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The Last Protector (Clayton White Book 1)

by Simon Gervais  

From the acclaimed author of the Pierce Hunt series comes a thrilling novel featuring a Secret Service agent who takes on a ruthless foe to protect the country he serves and the woman he loves. Former air force combat rescue officer Special Agent Clayton White now works for the Secret Service performing routine escort missions for politicians. These missions may … Read More

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The Silent Quarry: A gripping Welsh murder mystery (DI Winter Meadows Book 1)

by Cheryl Rees-Price  

A woman’s memory about a fatal attack starts to return. But what she knows could endanger her life. One morning Gwen Thomas takes a short walk with her Siberian husky in the outskirts of the Welsh town she calls home. She is drawn to a desolate area where, some twenty years ago as a teenager, she was brutally attacked and … Read More

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Sister Pact (Secret Valley Romance Book 1)

by Cami Checketts  

A woman desperate to protect her sister; a detective determined to find the truth. When love interrupts their plans and danger surrounds them, how will they know who to trust? After a tragic fall leaves her sister in a coma, Savannah becomes the prime suspect in the investigation. Desperately hoping to prove her innocence, she convinces detective Noah Shumway to … Read More

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An Unfinished Death

by Dee Henderson  

Connie August, a Christian combat medic, one who had experienced healings and miracles on the battlefield similar to those in scripture, wasn’t looking to make waves back home now that she was retired from the service. She opened Connie’s Pizza and settled into her chosen community, wanting to be herself, content to lead a small group of paramedics, doctors, nurses … Read More

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Philip’s Rules (Bridal Discipline Book 1)

by Golden Angel  

An arranged marriage between a stern lord and a desperate widow… will she come to love his strict discipline? “Exciting regency romance with some extra spice. I could not put this book down.” – Shyamgan – 5 Star Review Pride and Prejudice meets Fifty Shades of Grey in this steamy tale of a stern lord and his new wife. The … Read More

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KILLER (A Jack Rhodes Mystery Book 1)

by Stephen Carpenter  

“A BLOCKBUSTER!” Entertainment Weekly. For fans of Robert Parker’s smart but tough-as-nails heroes, screenwriter Stephen Carpenter introduces a new character to the mystery genre, Jack Rhodes. Jack is an author and former boxer who was on his way to literary success when his life was blown apart by the horrific suicide of his fiancee. Devastated, Jack went on a fifteen-month … Read More

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Runaway Fate: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Moonstone Cove Book 1)

by Elizabeth Hunter  

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It’s paranormal women’s fiction for lovers of magic, mayhem, and a solid afternoon nap (when they can squeeze one in.) Katherine wasn’t looking for anything extraordinary in her life. She had a job she loved, a husband she adored, and a home in the beautiful seaside town of Moonstone Cove. Okay yes, she worked too much and had fallen out … Read More

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Emma’s Dream (Morgan’s Run Book 1)

by M. Lee Prescott  

A woman is the last thing on Ben Morgan’s mind as he comes home to Morgan’s Run, his family’s ranch in Saguaro Valley. Doctor’s orders, he’s home to heal, but the sooner he can get back to Santa Barbara, the better. Then he runs into Maggie Williams on Main Street, prompting vivid memories of a magical night, and Ben’s ailing … Read More

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The Reluctant Bride (Wedded Bliss Book 1)

by Monica Murphy  

One moment I’m the forgotten daughter of one of the most wealthy families in the country, and the next I’m the blushing bride in an arranged marriage. My fate is sealed in my wedded union with a complete stranger. In public, Perry Constantine is the life of the party. Easygoing. Adored. In private, he’s brooding. Dark. Angry. But so am … Read More

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The Affair: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist

by Sheryl Browne  

The moment she opened her eyes, she knew everything had changed. The stale taste of alcohol; her uneasy stomach. She looked at her husband sleeping peacefully, and knew she would never tell anyone what happened last night. You will think you know what happened to Alicia that night. You will see a desperate wife, lying to her husband. You will … Read More

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The Happy Family: The gripping new psychological crime thriller from the No.1 Kindle bestselling author of The Perfect Couple

by Jackie Kabler  

The brand new thriller from the No.1 Kindle bestselling author of The Perfect Couple and Am I Guilty? “Filled with suspense, intrigue and a cast of engaging characters. Fabulous!” Lucy Clarke, author of The Castaways “Suspicion, secrets and shocking reveals!” Sarah Linley, author of The Trip My family has just been reunited. So who is trying to tear it apart? … Read More

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Probably the Best Kiss in the World: The most heartwarming and laugh out loud romantic comedy of 2020!

by Pernille Hughes  

‘Such a fresh, funny romance! … Reminded me a lot of a Sophie Kinsella book’ Kaitlyn, Goodreads ‘One of my favourite books of the year…it wasn’t difficult to fall for the fine specimen of Nordic swoon-worthy masculinity’ Lyn, Goodreads ‘A lovely, uplifting story…everything I look for in a romantic comedy’ Karen Clarke ‘A proper meet-cute…DEFINITELY unputdownable’ Isabella May ‘If you … Read More

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The Alchemical Detective: A Riga Hayworth Mystery (A Riga Hayworth Paranormal Mystery Book 1)

by Kirsten Weiss  

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This metaphysical detective has a murder to solve. But will a devilishly handsome casino owner get in the way? There’s a storm on the horizon. Riga’s lost her magic and has come to Lake Tahoe for a fresh start and to spend quality time with her new love. But life for a metaphysical detective is never that simple. Someone’s killing … Read More

