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by James Patterson  

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‘James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ Ian Rankin ‘One of the greatest storytellers of all time’ Patricia Cornwell ‘A writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting.’ Mark Lawson, Guardian __________________________________ The third thrilling instalment of James Patterson’s Instinct series The stakes are sky-high for Dr Dylan Reinhart. When a student in Reinhart’s psychology class threatens to kill himself, … Read More

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The Forgiven Cowboy’s Best Friend: A Callahan Mountain Ranch Christmas: (7 Brides for 7 Cowboys, Small Town Sweet Western Romance Book 1)

by Melody Archer  

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He’s a tough ex-military cowboy returning home to right old wrongs, longing for forgiveness from his childhood best friend and the only woman he ever loved. The last place Wyatt Callahan thought he’d ever return was to his home town. His belly tightened as painful memories darted across his mind. Vivid images of Abby — his beautiful neighbor and his … Read More

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The Girl from Silent Lake: A totally gripping and heart-pounding crime thriller (Detective Kay Sharp Book 1)

by Leslie Wolfe  

“Wow!!!! It simply took my breath away so much that I finished this book in one go! Literally took my breath away! I simply couldn’t put the book down. Unputdownable.” Tropical Girl Reads Books, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Her daughter, with emerald eyes and the sweetest smile, is everything to her. Her whole world. “Mommy,” the little girl says, touching her mother’s face … Read More

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Marry the Scot series: Volume I

by Jolie Vines  

A stern laird who will do anything to get his lass. A downed military pilot in love with his best friend’s younger sister. Four steamy romances, each containing a modern day hot Scot finding his happily ever after. Storm the Castle “Come, lass. Get on a plane with me.” A Highlander walks into a bar… My father’s conference, to be … Read More

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A Killing At The Track (The Jeri Howard Series Book 9)

by Janet Dawson  

THE LURE OF THE TRACK, A RIDE ON THE WILD SIDE, AND DANGER AT EVERY TURN… “This little gem of a mystery centers around murder, mayhem and race-fixing at a fictional racetrack … Dawson, a longtime racing fan, has really done her homework well… ” –California Thoroughbred Intrepid Jeri Howard, Janet Dawson’s savvy female private eye, steps into the Winner’s … Read More

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Alchemist Apprentice (The Alchemist Book 1)

by Dan Michaelson  

Sam’s desire to protect his sister leads him to magic he never imagined. The powerful arcane arts have kept Olway safe for generations, taught only to those tested and proven to have real potential at the prestigious Academy. That power has never been found on the edge of the kingdom where Sam and his sister struggle to survive. Until now. … Read More

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Whispers Among the Prairie: A Western Historical Romance

by Michelle Roberts  

***Winner of the 2019 Book Excellence Award in the Western category*** Journey back in time to the American West, where the ancient prairie lands are stained with blood from the battles being waged between the Indians and White Man. The Indians wish to continue living in freedom as they always have, but the White Man see them as savages who … Read More

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Secret of the Painted Lady: a Danger Cove Renovation Mystery

by Christina A. Burke  

From USA Today bestselling authors Christina A. Burke and Elizabeth Ashby comes the first book in an exciting multi-author series… If these walls could talk…they’d scream murder. Alex Jordan is the owner of Finials and Facades Renovation and Restoration Services, making her able to pursue her love of restoring Victorian-style homes in the town of Danger Cove. But her recent … Read More

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The Mind-Made Prison: Radical Self Help and Personal Transformation

by Arian Mateo Tabatabai  

The Mind-Made Prison key themes: Freedom from negative thoughts and feelings, awareness and mindfulness, mental freedom and emotional freedom. Intro: The Mind-Made Prison is a guide to becoming aware of your beliefs and becoming free from them. It is based on NLP, Cognitive Psychology and Mindfulness. A book that will make you aware of how much power our beliefs exert … Read More

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Marked by Dragon’s Blood (Return of the Dragonborn Book 1)

by N.M. Howell  

Escape into this exciting young adult fantasy series readers are hailing as a “fun mix of Harry Potter and Eragon.” Andie Rogers is no stranger to death and secrecy. After watching her dragonborn mother get taken away at a young age, she has had to learn to use her sorcery inherited from her father to disguise all trace of her … Read More

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Knowing God Intimately: Being as Close to Him as You Want to Be

by Joyce Meyer  

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If you are looking for God, or if you are a believer who feels something is missing, Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, wants to show you how to achieve the profound joy that comes from a truly intimate relationship with God. Using Scripture and powerful real-life examples, Joyce reveals practical ways that you can increase your level … Read More

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Must Love Babies (Montana Bachelors and Babies Book 1)

by Kelly Hunter  

“Flirting is fun. And fun is essential.” Single mom Mardie is doing it tough so I gave her the loveliest guy I could possibly imagine. Take that, sour reality! Single mom Mardie Griffin has a run-down old house in need of fixing and a memory of Jett Casey as her savior in a time of great need. So when her … Read More

