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Great Circle: The soaring and emotional novel shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022 and shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2021

by Maggie Shipstead  


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Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (Don’t Sweet Romance Book 1)

by Holly Kerr  

Shae may be dying, but she won’t let that slow her down. And she’s the perfect person to bring Emmett back to life. “This book wasn’t just an emotional roller coaster, it was the whole darned carnival.” Ever since she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, travel vlogger Shae has been living life to the fullest. She’s ticked off countless … Read More

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by Kate Wrath  

BOOK ONE IN THE E SERIES Life is harsh. It makes no exceptions. Not even for the innocent. Outpost Three: a huddle of crumbling buildings choked by a concrete wall. Cracked pavement, rusted metal, splintering boards. Huge robotic Sentries police the streets, but the Ten Laws are broken every time one turns its back. Eden is determined, smart, and a … Read More

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To Save His Child (Into the Storm Book 1)

by Margaret Watson  

Caine O’Roarke regretted vanishing into thin air and leaving Lexie Hollister asleep in his bed – but he had no choice. The mercenary had been called in for an urgent mission in the middle of the night. He’d miss Lexie, but the former Seal told himself that he and Lexie would both get over it. They’d been completely wrong for … Read More

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The Way They Were: That Second Chance, Book 2

by Mary Campisi  

It’s all about that second chance… Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get that second chance—in life and in love. The Way They Were is a stand-alone story of a strong woman who battles heartache and loss with courage and determination to find new paths and true love. This is book two of That Second Chance series. It is also the … Read More

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Cage of Deceit: Reign of Secrets, Book 1

by Jennifer Anne Davis  

Fans of THRONE OF GLASS and FALLING KINGDOMS will devour this action-packed new series filled with romance, betrayal, and court intrigue. Sixteen-year-old Allyssa appears to be the ideal princess of Emperion–she’s beautiful, elegant, and refined. She spends her days locked in a suffocating cage, otherwise known as the royal court. But at night, Allyssa uses her secret persona–that of a … Read More

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The Crane Diaries: Stained

by Apryl Baker  

I Am Death. I Am Darkness. I Am Creation. These are the simple truths Emma Rose Crane, AKA Mattie Hathaway, has run from for the last two years, but the situation she finds herself in will not let her flee her past anymore. It’s barreling toward her at the speed of a bullet. Mattie finds herself back in Charlotte, North … Read More

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Stone Cold (Rob Stone Book 4)


People go to Alaska to escape something. Rob Stone is escaping his past and the FBI. Until he can clear his name, he will use the two things Alaska has to hide – the wilderness and an understanding that everyone has their own reasons for being there. A chance meeting with a woman, a shared smile and Stone is ready … Read More

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Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set: An Alastair Stone Urban Fantasy Collection (Alastair Stone Chronicles Books 1-4) (Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Sets Book 1)

by R. L. King  

When the Going Gets Strange, Call Dr. Alastair Stone This collection gathers the first four books of the #1 Amazon-bestselling Alastair Stone Chronicles urban fantasy series. If you enjoy compelling characters, exciting and twisty plots, and an overarching storyline that will keep you coming back for more, it’s time to let smart, charming British mage Alastair Stone take you on … Read More

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Mountain Times: The Complete Western Series

by John Legg  

A MOUNTAIN MAN CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING, EVEN A COLD DAY IN HELL… “One of the best mountain man era books I’ve ever read.” Nathaniel Squire is a giant of a man, and the only one Col. Leander Melton thought could lead his pack of greenhorn would-be trappers into the mountains – and deep in Blackfoot territory. Squire must teach the … Read More

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Albion Lost (The Exiled Fleet Book 1)

by Richard Fox  

For centuries, the Daegon waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike. The core worlds of settled space enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star kingdom of Albion stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be … Read More

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A Warrior’s Path: An Anchored Worlds Novel (The Castes and the OutCastes Book 1)

by Davis Ashura  

An ancient evil rises. Hidden truths are unmasked. The world stands on the brink . . . and a young warrior stands at the heart of it all. Two thousand years ago, the Sorrow Bringer destroyed the First World. She stirs once more. Into this world is born Rukh Shektan, the finest warrior of his generation. Like all members of … Read More

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Full Disclosure

by Stormy Daniels  

‘Funny, candid, mischievous . . . and unapologetic’ – Telegraph Stormy Daniels is a world-famous, award-winning adult film star and director – and a proud woman who dared to take on the President of the United States, Donald Trump. In Full Disclosure, Stormy tells the unvarnished truth about her extraordinary life – including her relationship with Donald Trump, the full … Read More

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Cruel Justice (Justice series Book 1)

by M A Comley  

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author M A Comley who has sold over three million copies to date worldwide. Women are living in fear. A serial killer is on the loose with a terrifying agenda, DI Lorne Simpkins and her intrepid team soon realise they will need to use all their experience, skill, and patience to capture the … Read More

