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1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting

by Thomas W. Phelan  

“Everywhere you go, you keep overhearing other moms say to their misbehaving children, ‘That’s one. That’s two. That’s three.’ And then you watch in disbelief as their kid actually stops!”—PopSugar Moms The most effective parenting guide for tantrums. Do you want to strengthen your parent-child bond? What about learning how to build self-esteem early on in your toddler, preschooler, or … Read More

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MoonFall (MoonFall Series Book 1)

by A.G. Wyatt  

A lone wanderer trudges through the post-apocalyptic wasteland, trying to run away from what humanity has become after the Fall. When he is caught in the conflict between two rival factions, he is forced to choose between his freedom and saving what is left of civilization. A post-apocalyptic adventure that is “full of action, heart, and human nature.” ~ Tina … Read More

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To Make Them Pay: A Lake District thriller (DI Sam Cobbs Book 3)

by M A Comley  

A Lake District thriller. A twisted mind can be deadly… When Brian Coltman is murdered after a night out with a friend, DI Sam Cobbs and her team need to find the motive behind the gruesome crime. Intrigue and false starts threaten the investigation until a second body is found. With her husband on the missing list, does Sam have … Read More

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Still Glides the Stream

by D. E. Stevenson  

When Will Hastie finally decides to retire from the military and return home to Scotland, he intends to settle down on his family estate and learn to become a farmer. But back home, the death of his best friend and neighbour, Rae, during World War Two is still strongly felt. In particular, Rae’s sister, Patty, has been brooding for the … Read More

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TRUCKER: A Good Guys Novel (The Good Guys Book 1)

by Jamie Schlosser  

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ANGEL I know what you’re whispering in the car as you pass me by. Hitchhiker. When you see me walking along the side of the road with my thumb out, you’ll probably keep driving without giving me a second glance. You probably think I’m foolish. Naïve. You might assume I’ve made some bad decisions. You might think I’m too young … Read More

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Seeking Home: A Sweet Rockyview Romance (Family Bonds Book 1)

by Carolyne Aarsen  

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She’s a single mother looking for redemption. He ‘s a widower who wants to sell the ranch that stole his family from him in a tragic accident. Sabine Radowski’s rocky childhood left her looking for a stable future for her daughter. So when the insurance payment arrives from her estranged husband’s passing, she brings her dream alive and buys a … Read More

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Rise of the Mage (Resurrecting Magic Book 1)

by Keary Taylor  

My academic life at Alderidge University was meant to be predictable. As the daughter of acclaimed professors, lecture halls were my childhood playground. Little did I know that the pages of my future were about to be irrevocably rewritten the moment Nathaniel Nightingale entered my life. His scar-laden hands told me he had a haunted past. But when I discover … Read More

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RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty: Everhide Rockstar Romance Series Book 1

by Tania Joyce  

The only thing Kyle loved more than music was Gemma. The problem was she loved his best friend. Torn between love and loyalty, what sacrifice will he make? Gemma Lonsdale was the lead singer in the world’s biggest rock band. She was adored by fans, worshiped by millions. But endless scandal and life in the limelight has left her paranoid … Read More

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Betrothed to the Beast: Reformed Rogues Book 1

by Elina Emerald  

If you previously downloaded this book from KU, contact Amazon to request the updated version. Awarded a B.R.A.G Medallion for Romance/Historical Fiction. The Reformed Rogues series follows the lives of three fearsome Highland Warriors who form a bond stronger than any blood tie. It is set in 11th Century Scotland during the reign of ‘The Red King.’ Recommend reading books … Read More

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The House of Closed Doors

by Jane Steen  

Heedless. Stubborn. Disgraced. Small town Illinois, 1870: “My stepfather was not particularly fond of me to begin with, and now that he’d found out about the baby, he was foaming at the mouth” Desperate to avoid marriage, Nell Lillington refuses to divulge the name of her child’s father and accepts her stepfather’s decision that the baby be born at a … Read More

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JASON APSLEY’S Second Chance: A Time Travel Adventure (The Jason Apsley Series Book 1)

by Adrian Cousins  

Humour, mystery, and a time leap to the 1970s. If you were catapulted back to 1976, what would you do? Could you relive your life and change your past? However, history always repeats … or does it? … Jason Apsley is about to find out. Following a bizarre twist of fate, Jason finds himself in 1976, forty years in the … Read More

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Law of Five (Kate Reid Thrillers Book 2)

by Robin Mahle  

Kate Reid thought her past was long buried, but one man’s obsession could threaten her future. “A gripping, psychological mystery” – D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review The nationwide manhunt for a killer begins and the media quickly dubs him the “Highway Hunter.” Bodies left roadside on display with horrific markings; a calling card. But this case is miles away from … Read More

