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The Rescue

by Nicholas Sparks  

How do you learn to trust again?Denise Hilton, a young single mother, is driving through Edenton, North Carolina, when her car skids off the road during a storm.With her is her four-year-old son, Kyle, a boy with severe learning disabilities for whom she has sacrificed everything. When volunteer fireman Taylor McAden finds her she is unconscious and bleeding, but when … Read More

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Power of Vitamin D: A Vitamin D Book That Contains The Most Scientific, Useful And Practical Information About Vitamin D – Hormone D

by Sarfraz Zaidi MD  

The pandemic of Coronavirus stirred a huge interest in vitamin D by the public as well as by researchers around the world. The big question everyone asks, “Is there any scientific evidence that vitamin D may prevent as well as treat COVID-19?” The simple answer is Yes. But only if the dose is correct.In “Power of Vitamin D”, Dr. Sarfraz … Read More

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American Warrior

by James Snyder  

The year is 1961. America has a new president, named John F. Kennedy, and a new era the newspapers are calling the Dawn of Camelot. But for ten-year-old Paul Brett, dealing with an abusive father and the immigrant gangs roaming his slum neighborhood of China Slough, America is only a small, dead-end place he is struggling to survive.That is, until … Read More

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Burgundy Gloves (Mighty One Book 1)

by Julia David  

How can a God-fearing man be a Good Samaritan when a confusing young woman is making it impossible? Levi Graham is a resilient, independent backwoodsman, who stumbles upon the injured young woman. Good Samaritan, he’s finding out the hard way, is not his best strength. In addition to caring for this beautiful, confusing woman, he encounters a robbery, a fire, … Read More

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Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die: Second Edition (Life After Death Books Book 1)

by Stephen Hawley Martin  

What happens when we die? This new edition of Life After Death adds to powerful evidence consciousness continues the author presented in his 2015 release. He spent two years gathering information that demonstrates this and along the way interviewed more than a hundred experts in a number of different fields. Among them were parapsychologists, medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, quantum physicists, … Read More

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Deuce Mora Mystery Series Vol. 1-3

by Jean Heller  

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Three heart-stopping, hard-boiled mysteries at a sizzling price!Save over 50% on the Deuce Mora series!Deuce Mora’s one tough cookie–-a female sleuth with a conscience and an attitude–fiery, tough, athletic, a dirty fighter when she has to be. The scrappy lead columnist for the Chicago Journal normally writes about politics, and, rather than shying away from fights, she tends to pick … Read More

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Sugar and Ice (Rinkside in the Rockies Series Book 1)

by Aven Ellis  

Sugar and Ice is the first full-length novel in the Rinkside in the Rockies Series by Aven Ellis! Josephine Rossi has recovered from a broken heart, but has vowed that she’s all about the desserts now as a recipe tester for Bake It! Magazine. Cheesecake never breaks your heart. Unless it cracks on the top, but still, it tastes amazing … Read More

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Love’s Healing Power (New Beginnings Book 1)

by Margaret Daley  

Tess Morgan loves being a pediatric nurse and helping the children under her care. She’d always wanted a large family, but that dream was shattered when her fiancé was murdered while volunteering in South America. Peter “Mac” MacPherson, a former football superstar, had dealt with his own tragedies—the deaths of his father followed by his wife while she was giving … Read More

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Goddess Legacy: A Persephone Mythology Retelling (Goddess Series Book 1)

by M.W. Muse  

A powerful girl. An epic love triangle. A devastating prophecy… Legacy thinks she’s just an average high-school girl with a sassy best friend and a not-so-secret crush on the hottest guy in town. Yep, pretty basic. When Adin, the boy of her fantasies, shows up at her surprise seventeenth birthday party, it’s the highlight of her life, but what she … Read More

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Ignite You: A Dark Mafia Romance (Cole Brothers Series Book 1)

by Diana A. Hicks  

From award-winning author Diana A. Hicks comes a dark mafia romance full of twists and turns, double-crosses, heartaches, and danger. I’ve been on the run from the mob for years. Stay hidden, keep moving, survive. A sad existence in the shadows. Until the day I decided to fight back. That’s when he came back into my life—Dom Moretti, the man … Read More

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The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles #1, Inception

by Andrew Beery  

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2067 was the year I died for the first time… It was painful. Had I known how often I’d be expected to die over the next several millennia, I might have made a stronger effort to stay dead. The year actually started off rather nice. I finished my PhD in high energy physics and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in … Read More

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Seven Years (Seven Series Book 1)

by Dannika Dark  

***BINGEABLE*** SERIES COMPLETE! Audie Awards FinalistBOOK 1 OF THE USA TODAY BESTSELLING SEVEN SERIES ★★★★★ "Fabulous Shifter fun, absolutely awesome from beginning to end."It’s been seven years since Lexi Knight lost her brother in a tragic accident. On the anniversary of his death, her brother’s best friend shows up unexpectedly – a man she hasn’t seen since the funeral. He … Read More

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Saved Without A Doubt: Being Sure of Your Salvation (John MacArthur Study)

by John MacArthur Jr.  

