. She lives isolated in the Pennsylvania countryside with her affluent and secretive family. When her father dies suddenly, Mary becomes pained with … Read More

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Friends Like These

by Hannah Ellis  

Finalist in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2015! Finding new friends shouldn’t be so difficult… When newly single Marie decides to shake up her social life she knows exactly what she wants: stylish, sophisticated friends and no romantic complications. But a chance encounter brings some unlikely characters into her life, throwing her plans way off course. She just can’t … Read More

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THE LOST CHILDREN an absolutely gripping killer thriller with a huge twist (Detective Ray Paterson Book 2)


Discover a crime thriller full of shocking twists by one of the most exciting new authors you’ll read this year.A MAN SHOT DEAD IN THE STREET. BUT WHAT THE POLICE FIND NEARBY IS FAR WORSE.An elderly African man is found dead in the street, shot through the head. The killing has the hallmarks of a professional assassin. Dumped in a … Read More

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My Wife’s Husband

by E.H. Davis  

What you don’t know about your spouse could kill you. Jens Corbin is a comfortable, successful writer, with a wife and a teenage son. After saving a man from a bear attack in the New Hampshire mountains, Jens decides to step away from his popular but formulaic mystery series to begin a new cycle, featuring a female protagonist devoted to … Read More

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The Crowlands

by T M Creedy  

"The ultimate haunted house story….."This is what readers are saying about The Crowlands: "Easily one of the best horror books I’ve read lately. Hard to put down!" – 5 Stars "It’s the best book I’ve read. Amazing writer." – 5 Stars "Dude, I recommend this book with all my heart, but making it my bedtime read was probably one of the stupid … Read More

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Royal Ruin: A Second Chance Royal Romance (Thorne Monarchs Book 1)

by Jessica Peterson  

SUBJECT: Engagement Contract (Marked Confidential) From The Desk of His Royal Highness Prince ChristopherDear Emily, Thank you for joining me for dinner tonight. And for agreeing to my proposal, as ludicrous as it is. Desperate times call for fake engagements. At least in my family.I am attaching the contract we discussed. Our lawyers asked that I highlight the following clauses:•The … Read More

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Good Clean Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (A Cozy Christian Collection) (The Plain Jane Mysteries Book 1)

by Traci Tyne Hilton  

Did a tragic accident kill Jane’s best clients or is this a messy murder that will take a miracle to mop up? Jane Adler is ready to make her mark on the world. As soon as she’s finished college, she’s off to be a missionary.To make ends meet until then, she cleans houses all over town. When she finds her … Read More

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Wasted Words: Inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma (The Austens Series Book 1)

by Staci Hart  

Some universal truths refuse to be ignored.Peanut butter and jelly are a match made in heaven. Spaghetti and meatballs are best friends forever. And guys like Tyler Knight don’t go for girls like Cam Emerson.She knew from the second she met him that he didn’t belong on her bookshelf, the six-foot-six ex-tight end with a face so all-American, it could … Read More

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The Positive Thinking Secret

by Aaron Kennard  

WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO START FEELING AMAZING EVERY DAY.What would it be like to stop feeling blindsided by life?To wake up feeling thrilled to be alive regardless of your circumstances?To feel happy and at peace even when all hell is breaking loose around you?You’re about to discover the Positive Thinking Secret that will … Read More

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The Divine Comedy: (inferno, purgatorio, paradiso)

by Dante Alighieri  

The authoritative translations of The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso—together in one volume.Belonging in the immortal company of the great works of literature, Dante Alighieri’s poetic masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is a moving human drama, an unforgettable visionary journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on to the glorious realm of Paradise—the … Read More

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A Body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff : Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery #1

by Anna Celeste Burke  

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Miriam Webster’s a woman with a few secrets—can she keep them after she and her spirited Dalmatian, Domino, find a body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff? When Miriam Webster moves into the Seaview Cottages active adult community, the last thing she expects is to find a body on the bluffs nearby. The mystery takes a quick detour when Miriam and her friends … Read More

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The Simplicity of Healing: A Practical Guide to Releasing/Activating the Miracle-Power of God’s Word

by Sandra Kennedy  

The Simple Key to Your Healing Breakthrough! God’s Word is the key that unlocks the door for you to step into freedom from disease and step into that abundant life which Jesus provided for us.  By the power of God’s Word, you can conquer anything and everything the enemy sends your way and continue to conquer all the days of … Read More

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THE FACELESS MAN an absolutely gripping crime mystery with a massive twist (Detectives Lennox & Wilde Thrillers Book 2)

by Helen H Durrant  


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Scene of the Grind: A Killer Coffee Cozy Mystery (A Killer Coffee Mystery Book 1)

by Tonya Kappes  

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Welcome to the Bean Hive Coffeehouse where the coffee is as hot as the gossip!“Fabulous fun and fantastic fried food! Kappes nails small town mystery with another must-read hit. Don’t miss this one!” – Darynda Jones, New York Times Bestselling Author of Eighth Grave After DarkRoxanne Bloom (her friends, though few call her Roxie) quit her job as a lawyer, … Read More