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The Copperfield House (A Nantucket Sunset Series Book 1)

by Katie Winters  

The Copperfields were once the most beloved family on Nantucket Island. Twenty-five years ago, their lives changed forever. And they never saw one another again. Not until now. In the spring of 1997, Julia watched as a judge sentenced her father, the renowned novelist, Bernard Copperfield, to twenty-five years in prison for conning, swindling, and stealing millions of dollars from … Read More

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A Cursed Kiss (Myths of Airren Book 1)

by Jenny Hickman  

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Living on an island plagued by magic and mythical monsters isn’t a fairy tale… it’s a nightmare. After Keelynn witnesses her sister’s murder at the hands of the legendary Gancanagh, an immortal creature who seduces women and kills them with a cursed kiss, she realizes there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to get her back. With the help of a vengeful … Read More

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City In Embers (Collector Series Book 1)

by Stacey Marie Brown  

*This series is connected to the Darkness Series. Recomend reading this series after. There is something unique about Zoey Daniels. She can see the fae—a species kept hidden from the human world. Because of her talent, she is hired as a Collector by the Department of Molecular Genetics (DMG), a secret government agency that uses fae blood to save human … Read More

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The Devil You Know

by Terry Tyler  

Every serial killer is someone’s friend, spouse, lover or child…. Young women are being murdered in the Lincolnshire town of Lyndford, where five people fear someone close to them might be the monster the police are searching for. One of them is right. Juliet sees an expert’s profile of the average serial killer and realises that her abusive husband, Paul, … Read More

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Sweet Time in Seconds (A Sweet Cove Mystery Book 11)

by J A Whiting  

This is book 11 in the Sweet Cove Cozy Mystery series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author J A Whiting. When Courtney and Angie Roseland wait in the dentist’s office early one morning, they begin to experience feelings of alarm. When the married dentists don’t show up for work, the sisters’ sensations of worry increase. They call Chief Martin and meet … Read More

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The Well-Spoken Thesaurus: The Most Powerful Ways to Say Everyday Words and Phrases

by Tom Heehler  

The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Language If you’ve ever fumbled while trying to use a big word* to impress a crowd, you know what it’s like to* be poorly spoken. The fear of mispronouncing or misusing complex words is real and leaves many of us consigned to the lower levels* of the English Language. The secret to eloquence, however, lies … Read More

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Death Parts Us: A Serial Killer Thriller (The DI Alec McKay Series)

by Alex Walters  

When a retired cop is murdered on a remote Scottish Isle, DI Alec McKay must dig into the man’s corrupt past in this British crime thriller series. Twenty years ago, Jackie Galloway was a senior cop with a bad reputation. But after crossing the wrong people, his career was ruined. He eked out his last days succumbing to dementia on … Read More

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Staking His Claim (A Line of Duty Book 5)

by Tessa Bailey  

NYPD sniper Matt Donovan is in Hell. Instead of driving his best friend’s little sister home, he’s been convinced to offer her roommate a lift: a fresh-faced ray-of-sunshine with a body that makes grown men weep. There’s no way he’ll allow himself to be tempted by the little vixen, no matter how hard she tries to tempt him, so he … Read More

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by Arthur Hailey  

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A death row confession sparks an investigation that will tear Miami apart in this “engrossing thriller” from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author (Booklist). Detective-Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie, a former Catholic priest, is about to start his vacation when a call comes in from death row. Before serial killer Elroy Doil is taken to the electric chair, he wants to make a … Read More

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One Tin Bakes: Sweet and simple traybakes, pies, bars and buns (Edd Kimber Baking Titles)

by Edd Kimber  

ONE TIN, 70 BAKES BBC Good Food Best Food Books of 2020 The Guardian Best Food Books of 2020 New York Times Best Cookbooks of 2020 Washington Post Top Cookbooks for 2020 ‘A brilliant idea for a book’ and a ‘must-have’ Nigella Lawson ‘Edd Kimber’s One Tin Bakes is a dazzler of a baking book, using one simple tin to … Read More

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The Girl Who Wrote in Silk: A Novel of Chinese Immigration to the Pacific Northwest (Inspired by True Events)

by Kelli Estes  

A USA TODAY BESTSELLER! “A powerful debut that proves the threads that interweave our lives can withstand time and any tide, and bind our hearts forever.”—Susanna Kearsley, New York Times bestselling author of Belleweather and The Vanished Days A historical novel inspired by true events, Kelli Estes’s brilliant and atmospheric debut is a poignant tale of two women determined to do the … Read More

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Preacher: Book One

by Garth Ennis  

Merging with a bizarre spiritual force called Genesis, Texan Preacher Jesse Custer becomes completely disillusioned with the beliefs that he had dedicated his entire life to. Now possessing the power of “the word,” an ability to make people do whatever he utters, Custer begins a violent and riotous journey across the country. Joined by his gun-toting girlfriend Tulip and the … Read More

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