Can you lose your salvation? All believers have wrestled with this question at some point in their spiritual walks. So what answers does God provide to challenging questions like: Am I really saved? Am I going to heaven? How can I know for sure? Renowned pastor and author John MacArthur believes every Christian should enjoy the reality and security of … Read More

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Elephant Walk (The Brigandshaw Chronicles Book 2)

by Peter Rimmer  

The Boer War is over and for a time peace returns to Elephant Walk…  but for how long? Spending an idyllic summer in the heart of the Dorset countryside, young Harry Brigandshaw receives word. The unimaginable has happened. Returning to Rhodesia in haste, Harry and his family are shaken to the core, yet more is to come… By1914, England is … Read More

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Be Responsible (1 Kings): Being Good Stewards of God’s Gifts (The BE Series Commentary)

by Warren W. Wiersbe  

It’s not easy to take responsibility in life. Whether it’s in our jobs, our finances, or even our relationships, we all struggle to take ownership of our habits and choices. Yet personal accountability is essential to both our personal and spiritual growth. Based on the book of 1 Kings, this study offers a compelling contrast between those who are accountable … Read More

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Gawen’s Claim: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate, Lairds of the Isles Book 1)

by Stella Knight  

She falls back through time . . . and right into the arms of a dashing Highlander…Lila Fletcher is determined to prove the strength of her magical time traveling ability to herself, her family, and her coven.But when she travels back in time to fourteenth century Scotland to contend with a malevolent foe, she must also battle an all-consuming desire … Read More

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The Birthday: An absolutely gripping crime thriller (Detective Natalie Ward Series Book 1)

by Carol Wyer  

‘Absolutely stunning!… wow it blew me away… I loved everything about it… 5 stars, although it is a shame I can’t give it more, it’s easily worth a 7.’ Bonnie’s Book Talk, 5 starsOne hot summer’s afternoon, five-year-old Ava Sawyer went to a party. She never came home… Two years later, Ava’s body is found and another little girl, Audrey … Read More

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A Deadly Education: the Sunday Times bestseller

by Naomi Novik  

____________ The Sunday Times bestseller!FINALIST FOR THE LODESTAR AWARDIn the start of an all-new trilogy, the bestselling author of Uprooted and Spinning Silver introduces you to a dangerous school for the magically gifted where failure means certain death — until one girl begins to rewrite its rules. ____________ Enter a school of magic unlike any you have ever encountered.There are … Read More

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The Inspector Graham Mysteries: Books 1-4 (Inspector Graham Collection Book 1)

by Alison Golden  

★★★★★ “Solid proof that a book can rely on good storytelling and good writing without needing blood or sex.” Have you met Inspector David Graham? Graham is a Detective Inspector with London’s Metropolitan police force. He’s a career police officer, an educated, reserved, thoughtful, some might say, complex man. He has suffered tragedy in his life that serves to exaggerate … Read More

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The Lost Heir (The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 1)

by E.G. Foley  

NY Times Bestselling Author E.G. Foley brews up a magical potion for fantasy readers of all ages!Take a dash of Harry Potter and a splash of Oliver Twist, add a pinch of steampunk and a sprinkle of Victorian fairy lore, and what do you get? The Gryphon Chronicles! A rollicking fantasy adventure series that’s as much fun for grownups as … Read More

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Hitler’s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich

by Robert Gerwarth  

A chilling biography of the head of Nazi Germany’s terror apparatus, a key player in the Third Reich whose full story has never before been told.   Reinhard Heydrich is widely recognized as one of the great iconic villains of the twentieth century, an appalling figure even within the context of the Nazi leadership. Chief of the Nazi Criminal Police, … Read More

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Lily’s War: An uplifting World War II saga of women on the homefront

by Shirley Mann  

An uplifting and inspiring World War II saga for readers of Nancy Revell and Annie Groves. 1942, ManchesterWorld War Two is in full swing and Lily Mullins is determined to do her bit for the war effort. Her friends and sweetheart have all joined up and Lily's sure there must be a role for her that goes further than knitting … Read More

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Cover of Snow: A Novel

by Jenny Milchman  

WINNER OF THE MARY HIGGINS CLARK AWARDJenny Milchman’s Cover of Snow is a remarkable debut, a gripping tale of suspense in the tradition of Gillian Flynn, Chris Bohjalian, and Nancy Pickard.Waking up one wintry morning in her old farmhouse nestled in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Nora Hamilton instantly knows that something is wrong. When her fog of sleep … Read More

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Mary Queen Of Scots

by Antonia Fraser  

'Ground-breaking … One of the greatest international bestsellers of the post-war period' Andrew Roberts, Daily Telegraph 'Reads like an engrossing novel' Sunday TimesAn infant queen. A teenage widow. Beautiful, flamboyant Mary Queen of Scots had a formidable intellect but her political sense – formed at the absolute court of France – plunged her country into a maelstrom of intrigue, marriage … Read More

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L. A. Requiem (Cole and Pike Book 8)

by Robert Crais  

They killed the only one who ever cared and now they're going to pay.A reckoning has come to the City of Angels…Karen Garcia is missing and her father doesn't trust the cops – he wants someone he knows on the case. So he enlists the help of Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.It seems that Karen is the latest victim of … Read More

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Do Over: Make Today the First Day of Your New Career

by Jon Acuff  

From the New York Times-bestselling author of Quitter and Start comes the definitive guide to getting your dream job.When you don't like your job, Sunday isn't really a weekend day. It's just pre-Monday. But what if you could call a Do Over and actually look forward to Monday?Starting on the first day you got paid to scoop ice cream or … Read More

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Night Fall: Number 3 in series (John Corey)

by Nelson DeMille  

Five years after the horrific crash of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island which killed 230 people, John Corey is inadvertently caught up in the now-closed case by his FBI lawyer wife, Kate, who believes the government’s findings of mechanical failure is wrong. The FBI don’t take kindly to the case being looked into again and, as John Corey’s instincts … Read More

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