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by Neil Gaiman  

THE EXTRAORDINARY FIRST NOVEL BY THE MASTER OF STORYTELLING ‘Prose that dances and dazzles . . . Gaiman describes the indescribable’ SUSANNA CLARKE ‘It’s virtually impossible to read more than ten words by Neil Gaiman and not wish he would tell you the rest of the story’ OBSERVER ‘Much too clever to be caught in the net of a single … Read More

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Soulless: A Fated Mate Alien Romance (Detyen Warriors Book 1)

by Kate Rudolph  

A cold hearted alien… scorching hot chemistry… and a fated mate bond too strong to be denied! There’s nothing left in Raze. No love, no hate, nothing except the duty that he owes his people. But when he meets a fascinating and tough human woman on a barren planet something deep inside comes back to life and for the first … Read More

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Tavish: A Time Travel Romance (Dunskey Castle Book 1)

by Jane Stain  

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May 23-27 all 14 sequels are only .99 each!  Seven years ago, Tavish disappeared. Kelsey coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artwork, and now her appraising career is taking off. Except Tavish is back, and not in a good way. He keeps showing up at her job sites and butting into her business – all the … Read More

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The Change (The Bachelor Battles Book 1)

by Angela White  

Everything Has Changed Five hundred years into the post-apocalyptic future, almost every baby born is female. Males have been enslaved by the Network, and the only way to get a mate, to have a family, is to enter the Games and win. The catch? It’s a live battle to the death where the competition is fierce and even the winners … Read More

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The Bones Will Tell (Skye Cree, Book 2)

by Vickie McKeehan  

A serial killer has the city of Seattle gripped in fear. As his bloody total continues to mount, Skye Cree gets dragged into the mix by her longtime friend, homicide detective Harry Drummond. Desperate for leads Harry hopes Skye’s special gift for locating missing children might be the answer. When Skye brings in Josh Ander, together they’ll face the most … Read More

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Alpha Physics! Book 1: Wagga: A LITrpg Apocalypse, changed earth progression fantasy

by Alex Kozlowski  

In the apocalypse, the first weapon he’ll have to upgrade is himself. The end of the world as we know it couldn’t come at a worse time for Adrian. One minute, he’s an operations manager who’s overseeing a construction job in the wilderness. The next, an unknown energy force changes the very nature of life itself, from the smallest organism … Read More

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Midlife Curses: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Mystery (Witching Hour Book 1)

by Christine Zane Thomas  

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction murder mystery for anyone who believes you can find your powers at any age. Constance Campbell has made a few questionable decisions in the run-up to her fortieth birthday. So in a way, moving two thousand miles away from everything she’s ever known makes perfect sense. Creel Creek, Virginia is the last place either of her … Read More

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MURDER ON THE OLD BOG ROAD: gripping Irish crime fiction (The Galway Homicides Book 1)

by David Pearson  

A woman is found dead in a ditch. As the list of suspects grows, a town’s dirty secrets are revealed. It’s a cold winter evening and rain is sweeping in from the Atlantic when a young woman, having braved the weather to visit her sick mother in a remote part of Ireland, comes across an obstacle in the road. She … Read More

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Killer Cupcakes (Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

by Leighann Dobbs  

Hilarious whodunit with quirky characters for fans of Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. A clean, fun read. Recipes Included! The Lexy Baker series is definitely a page turner! Things are going great for Lexy Baker. She’s finally opened her dream bakery, gotten rid of her cheating boyfriend and settled into her grandmothers house with her perky dog Sprinkles at … Read More

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Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand Book 1)

by Richard Nell  

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Winner of the 2018 IRDA for fantasy / 2018 Reader’s Favorite Gold Medalist #1 Best Seller in Canadian Dark Fantasy 99% liked it (Goodreads) A deformed genius plots vengeance while struggling to survive. A wastrel prince comes of age, finding a power he never imagined. Two worlds will collide. Only one can be king. ★★★★★ “This dark fantasy epic will … Read More

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Unshame: Healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy

by Carolyn Spring  

A book for psychotherapists and their clients – and for anyone who wants to make the journey from shame to unshame. Carolyn Spring, author of ‘Recovery is my best revenge: my experience of trauma, abuse and dissociative identity disorder’, documents in this, her second book, her journey through psychotherapy to heal and resolve trauma-based shame, which had resulted in a … Read More

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After We Break: a love story

by Katy Regnery  

She was the girl. The only girl. The only girl I ever wanted. The only girl I ever loved. The only girl I could ever love. And I killed it. I destroyed it. I threw her love away. For nine years, I’ve kept the memory of her locked in the deepest corner of my heart…all the while hating myself for … Read More

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Six Tudor Queens: Katharine Parr, The Sixth Wife: Six Tudor Queens 6

by Alison Weir  

‘A detailed and convincing portrait of an extraordinary life… this series is a serious achievement’ THE TIMES ‘This brilliant series has brought Henry VIII’s six wives to life as never before. This novel will enthral and inspire, just as much as it will break your heart’ TRACY BORMAN Alison Weir, historian and author of the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling SIX TUDOR … Read More

