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Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors

by Piers Paul Read  

The #1 New York Times bestseller and the true story behind the film: A rugby team resorts to the unthinkable after a plane crash in the Andes. Spirits were high when the Fairchild F-227 took off from Mendoza, Argentina, and headed for Santiago, Chile. On board were forty-five people, including an amateur rugby team from Uruguay and their friends and … Read More

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Tempt Me at Midnight (Chase Family Series: The Regency, Book 1)

by Lauren Royal  

♥  A sexy nobleman with a dark past ♥  A debutante with a flawless reputation ♥  A compromising embrace ♥  A close-knit, meddling family ♥  Steamy Regency romance! From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Royal comes the first novel in her beloved Regency series featuring the “outrageously funny, loyal, compassionate, and unconventional” Chase family. The eldest of three sisters, … Read More

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Donna Teresa: A Rex Dalton Thriller

by JC Ryan  

Rex Dalton and his best friend Digger, the former military dog, are back in Rome. They are at the famous Piazza del Popolo. Seven weeks ago, Rex had to abandon his plans to contact Catia Romano, the woman he’s in love with, to help rescue his former CEO, John Brandt. Now he was back. Catia’s apartment was less than a … Read More

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Office Pet (His Pet Book 1)

by Jamie Knight  

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Reese He’s my boss, and I know I shouldn’t, but I just want to follow his every order. One bad breakup in college and I’ve had bad luck in love ever since. In an act of desperation, I say yes to a date with my supervisor. But my luck gets worse when he tries to put his unwanted hands on … Read More

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Beautiful Monster: a standalone age-gap romance (Beautiful Series)

by Sara Cate  

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Playboy. Socialite. Frivolous and Wicked. Alexander Caldwell needs to settle down. Hence the giant white house he just bought in the suburbs. The one that backs up to the house filled with three single women living in it. They all have their sights set on him…but it’s her he can’t get out of his head. Alexander has absolutely no place … Read More

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A Court of Sugar and Spice: A Nutcracker Romance Retelling (Wicked Darlings Book 1)

by Rebecca F. Kenney  

With their inheritance restricted until their marriage, sisters Clara and Louisa, both in their twenties, must live with their godfather Drosselmeyer. One night, an accident brings to life one of the strange wooden dolls in Drosselmeyer’s mansion. The Nutcracker doll is a cursed Fae prince, and he pleads for the sisters’ help. During the ensuing journey into the Fae realm, … Read More

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Buried Secrets: PAVAD: FBI Case File #0005 (Pavad- FBI Case Files Book 5)

by Calle J. Brookes  

A dead grandmother was a good reason to run… Fourteen years ago, the Beise family just disappeared. Rumors filled the small town of Masterson—everything from mass slaughter to alien abductions. PAVAD: FBI Agent Miranda Talley had always wondered what happened to her best friend’s family. When human remains are found buried in the Beise family barn, Miranda returns to her … Read More

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My Wife’s Husband

by E.H. Davis  

What you don’t know about your spouse could kill you. Jens Corbin is a comfortable, successful writer, with a wife and a teenage son. After saving a man from a bear attack in the New Hampshire mountains, Jens decides to step away from his popular but formulaic mystery series to begin a new cycle, featuring a female protagonist devoted to … Read More

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Sweetest Thing

by Natasha West  

Robyn Vincent bakes. It’s the only thing in her life that feels good, feels like control. Until almost by accident, she ends up as a contestant on one of the biggest cookery shows in the world, ‘Bake It!’ Now she’s wildly out of her comfort zone, baking under the watchful eye of mean judges as well as a national audience. … Read More

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She’s Not Coming Home

by Philip Cox  

Suppose your wife leaves work but never arrives home; you call, only to find nobody there has heard of her. If she doesn’t work there, where has she been going? Matthew Gibbons thought he had it all – a house in a leafy Boston suburb, his wife Ruth and a beautiful son. But when one evening, after texting him ‘leaving … Read More

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Her Stranded Billionaire Mix-Up: A Stranded Mistaken Identity Romance (Her Billionaire Romance Series Book 5)

by Bree Livingston  

A woman left at the altar. A billionaire who bristles at love. Trapped together on a deserted island, can romance find them where rescue planes can’t? Just two months ago, life was perfect for Harley Wilson. She was planning her wedding to the love of her life and quickly establishing herself as one of Houston’s most sought-after event coordinators. Then, … Read More

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Tooth and Nail (Lost Falls Book 3)

by Chris Underwood  

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A murdered vampire. No witnesses. A blood feud ignited. Some folks say the only good vampire is a dead vampire. But when the murder of a vampire threatens the fragile peace between vampires and ogres, someone has to wade into the fray to sort the truth from the lies. Guess who gets that job. But there’s more to this murder … Read More

