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The Last Lie Told (Finley O’Sullivan Book 1)

by Debra Webb  

From USA Today bestselling author Debra Webb comes the thrilling first installment in the Finley O’Sullivan series, featuring a legal investigator haunted by her past and obsessed with the truth. Legal investigator Finley O’Sullivan searches for evidence the police overlooked, wading through secrets, lies, and betrayal to find answers. With the unsolved murder of her husband still very much on … Read More

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Mist and Magic: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Death Before Dragons)

by Lindsay Buroker  

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As a freelance assassin, Val Thorvald leads a dangerous life. She’s learned not to stay in the same place for long and not to get too attached to anything. For example, she would never consider adopting a pet. But when she’s searching for a missing friend, she finds an abandoned silver tiger cub. The magical feline is clearly from another … Read More

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A Book Signing To Die For (Cozy Mysteries To Die For 1)

by Judy Moore  

Beck O’Rourke and her grandmother own Beach Reads bookstore and coffee shop, a gathering place for locals and tourists, a block off the ocean in Manatee Beach, Florida. They live above the bookstore with Beck’s feisty younger sister, Lizzie, a lifeguard. Beck is excited to host the country’s bestselling cozy mystery writer for a book signing event until a member … Read More

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Dead After Midnight: A gripping tale of murder, deception and survival (A Kelsey Woods Thriller Book 1)

by C.P. Daly  

Suzie Q is a prostitute and determined to get out of her current line of work and excited for a fresh start with best friend Lucy by her side. Her dreams come to an abrupt halt, when, during a night of turning tricks, she stumbles upon Lucy’s brutally murdered body. Fearing for her life, Suzie runs to her neighbor, Luke’s, … Read More

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Divine Blood (Guardians of the Maiden Book 1)

by Beck Michaels  

A map to a place they each desire. A destiny they didn’t expect. The Shadow demon nearly took everything from Dynalya Astron, and it would soon return for more. When she discovers a way to fight back, she must go on a perilous journey and risk it all for those she holds dear. Along the way, she meets Cassiel, a … Read More

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Next Stop Execution: The Autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky

by Oleg Gordievsky  

Oleg Gordievsky was the highest ranking KGB officer ever to work for Britain. For eleven years, from 1974 to 1985, he acted as a secret agent, reporting to the British Secret Intelligence Service while continuing to work as a KGB officer, first in Copenhagen, then in London. He provided Western security organizations with such a clear insight into the mind … Read More

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Uncommon Ground (Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings Book 1)

by Joy Ohagwu  

Book One of The Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings Christian Suspense series by an award winning & USA Today Bestselling Author. Finding her daughter after a disaster, before it was too late, was her greatest challenge. Finding his heart unattached to her was his. Widowed and now single, Stella Heart juggled between managing her professional career and struggling to communicate with … Read More

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I spy, I Saw Her Die (BOOK TWO): a gripping, page-turning cyber crime murder mystery conspiracy thriller.


Is this the Crime Thriller of the year? Download Book One in the series for Free! Read Book Two for Free on Kindle Unlimited! In a race against time, it’s Ray Luck against the world! When Ray Luck – a top cyber security expert – accidentally stumbles upon a devastating secret while surfing the web, he knows immediately he is … Read More

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Consort of Darkness: A Story of Nyx and Erebus (The Asphodel Series Book 1)

by Molly Tullis  

An enthralling new novel, with romance and Greek mythology, for fans of Madeline Miller’s Circe, Jennifer Saint’s Ariadne, or Scarlett St. Clair’s A Touch of Darkness. Before the age of gods and men, the most ancient of the immortals, Nyx, pulled herself into creation. Her power encapsulated the night and all its secrets — where nothing goes unseen. Once respected … Read More

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SEVEN-X: A Dark Psychological Suspense Thriller


SEVEN-X is a bone-chilling exploration into the root of evil within us. Freelance Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner, Annette Dobson, known as “The SIDS Killer.” Eddie adamantly believes Dobson’s execution was staged and that she was secretly shipped to a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of … Read More

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Angela’s Hope: Western Romance on the Frontier (Wildflowers Book 2)

by Leah Banicki  

Oregon Trail – 1848 A careless mistake nearly killed her. Angela lay bleeding and dying in a ravine, far from the wagon train. No one can hear her screams for help. Sent on a foolish mission, lost in the dark wilds, alone and stumbling before she plummets end-over-end to her doom. Her only hope was to survive, then someday she … Read More

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The Planets: A Sunday Times Bestseller

by Brian Cox  

‘So staggering you go “whoa!” every few seconds’ Guardian ‘Really impressive’ Eamonn Holmes, ITV This Morning A companion book to the critically acclaimed BBC series. The bestselling authors of Wonders of the Universe are back with another blockbuster, a groundbreaking exploration of our Solar System as it has never been seen before. Mercury, a lifeless victim of the Sun’s expanding … Read More

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Broken Sparrow (Open Road Series Book 1)

by Chelle Bliss  

A chance encounter. An unlikely hero. Morris has always dedicated himself to his brothers in the MC, choosing the freedom of the open road over the monotony of family life. But a chance encounter with a single mother on the run causes his protective instincts to kick into overdrive. Alice Sparrow thought she had planned her escape perfectly, but everything … Read More

