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Say You Do (A Wedding Bells Alpha Novel Book 1)

by Weston Parker  

My brother is an idiot—he’s getting married. And I’m in charge of getting things together since our folks are gone. Lucky me. The guy who thinks love is for the birds and worn-out 80s songs. I honestly don’t have time for this drama. I run a billion-dollar company, have women to entertain, and am working on my plans to rule … Read More

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My Honor Flight

by Dan McCurrigan  

This novel tells the story of a young soldier who accompanies his great-grandfather, Doug Mackinack, on an Honor Flight – a sponsored trip to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. During the flight, the old man shares stories from his platoon’s tour in Europe, many ending in dramatic (or occasionally, humorous) twists. The stories share not only suspenseful … Read More

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The Watcher: A terrifying, addictive psychological thriller novel from Netta Newbound

by Netta Newbound  

A chilling tale of terror and suspense! Follow the twisted mind of a serial killer as he stalks his prey, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Don’t miss this gripping psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. Life couldn’t get any better for Hannah. She has it all – a dream job in Manchester, fun-loving new … Read More

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Fixing Fate: A Brother’s Best Friend Romantic Suspense (Daring Destiny Book 1)

by Anna Brooks  

I don’t remember what it’s like not to be scared. And then I meet him. My brother’s friend and ex-partner is everything I’ll never be. Sexy, confident, and perfect. He calls me sunshine and tells me I’m beautiful. He asks me to stay. When my past comes back with a vengeance, he proves just how much he’d risk to shield … Read More

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Ladd Springs

by Dianne Venetta  

Delaney Wilkins finds herself at odds with hotel developer Nick Harris over a deathbed promise and a mysterious find in the Tennessee forest. Both are after title to Ladd Springs, a mecca of natural springs, streams and trails in the eastern Tennessee mountains, a tract of land worth millions. But Ernie Ladd, current owner of the property and uncle to … Read More

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In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move To France

by Susie Kelly  

Laugh-out-loud true story of going broke and moving to a wreck in France ***** ‘WOW! I read this book mostly opened mouthed. What an adventure!’ Goodreads ***** ‘ANYTHING BUT the French dream – who needs water and electricity? lol!.’ Goodreads ***** ‘HOW BRAVE to live in a derelict house on her own with lots of animals.’ Goodreads ***** ‘There are … Read More

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You Only Live Once (A James Flynn Escapade Book 1)

by Haris Orkin  

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“A brilliant homage to everyone’s favorite super-spy, and a hilarious, action-packed, made-for-the-movies thriller about a man suavely dancing along both sides of the thin line between heroism and madness.” –Matt Forbeck, New York Times bestselling author of Halo: New Blood James Flynn is an expert shot, a black belt in karate, fluent in four languages and irresistible to women. He’s … Read More

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The Hangman: A John Treehorn Mystery (Book 7)

by Dinah Miller  

We convicted an innocent man. We had no choice. Some say you always have a choice. They’re lying. FBI Special Agent John Treehorn is investigating us, one at a time, and he’s shown us his handcuffs. He’s on the case and we know he won’t stop. We have one advantage: he knows we committed a crime but he doesn’t know … Read More

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The Devil’s Fire: A Pirate Adventure Novel

by Matt Tomerlin  

THE BLOODY PIRATE SAGA BEGINS…The waters of the Caribbean run red in this brutal tale of revenge that is not for the faint of heart! Katherine Lindsay, the pampered young wife of a wealthy ship captain, has left her leisurely life in London to accompany her husband to America. So far their journey has been uneventful, even boring. But when … Read More

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Welcome to Your Life (Taking Chances Book 1)

by Katrina Marie  

Pregnant and alone. That’s not how I expected to end up after high school. Jake wants me back. But I don’t want that toxic relationship. We aren’t good together and this baby isn’t the reason we should work things out. Between work and school, I barely have time to figure out what I want to do. That is until I’m … Read More

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Black Sheep: Gossip, scandal and an unforgettable Regency romance

by Georgette Heyer  

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If you love Bridgerton, you’ll love Georgette Heyer! ‘The greatest writer who ever lived’ Antonia Fraser ‘[My] generation’s Julia Quinn’ Adjoa Andoh, star of Bridgerton ‘A rollicking good read that will be of particular joy to Bridgerton viewers … the permanent glister of scandal […] ties the whole thing together’ Independent ______________ Abigail Wendover has no time for love. She … Read More

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A Fond Farewell for the Tobacco Girls: A gripping historical family saga from Lizzie Lane

by Lizzie Lane  

The FINAL instalment in the bestselling Tobacco Girls series! It has finally happened! The war is over and Europe rejoices. May 1945 – VE Day After battling against the odds, the three friends are uncertain of their futures. Maisie Miles must wait on tenterhooks for Japan to surrender and for poor Sid to return home. Will they still be sweethearts … Read More

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The Messenger: a Rob Walker thriller

by John Etterlee  

“The realism of this book makes it a page-turner!”—Jeff Emde, CIA ret. Rob Walker has served in countless operations in combat zones across the globe. Now, his mission is personal. He’s a U.S. Army Special Forces sniper who’s seen the worst the world has to offer. When his sister is kidnapped off the streets of New York City and sold … Read More