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Becoming Crone (The Crone Wars Book 1)

by Lydia M. Hawke  

She wanted purpose. She got dark magic and war. Claire Emerson is adrift. After a lifetime as a wife, mother, and grandma, she never saw divorce or loneliness coming and is desperate for some sense of purpose. But when her sixtieth birthday brings a snarky gargoyle, an annoyingly sexy wolf shifter, and an unknown magical calling, she thinks she’s losing … Read More

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The Fortuna Coin

by Karen Ann Hopkins  

Wendy Catalano, a newly remarried mother of four, finds herself, her husband and her children, murder victims of her ex-husband. A family heirloom takes her back in time to the beginning of her relationship with her eventual killer where she’s given the magical opportunity to change the future and stop her family’s tragic ending. But she isn’t aware that she’s … Read More

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Kink Camp: Hunted

by Adriana Anders  

My desires… I’m afraid. I want things – to escape, to run, to be caught, held down and… I’ve come here to find the thing to quench my most sensual fantasies. When I see him – I know. He’s brutal and made of stone. An artist with his hands who keeps everyone at arm’s length. He’s the one I want … Read More

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by Faith Evans  

“Forceful talent” (Essence Magazine) and R&B sensation Faith Evans gives us a first person account of life at ground zero of the most infamous part of hip-hop history. It’s been over ten years since Big was killed. I grieved for him for a very long time. And then, as time passed, the icy wall of grief surrounding my heart began … Read More

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Dead Certain: A Novel (Broden Legal Book 1)

by Adam Mitzner  

An Amazon Charts Most Read and Most Sold book. Ella Broden is living a double life. By day, Ella works as a buttoned-up attorney on some of the city’s most grueling cases. By night, she pursues her passion for singing in the darkest clubs of Manhattan. No one knows her secret, not even Charlotte, the younger sister she practically raised. … Read More

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Real Trouble: MM Romantic Suspense (West Coast Forensics Book 1)

by Elle Keaton  

Rule Breaker. Troublemaker. Heart Taker. Needs him like oxygen. Shot and left to die. The man he thought he loved disappears. A fresh start in a new place seems like the right choice for Deputy Soren Jorgensen. Dany has secrets. He’s not on the island by accident and he’s not a nice guy. He’s laying low but he must have … Read More

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Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year


A revealing and dramatic chronicle of the twelve months leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. Martin Luther King, Jr. died in one of the most shocking assassinations the world has known, but little is remembered about the life he led in his final year. New York Times bestselling author and award-winning broadcaster Tavis Smiley recounts the final … Read More

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After the Lie: A gripping novel about love, loss and family secrets

by Kerry Fisher  

‘I just couldn’t put it down … It’s not very often when reading a book that you find yourself laughing, crying snotty tears, feeling sick with tension … Yes, honestly, it really is that good.’ Being Anne Reading ‘OMG, do I ever like this writer. I don’t usually gush … But rarely have I come across a character that I … Read More

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DON’T GO BACK: An absolutely gripping psychological suspense thriller

by Mark West  

A captivating thriller about a woman whose past suddenly catches up with her When Beth receives news that a once-close friend has died, after years away she reluctantly returns to the seaside town where she grew up. Beth becomes increasingly unsettled as she attends the funeral, encounters people from her past, and visits her teenage haunts. She is forced to … Read More

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Ruby’s Palace


The Vincents’ nightclubs are popping up all over London. The O’Connells, a gypsy family, plan to get their hands on the Palaces, but gypsies have no place in business… not the Vincents’ business. Their hunger for revenge is driven by jealousy and greed. Disregarding the warnings and the rumours of the disappearance of the entire McManners family, the O’Connells plot … Read More

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Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary Partnership

by Michael Eric Dyson  

A Washington Post 2019 Notable Selection A vivid and inspiring account of the “bromance” between Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The extraordinary partnership of Barack Obama and Joe Biden is unique in American history. The two men, their characters and styles sharply contrasting, formed a dynamic working relationship that evolved into a profound friendship. Their affinity was not predestined. Obama … Read More

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Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot

by J. Randy Taraborrelli  

Jacqueline Bouvier. Ethel Skakel. Joan Bennett. Three women who married into America’s royal family and became forever linked in legend. Set against the panorama of explosive American history, this unique story offers a rarely-seen look at the relationship shared among the three women — during the Camelot years and beyond. Whether dealing with their husbands’ blatant infidelities, stumping for their … Read More

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Pushing Ice

by Alastair Reynolds  

First contact with extraordinary aliens, glittering technologies that could destroy the universe in a nanosecond, huge sweeping space operas: Alastair Reynolds is back! Some centuries from now, the exploration and exploitation of the Solar System is in full swing. On the cold edge of the system, Bella Lind, captain of the huge commercial spacecraft Rockhopper IV, helps fuel this new … Read More

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