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King and Maxwell

by David Baldacci  

Former Secret Service Agents turned private investigators, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, return in their most surprising, personal and dangerous case to date. King and Maxwell is the explosive finale to David Baldacci’s phenomenal series. A family tragedy. Teenager Tyler Wingo learns the awful news that his father, a soldier, was killed in action in Afghanistan. But then Tyler receives … Read More

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Kiss Her Goodnight: A completely unputdownable crime thriller (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 15)

by D.K. Hood  

She glances around as she locks the café door behind her. It’s growing dark and the quiet street is deserted. Tired, she starts on her short walk home. She thinks she’ll be safe inside within minutes, but the person watching from the shadows has other plans for her tonight… When the body of a young woman is discovered in a … Read More

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Whirlwind: The Sixth Novel of the Asian Saga

by James Clavell  

‘James Clavell does more than entertain. He transports us into worlds we’ve not known, stimulating, educating, questioning . . . a wonder of detail’ Washington Post ‘The author handles the plot with all the confident authority of a ring-master, keeping a half-dozen themes and a formidable cast of characters moving along at a cracking pace. By the end I was … Read More

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Favourite Daughter

by Kaira Rouda  

‘Addictive, suspenseful and full of dark secrets!’ Michele Campbell, Sunday Times bestselling author of It’s Always the Husband ‘A chilling glimpse behind the facade of the perfect family’ Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs Parrish One of them lied. One of them died. Jane’s life has become a haze of antidepressants since the tragic death of her daughter, … Read More

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The Irish Nanny: An absolutely heart-wrenching Irish WW2 story

by Sandy Taylor  

‘We have to go, Miss. We can’t wait any longer.’ I hold the baby tighter as the lifeboat is lowered slowly into the water, hitting the rough sea with a splash. My eyes never leave the ship, searching, hoping to see the others and know they are safe… London 1940. As the war rages in Europe, Rose Brown steps on … Read More

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The Healer’s Apprentice (Fairy Tale Romance Series Book 1)

by Melanie Dickerson  

A realistic, fast-paced reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale full of royalty, romance, and danger. This masterful combination of love and heartbreak—combined with the novel’s surprise ending—is everything fans of fantasy, historical, and medieval fiction yearn for. Rose has been appointed as a healer’s apprentice at Hagenheim Castle, a rare opportunity for a woodcutter’s daughter like her. While she often … Read More

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The Secrets of Thistle Cottage: A gripping and emotional historical novel for 2021

by Kerry Barrett  

The truth can be dangerous in the wrong hands… 1661, North Berwick, Scotland One stormy night, healer Honor Seton and her daughter Alice are summoned to save the town lord’s wife – but they’re too late. A vengeful crusade against the Seton women leads to whispers of witchcraft all over town. Honor hopes her connections can protect them from unproven … Read More

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DON’T LIE TO ME (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1)

by Willow Rose  

When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home. Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged. The girl isn’t just any child. She’s the town’s most beloved surf idol, and it was believed that she could be … Read More

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Summer of the Woods (The Virginia Mysteries Book 1)

by Steven K. Smith  

Do you remember your first real adventure? When summer was filled with magic and anything seemed possible… Magic Tree House meets The Hardy Boys…A perfect reading adventure that will hook even reluctant young readers! When young brothers Derek and Sam move with their family to Virginia, they have no idea what adventures the summer will bring. As they explore their … Read More

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Gone to Her Grave: A totally gripping and jaw-dropping crime thriller and mystery novel (Detective Madison Harper Book 4)

by Wendy Dranfield  

In the golden morning light, a beautiful young woman lies diagonally across the bed, dressed for a night out, her long lashes pressed against her cheeks as if she’s sleeping. But the crimson that creeps across the sheets tells the story of an innocent woman who has drawn her last breath… Detective Madison Harper is pulled away from Thanksgiving preparations … Read More

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The Jigsaw Man: the most addictive and chilling debut crime thriller that you won’t be able to put down (An Inspector Henley Thriller, Book 1)

by Nadine Matheson  

‘The Jigsaw Man ranks amongst the very best debut thrillers – we’re talking top-ten territory here – I’ve read this past decade… It evokes, vibrantly and indelibly, a world I’ve never even glimpsed, much less entered – neither in literature nor in life… Matheson’s voice is exciting, urgent… and, now more than ever, vital’ A.J. Finn ‘This modern and multi-layered take … Read More

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Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership

by Mark Rashid  

In Horses Never Lie, renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid challenges the conventional wisdom of “alpha leadership” and teaches the reader to become a “passive leader”—a counterpart to the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to associate with and to follow. Applying Rashid’s principles and techniques helps cultivate horse personalities that are responsive and dependable regardless of the … Read More

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The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World’s Richest People

by Alex Becker  

USA Today Bestseller: How to think like a multimillionaire and leave 9-to-5 behind. The world has led you to believe that financial freedom is not something you can willfully create. You have been taught to view wealth as something that happens only to a lucky few who win a random business lottery or are blessed with unimaginable talent. The truth … Read More

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The Day We Meet Again: escape with the most romantic love story from the Sunday Times best seller (192 POCHE)

by Miranda Dickinson  

‘A spark of true joy. I adored every page’ Josie Silver, author of One Day in December ‘An engrossing love story, beautifully written’ Sarah Morgan, Sunday Times bestselling author ‘Exquisitely tender and breathtaking…This is Miranda at her best’ Cathy Bramley, Sunday Times bestselling author ‘Emotional story…full of both heart and soul’ Fabulous ‘This story will have you championing the pair … Read More

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