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Knit One Murder Two: A Knitorious Murder Mystery Book 1

by Reagan Davis  

Knitting Can Be Murder!  I’m not a cop. I’m a soon-to-be-ex-wife, and former full-time mom who works part-time at the local yarn store. The biggest mystery I’ve ever solved is finding a missing knitting needle tucked behind my ear after spending all morning looking for it.  Someone in Harmony Lake is trying to stitch me up for murder. In a … Read More

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The Code Breaker

by Walter Isaacson  

The best-selling author of Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs returns. In 2012, Nobel Prize winning scientist Jennifer Doudna hit upon an invention that will transform the future of the human race: an easy-to-use tool that can edit DNA. Known as CRISPR, it opened a brave new world of medical miracles and moral questions. It has already been deployed to cure deadly diseases, fight … Read More

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Rebel Spell: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel (Salem Supernaturals Book 1)

by Lisa Carlisle  

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A hapless witch. A broken vampire. And a mysterious death that brings them under the same roof. When I learn I’ve inherited a house in Salem, I’m sure it’s a mistake. Besides, I have zero desire to return to a town where I’m an outcast. The surprises continue when I meet my tenants, including a broody vampire and a foodie … Read More

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YEAR OF WONDER: Classical Music for Every Day

by Clemency Burton-Hill  

As featured in the Telegraph and on Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘A magnificent treasury . . . a fascinating tour de force.’ Observer ‘Year of Wonder is an absolute treat – the most enlightening way to be guided through the year.’ Eddie Redmayne Classical music for everyone – an inspirational piece of music for every day of the year, celebrating … Read More

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When She Returned

by Lucinda Berry  

One woman’s reappearance throws her family into turmoil, exposing dark secrets and the hidden, often devastating truth of family relationships. Kate Bennett vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago, leaving behind her husband and young daughter. When she shows up at a Montana gas station, clutching an infant and screaming for help, investigators believe she may have been abducted … Read More

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In Grandma’s Attic (Grandma’s Attic Series Book 1)

by Arleta Richardson  

A young girl delights in her grandmother’s stories of days gone by, sparked by keepsakes and simple questions, Grandma shares marvelous stories of mischief , discovery, and laughter, such as the time she accidentally lost the family buggy. Part of the bestselling Grandma’s Attic series, these charming tales—updated with delightful new illustrations—will whisk you away to another time and place. And … Read More

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Baker’s Dozen Cozy Mystery Boxset – Books 1-13

by Donna Doyle  

FREE TO READ ON KINDLE UNLIMITED -A Full shelf of Culinary Cozy Mystery with amateur sleuth and master baker, Sammy. Enjoy all 13 Sammy Baker Cozy Mysteries in one massive boxset, plus one extra maritime mystery with Donna Doyle’s favorite elderly sleuth, the marvelous Molly Grey. Included in this bumper collection of cozies… Dying For Cupcakes A broken Baker running … Read More

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The Captive: The gripping and original Times Thriller of the Month for fans of GIRL A


A brilliant, high concept, intensely gripping thriller perfect for fans of GIRL A, THE CAPTIVE will keep you guessing till the very end . . . ‘Part thriller, part dark, unpredictable love story. A GRIPPING page-turner’ ADELE PARKS, Platinum Magazine ‘INGENIOUS. A smart, pacy and highly entertaining thriller’ T.M. LOGAN ______________________ I am safe, Hannah told herself. He can’t get … Read More

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God’s Crime Scene Participant’s Guide: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe

by J. Warner Wallace  

Custom illustrated by the author, renowned cold-case detective, author, and speaker J. Warner Wallace, this exclusive participant’s guide engages the audience in the “investigation” into whether the universe as we see it just happened, or if there is evidence of a divine “intruder”—or rather, God. Companion to the eight-part video series, participants will dive into one of the most meaningful … Read More

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Kept: An American Househusband in India

by Gregory E. Buford  

Kept: An American Househusband in India is a hilarious, heart-warming tale of a company man turned trailing spouse when his wife gets his dream job and drags him halfway around the globe. World travelers and armchair tourists alike will marvel as Greg and Dana dine with royalty, smash an immigrant smuggling ring, flee angry mobs, foil a terrorist plot and … Read More

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Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump–and Democrats from Themselves

by Rick Wilson  

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A savvy guidebook for beating Trump’s tricks, traps, and tweets from a founder of The Lincoln Project, now updated with new material on the historic battle between Trump and Joe Biden—and how the pandemic has changed the race   “If you believe America’s future depends on Donald Trump’s political machine being crushed at the polls next year, then Rick Wilson’s Running Against … Read More

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Margot: A Novel

by Jillian Cantor  

“Inventive . . . Cantor’s ‘what-if’ story combines historical fiction with mounting suspense and romance, but above all, it is an ode to the adoration and competition between sisters.” —O, the Oprah Magazine A story of sisters that imagines Anne Frank’s sister Margot survived World War II and was living in America, from the author of The Lost Letter and The Hours … Read More

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