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Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me: A feel-good romantic comedy you need to read (Coffee Tea Book 1)

by Caroline James  

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A genuinely warm feel-good story⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I LOVED this book⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Funny, sad, a perfect page-turner ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Couldn’t put it down! Jo’s romance with the gypsy began with his first kiss, she never forgot it… When Jo Edmond’s husband runs off with their nanny and disappears into a Spanish sunset, Jo resolves to make a new life with her baby son. … Read More

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Das Mondamulett: Roman – Der epische Bestseller in der Tradition des Welterfolgs »Palast der Winde« | Glanzvoll und bildgewaltig: »Eine Lektüre, wie es … Leben gibt.« Toronto Globe (German Edition)

by Linda Holeman  

Eine wilde Schönheit, die nur in Freiheit erblühen kann: Der opulente historische Bestseller-Roman »Das Mondamulett« von Linda Holeman als eBook bei dotbooks. Afghanistan, Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Als die junge Daryâ gegen die starren Gesetze ihrer Dorfgemeinschaft aufbegehrt, passiert das Unvorstellbare: Sie wird verstoßen und in die Wildnis gejagt – wer Freiheit sucht, hat den Tod verdient. Doch Schritt für … Read More

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Don’t Call Me Hero

by Eliza Lentzski  

It’s been over a year since Cassidy Miller retired from the United States Marine Corps, but try telling that to her nightmares. She knew that coming back after eight years in a war zone wouldn’t be easy, but she’d underestimated the real difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life. War is hell, but the aftermath is endless. Looking for a … Read More

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Hammer to Fall: For readers of John le Carré, Philip Kerr and Alan Furst.

by John Lawton  

It’s London, the swinging sixties, and by rights MI6 spy Joe Wilderness should be having as good a time as James Bond. But alas, in the wake of an embarrassing disaster for MI6, Wilderness has been posted to remote northern Finland in a cultural exchange program to promote Britain abroad. Bored by his work, with nothing to spy on, Wilderness … Read More

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Devil You Know (Imperium Book 2)

by Michelle St. James  

“Sizzling, thrilling, and intense!” Logan Bane always knew he wasn’t good enough for Ella Perez. He was just a confused kid in a bad neighborhood. Ella was smart and beautiful, brilliant and special. When she looked at him, it was like feeling the sun on his face for the first time. Then she left him behind for bigger and better … Read More

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Light My Fire: A Dark Mafia Romance (Mafia Kingdom Book 1)

by Jessica Ruben  

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From Amazon bestselling author Jessica Ruben comes a hot new Romance… He saved me from war.Fed me when I was in too much pain to eat. Smuggled me and my family into America when it became too dangerous to stay. But, Nico didn’t flee with us.While I began elementary school in the United States, he was building the greatest and … Read More

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Be More Japan: The Art of Japanese Living

by DK Eyewitness  

In love with all things Japan or looking to absorb a little Japanese wisdom into your daily life? From the philosophies of ikigai and wabi sabi to kitsch karaoke nights and futuristic robot restaurants; traditional tea ceremonies and tranquil onsen dwellings to cosplay culture and J-Pop megastars; Japan is full of intriguing contradictions. Though renowned for its ultramodern capital Tokyo … Read More

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Wild at Heart: A Novel (The Simple Wild Book 2)

by K.A. Tucker  

From the internationally best-selling author of The Simple Wild comes the continuation of a woman’s journey to Alaska and a life she never imagined for herself. Calla Fletcher returns to Toronto a different person, struggling to find direction and still very much in love with the rugged bush pilot she left behind. When Jonah arrives on her doorstep with a … Read More

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by Alice Blanchard  

A chilling mystery about a female detective who suspects that her brother is a child murderer—or else a victim of the grisly serial murders that have haunted the town of Flowering Dogwood, Maine for decades. “Deeply scary.” — The New York Times “Terrifying.” — People Magazine “A first-rate shocker.” — Wall Street Journal Nobody locks their doors at night in … Read More

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Paddy Mayne: Lt Col Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne, 1 SAS Regiment

by Hamish Ross  

‘Paddy’ Mayne was one of the most outstanding special forces leaders of the Second World War. Hamish Ross’s authoritative study follows Mayne from solicitor and a rugby international to troop commander in the Commandos and then the SAS, whose leader he later became and whose annals he graced, winning the DSO and three bars, the Croix de Guerre and the … Read More

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The Cloisters: The Secret History for a new generation – an instant Sunday Times bestseller

by Katy Hays  

The Secret History meets Ninth House in this sinister, atmospheric novel . . . the discovery of a mysterious deck of tarot cards lays bare shocking secrets within a close-knit circle of researchers at New York’s famed Met Cloisters museum. ‘Beguiling and atmospheric, an entrancing and gripping tale.’ KATE MOSSE ‘Glamour, power, seduction, ambition – The Cloisters has it all. … Read More

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