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GIRL IN A RABBIT HOLE: This time they messed with the wrong woman. (Claire Foley Book 1)

by RJ Law  

This time … they may have messed with the wrong woman. “ABSOLUTELY RIVETING.” — The Candid Book Review They are watching … watching all the time … watching Claire Foley with eager, covetous eyes. They know all about her … her goals and her fears, how many cups of coffee she drinks in the morning, how long she brushes her … Read More

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The Angel: A shocking new thriller – read if you dare!

by Katerina Diamond  

The #1 bestseller and Queen of Thrillers is back… ‘A terrific story, originally told. All hail the new Queen of Crime!’ HEAT ‘A web of a plot that twists and turns and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This formidable debut is a page-turner, but don’t read it before bed if you’re easily spooked!’ SUN THE TRUTH … Read More

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True Colors (North Brothers)

by Amy Knupp  

Not much bothers him…until his best friend’s little sister moves to town. Carefree personal trainer Drake North is long on charm and short on connections that do more than skim the surface. His main ties are to his family and his best friend, so when his friend’s little sister moves to town, Drake promises to look out for her. But … Read More

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Ugly Beast (Hell’s Bastards MC Book 1)

by Sam Crescent  

Ugly Beast doesn’t want an arranged marriage, but what his president says, he gets. Abriana Vigo is not beautiful. In fact, she’s bland and terrified, but she’s a virgin and a Capo’s daughter. Now she’s been thrown to the wolves at his president’s demands. Abriana will do anything to get away from her father, just to avoid being hurt anymore. … Read More

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Her Last Breath (Wolf Lake Thriller Book 1)

by Dan Padavona  

He’s hunting a psychopath. And now the killer wants him dead. After he’s shot in the line of duty, Detective Thomas Shepherd returns to Wolf Lake to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Living beside the water, he finds peace…until the body of a missing woman washes up on his shore and the town blames a teenage boy … Read More

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The Midnight House: A spellbinding story of secrets with an OMG twist in this historical fiction summer read NEW for 2022

by Amanda Geard  

‘I loved The Midnight House. Wonderful storytelling’ RACHEL HORE ‘I really, really loved it. A wonderful mystery, and then another mystery thrown in’ LORNA COOK ‘Secrets that kept me glued to the pages and wonderful characters’ JENNY ASHCROFT ‘I was pulled in from page one. It’s beautiful and I love it’ LIZ FENWICK ‘Intriguing, evocative and beautifully written’ TRACY REES … Read More

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The German Girl: A heart-wrenching and unforgettable World War 2 historical novel

by Lily Graham  

‘I absolutely loved this… heartbreaking and heart-warming… I was completely hooked… an absolutely amazing book, one which I was completely captivated by… will stay with you for such a long time after you’ve finished reading it.’ Starburst Book Reviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Germany, 1938. Fifteen-year-old Asta and her twin brother Jurgen are stopped as they run home from school through strangely silent … Read More

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The Button Box: A gripping historical romance saga from the No. 1 Sunday Times Bestseller

by Dilly Court  

A heartwarming and gripping novel from No. 1Sunday Times bestselling author, Dilly Court. Clara held onto the precious button, glimmering like a jewel in the dark alleyways of London’s notorious Seven Dials. She needed to save her family… but who was going to save her? There was a time when the Carter sisters’ father was their hero. Now he’s a … Read More

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (The Hercule Poirot Mysteries)

by Agatha Christie  

Voted the best crime novel ever written by the Crime Writers’ Association: “Breathless reading from first to the unexpected last.” —The Observer   The eminent Belgian detective Hercule Poirot has lost a friend to an unfortunate stabbing incident, and now, despite his retirement in a previously peaceful English village, he must return to work and find out who killed Roger … Read More

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Astonishing Bathroom Reader: Your No.2 Source to All the Flushing Facts, Jamming Trivia, & Gassy Mysteries of the Universe!

by Diego Jourdan Pereira  

600 pages of fascinating facts about everything from science to history to pop culture Did you know the longest mountain range on earth is under water? How about the fact that June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage? If not, don’t worry! You can learn details about these facts and more useful (and useless) trivia in this … Read More

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Reinventing Your Life: the bestselling breakthrough program to end negative behaviour and feel great

by Jeffrey E. Young  

Learn how to end the self-destructive behaviours that stop you from living your best life with this breakthrough program. Do you… Put the needs of others above your own? Start to panic when someone you love leaves — or threatens to? Often feel anxious about natural disasters, losing all your money, or getting seriously ill? Find that no matter how … Read More

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The Mauritius Command (Aubrey-Maturin, Book 4) (Aubrey & Maturin series)

by Patrick O’Brian  

Can Captain Jack Aubrey and his crew defy the odds, and outmanoeuvre the French, to take two small but vital islands in the Indian Ocean? Life ashore on half pay, despite the joys of family life, is unlikely to satisfy a man of action such as Jack Aubrey. The sea calls to him. And so, when his friend, ship’s surgeon … Read More

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World Engines: Creator: A post climate change high concept science fiction odyssey

by Stephen Baxter  

Trapped on an alternate Earth, the combined crews of a crashed Russian spaceship, a British expeditionary force and a group of strays from the future must work together to survive, escape, and discover what led them to this point. All are from parallel universes where small changes in history led to different realities, and the tensions between the groups are … Read More

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