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Beachfront Inheritance (Solomons Island Book 1)

by Michele Gilcrest  

She’s single, out of a job, and has a week to decide what to do with her life. He lost his fiancé to a fatal accident while serving in the coast guard. Will a chance encounter lead Clara and Mike to find love? Clara’s boss, Joan Russell, was a wealthy owner of a beachfront mansion, who recently passed away. Joan’s … Read More

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Wicked Princess: A Dark Mafia, High School Bully Romance (Knight’s Ridge Empire Book 2)

by Tracy Lorraine  

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you the next installment of her new dark mafia, high school bully romance series. My entire life has been a lie… And the one person I allowed myself to trust has shattered any illusion I had left about who I was and where I came from. The men around … Read More

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Friends From the Edge

by Heather Balog  

A missing teenage boy. Three friends who know what happened. A secret they swear never to tell. Until the secret comes back to haunt them…thirty years later. Jack, Matt, Cassie, and Lisa are four friends growing up on “The Edge”, a cul-de-sac in the 80s. The alpha male, the lucky one, the goody-two shoes, and the glamorous hottie that all … Read More

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Accidental Hero: Hometown Heroes A-Z, Christian Romantic Suspense (Born In Texas Book 1)

by Jo Grafford  

After a bad breakup, Army Ranger Matt Romero is on a new mission — to remain single. What he’s looking for can be boiled down to this: New job in a new town No romantic relationship to complicate things Rescuing a lovely cowgirl from a highway collision along the way is definitely not in his plans. Neither is the unexpected … Read More

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Thank You, Next: A perfect, uplifting and funny romantic comedy

by Sophie Ranald  

‘Absolutely hilarious!!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘This. Book. Is. Perfect!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I was 100% hooked.’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘OMG I LOVED this.’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Twenty-eight-year-old Zoe really doesn’t want to end up being a crazy old cat lady. As a chef, she’s used to sharp knives and getting burned, but she … Read More

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That Feeling (The Slade Brothers Second Generation)

by Alexis Winter  

The first time I saw her wrapped in skintight denim and a cowboy hat riding a mechanical bull, I knew she was trouble…The kind of trouble you spend all night praying never ends and a decade trying to forget. So tell me why, come Monday morning, she’s sitting across from me at our quarterly board meeting as the new director … Read More

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Tell Me No Lies (Lily’s House Book 2)

by Rachel Branton  

Tessa Needs a Husband—and Fast! With her trust fund in jeopardy, Tessa Crawford enters into a relationship with a mysterious neighbor that soon turns into something more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. Two days before her wedding, Tessa Crawford’s world crumbles, leaving her hurt and betrayed. Worse, if Tessa doesn’t marry and receive her trust fund, her … Read More

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A Comfortable Wife (Lester Family Saga, Book 4)

by Stephanie Laurens  

Immerse yourself in the glitter of Regency times and follow the lives and romantic escapades of Stephanie Laurens’ Lester family. Miss Antonia Mannering was not going to dwindle into becoming an old maid! She and Lord Philip Ruthven had been childhood friends who had not seen each other for years. And although considered a very eligible bachelor, Philip remained unmarried. … Read More

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Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy Roth

by Carlton Smith  

From the bestselling author of The Search for the Green River Killer: A chilling true account of the dream husband who was every woman’s nightmare. Randy Roth was handsome, hardworking, kind, and in top physical shape. But for all his charm and good looks, he was seemingly cursed with the ladies. His first marriage ended in divorce before the couple’s … Read More

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My Life in Full: Work, Family and Our Future

by Indra Nooyi  

‘A must-read for working women and the men who work with us, love us and support us’ Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘Surprising and compelling’ Financial Times The much-anticipated and inspiring memoir by Indra Nooyi, the trailblazing former CEO of PepsiCo, offering clear-eyed insight and a call to action for how our society can really blend work and family – and advance … Read More

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Triple Cross: (Alex Cross 30)

by James Patterson  

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FATHER’S DAY SOON TO BE AN ORIGINAL AMAZON PRIME SERIES ‘ALEX CROSS IS A LEGEND’ HARLAN COBEN ________________________ Alex Cross faces his toughest case yet in the explosive new thriller from multi-million copy bestseller James Patterson A killer strikes under cover of darkness, triggers no alarms, and leaves no evidence behind. Detective Alex Cross is on … Read More

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Star Wars: Brotherhood

by Mike Chen  

The Clone Wars have begun. Battle lines are being drawn throughout the galaxy. With every world that joins the Separatists, the peace guarded by the Jedi Order is slipping through their fingers. After an explosion devastates Cato Neimoidia, the jewel of the Trade Federation, the Republic is blamed and the fragile neutrality of the planet is threatened. The Jedi dispatch … Read More

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The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

by Edward E Baptist  

A groundbreaking history demonstrating that America’s economic supremacy was built on the backs of enslaved people Winner of the 2015 Avery O. Craven Prize from the Organization of American Historians Winner of the 2015 Sidney Hillman Prize Americans tend to cast slavery as a pre-modern institution — the nation’s original sin, perhaps, but isolated in time and divorced from America’s … Read More

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