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Fourth Crisis: The Battle for Taiwan

by Peter von Bleichert  

Since the Chinese Civil War, Communist China has considered Taiwan—an island some 75 miles off its mainland coast—a renegade province. In 1979, the American Congress ratified the Taiwan Relations Act. The Act stipulated that the United States of America “…will consider any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means a threat to the peace and … Read More

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Claiming Her: A Reverse Harem Romance

by A.J. Snyder  

In a world with no rules, you claim what you want…And they all want her.The new flu vaccine that was supposed to save lives turned humans into bloodthirsty zombies instead.For the past two years, Trinity Sanders has found herself fighting for her life in an apocalyptic world she never imagined would exist.After she’s suddenly caught in someone’s trap, Trinity thinks … Read More

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The Duke’s Winter Promise: A Christmas Regency Romance (Ladies of the North)

by Isabella Thorne  

The duke kept the secret, but the sin was his to bear. More than anything, he did not wish for word of it to reach Emily’s ears. When the truth surfaces, Alexander may lose the only woman he’s ever loved. Miss Emily Ingram is a lady. At least she has the appearance of one. Secretly, Emily would much rather return … Read More

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Attack on Titan Vol. 2

by Hajime Isayama  

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BIRTH OF A MONSTER ? The Colossal Titan has breached humanity’s first line of defense, Wall Maria. Mikasa, the 104th Training Corps’ ace and Eren’s best friend, may be the only one capable of defeating them, but beneath her calm exterior lurks a dark past. When all looks lost, a new Titan appears and begins to slaughter its fellow Titans. … Read More

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The Dinosaur Four

by Geoff Jones  

Ten strangers trapped in time…A ticking sound fills the air as Tim MacGregor enters The Daily Edition Café to meet his new girlfriend for coffee. Moments later, the café is transported 67 million years back in time, along with everyone inside.Time is running out as ten unlikely companions search for a way home, while one member of the group plots … Read More

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Girl Underwater

by Claire Kells  

An adventurous debut novel that cross cuts between a competitive college swimmer’s harrowing days in the Rocky Mountains after a major airline disaster and her recovery supported by the two men who love her—only one of whom knows what really happened in the wilderness. Nineteen-year-old Avery Delacorte loves the water. Growing up in Brookline, Massachusetts, she took swim lessons at … Read More

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A Blaze of Glory: A Novel of the Battle of Shiloh (Civil War: 1861-1865, Western Theater series Book 1)

by Jeff Shaara  

“[An] exciting read . . . [Jeff] Shaara returns to the U.S. Civil War in this first book of a new trilogy. . . . This novel is meticulously researched and brings a vivid reality to the historical events depicted.”—Library Journal   NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSpring 1862. The Confederate Army in the West teeters on the brink of collapse. General … Read More

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The Science of Everyday Life: Why Teapots Dribble, Toast Burns and Light Bulbs Shine

by Marty Jopson  

Have you ever wondered why ice floats and water is such a freaky liquid? Or why chillies and mustard are both hot but in different ways? Or why microwaves don’t cook from the inside out? In this fascinating scientific tour of household objects, The One Show presenter and all-round Science Bloke Marty Jopson has the answer to all of these, … Read More

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The Lemon Orchard: A Novel

by Luanne Rice  

From bestselling author Luanne Rice—a captivating and sexy novel of love, both enduring and unexpectedYear after year, Luanne Rice’s fans eagerly await her next book. Their enthusiasm is soon to be rewarded with The Lemon Orchard, Rice’s romantic new love story between two people from seemingly different worlds.In the five years since Julia last visited her aunt and uncle’s home … Read More

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Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers

by Russell Brunson  

Master the evergreen traffic strategies to fill your website and funnels with your dream customers in this timeless book from the $100M entrepreneur and co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels.The biggest problem that most entrepreneurs have isn't creating an amazing product or service; it's getting their future customers to discover that they even exist. Every year, tens of thousands of … Read More

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Lancaster: The Forging of a Very British Legend

by John Nichol  

'The epic story of an iconic aircraft and the breathtaking courage of those who flew her' Andy McNab, bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero 'Compelling, thrilling and rooted in quite extraordinary human drama' James Holland, author of Normandy 44 From John Nichol, the Sunday Times bestselling author of Spitfire, comes a passionate and profoundly moving tribute to the Lancaster bomber, its … Read More

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Kleptopia: How Dirty Money is Conquering the World

by Tom Burgis  

AN ECONOMIST BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 A WASHINGTON POST NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020 ‘If you think the UK isn't corrupt, you haven't looked hard enough … This new and terrifying book follows a global current of dirty money, and the murders and kidnappings required to sustain it’ GEORGE MONBIOT, GUARDIAN ‘When you pick this book up, you … Read More

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