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The Haunting on West 10th Street: An utterly gripping crime thriller with a jaw-dropping twist (Detective Maria Miller)

by Helen Phifer  

‘Omg what can I say… I had goosebumps on my goosebumps. Cancel everything and tuck into this fantastic, must read crime thriller.’ Reader review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Roses and vines run delicately across her skin, snaking from her chest to the top of her thigh. On any other day the tattoo would look beautiful. But this was her last… When Detective Maria … Read More

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Relativity: The Special and the General Theory

by Einstein  

After completing the final version of his general theory of relativity in November 1915, Albert Einstein wrote a book about relativity for a popular audience. His intention was ‘to give an exact insight into the theory of relativity to those readers who, from a general scientific and philosophical point of view, are interested in the theory, but who are not … Read More

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The Cape Raider: An authentic WW2 military adventure story (Jack Pembroke Naval Thrillers Book 1)

by Justin Fox  

The first in a thrillingly authentic WW2 naval adventure series! For fans of Dewey Lambdin, Patrick O’Brian, Chris Durbin, Douglas Reeman and Max Hennessy. A fight to the death in foreign seas… 1940 Scarred – physically and emotionally – by the brutal warfare at Dunkirk, Jack Pembroke decides to leave his home in England to join his father, Admiral Pembroke, … Read More

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The Gathering Murders: Dead men tell no tales … (Inspector Torquil McKinnon Book 1)

by Keith Moray  

The best Scottish detective series you haven’t read yet! Perfect for fans of LJ Ross and Faith Martin… Who can you trust when everyone is a suspect? The Scottish Hebrides The annual West Uist literary festival – The Gathering – always attracts the best in the business. But with the tiny island population suddenly doubling, the local police force is … Read More

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The Lightning and the Few: A WWII action-packed adventure (Jox McNabb Aviation Thrillers Book 1)

by Patrick Larsimont  

Don’t miss this thrilling wartime adventure! For fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Jack Higgins. Jox is exchanging civilian life for the thrill of fighting in the skies. Scotland, 1939 When Jox McNabb is expelled from school he is forced to look to his future. Inspired by the sight of a Hurricane flying over him, he becomes … Read More

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On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Rosen and His 43Lb Anxiety

by Michael Kroft  

A troubled old man, his doting but ill wife, and the mutual salvation that follows his unlikely friendship with the son of his racist neighbor. Once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, Mr. Rosen is entering his senior years as a stoic thirty-year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people, and is … Read More

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The Pizza Bible: The World’s Favorite Pizza Styles, from Neapolitan, Deep-Dish, Wood-Fired, Sicilian, Calzones and Focaccia to New York, New Haven, Detroit, and More

by Tony Gemignani  

A comprehensive guide to making pizza, covering nine different regional styles–including Neapolitan, Roman, Chicago, and Californian–from 12-time world Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani.   Everyone loves pizza! From fluffy Sicilian pan pizza to classic Neapolitan margherita with authentic charred edges, and from Chicago deep-dish to cracker-thin, the pizza spectrum is wide and wonderful, with something to suit every mood and occasion. And with so … Read More

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Only the Beautiful

by Susan Meissner  

A Best Historical Fiction of Spring Pick by Amazon, PopSugar, AARP, and BookBub! A heartrending story about a young mother’s fight to keep her daughter, and the terrible injustice that tears them apart, by the USA Today bestselling author of The Nature of Fragile Things and The Last Year of the War.   California, 1938—When she loses her parents in … Read More

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You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit

by James K. A. Smith  

Christianity Today Book Award Winner Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center Book Award You are what you love. But you might not love what you think. In this book, award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture … Read More

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The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth

by Beth Allison Barr  

USA Today Bestseller Christianity Today 2022 Book Award Finalist (History & Biography) Foreword INDIES 2021 Finalist for Religion “A powerful work of skillful research and personal insight.”–Publishers Weekly Biblical womanhood–the belief that God designed women to be submissive wives, virtuous mothers, and joyful homemakers–pervades North American Christianity. From choices about careers to roles in local churches to relationship dynamics, this … Read More

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The Slaughter Man: (DC Max Wolfe)

by Tony Parsons  

A murdered family. A dying serial killer. A missing child. DC Max Wolfe hunts a pitiless killer through the streets of London. By the Sunday Times number one bestselling author of The Murder Bag and Man and Boy. ‘This is brilliant stuff!’ Peter James ‘The colourful plot races through the pages’ The Times ‘A remarkable novel on multiple levels’ Booklist … Read More

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Play It Safe

by Kristen Ashley  

No connections. Play it safe. These were the rules Ivey lived her life by. Until she hit Mustang, Colorado, a perfectly imperfect town where the citizens were welcoming and one of them included the tall, beautiful, macho man, rancher cowboy, Grayson Cody. On the run for a decade, Ivey knew she was supposed to play it safe. But she was … Read More

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