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A Vow of Ruin (The Thornheart Trials Book 2)

by Sherilee Gray  

Iris It’s the scars you can’t see… After my last boyfriend tried to kill me, I swore off relationships for life. So why can’t I stop thinking about the dangerous—and completely unstable—alpha of the new wolf pack in town? Thankfully, my heart isn’t in any danger, because Draven Moreau hates me with a fiery passion. But when witches start disappearing … Read More

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Off Limits (Secrets Kept Book 1)

by Riley Hart  

It started out as a little fun. When there was a man in my building on a hookup app, why not message him? Only we didn’t meet. We just texted—one night after the other, after the other. GoodWithHisHands was the perfect escape from my life, where pressure was always on my shoulders: my father’s expectations, the worry about my sister, … Read More

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Intrepid (Taurian Empire Book 1)

by Nate Johnson  

***A military space opera from an enlisted man’s point of view*** Discovering new worlds. What could be better. What was supposed to be a six month cruise of discovery had turned into a glorified baby sitting adventure for a bunch of civilians. Leave it to the Imperial Navy to ruin a good thing. Petty Officer Tanner just wanted to finish … Read More

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Eight Years Gone

by Cate Beauman  

A steamy second chance… Jagger Tennyson never had it easy, but that all changes when Dr. Steven Evans knocks on his front door. Leaving poverty and hopelessness behind, Jagger creates a life he’s been too afraid to dream of. But tragedy strikes late one night, and everything falls apart. Jagger is forced to walk away, leaving the woman he loves. … Read More

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Glyph (Legacy Series Book 1)

by Max Ellendale  

Shawnee’s life is entirely normal-or so she’d like to believe. A doctor unknowingly working for an organization set out to destroy all werecreatures is average, isn’t it? Is love enough to help Shawnee stop the evil from destroying her new family? When deadly and mysterious cases start appearing in the emergency room of Mercy General Hospital, Doctor Shawnee Twofeathers cannot … Read More

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Harper’s Secret (The Secrets Of Helen’s House Book 1)

by Krissyann Granger  

Prepare yourself for a unique historical fiction experience that defies traditional expectations. Our series ventures beyond the conventional boundaries, exploring modern themes and employing contemporary language. While our tale is set in the Nineteenth century, its narrative was crafted for the twenty-first century reader. Should you find violence, explicit content, or the use of strong language discomforting, we advise against … Read More

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When the Airlines Went to War

by Robert J. Serling  

The Dramatic, untold Story of America’s Civilian Air Warriors In the East, Japan had invaded China. In the West, Europe was being overrun by Hitler’s war machine. And in the U.S., America’s commercial airlines were stepping into a vital role that would make the difference between victory and defeat… From Robert J. Serling, one of America’s most honored aviation authors, … Read More

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Enthrall Her (Book 2) (Enthrall Sessions)

by Vanessa Fewings  

Return to the world of forbidden desires with ENTHRALL HER. Richard Booth, with his captivating charm and unwavering passion, has fallen deeply in love with me. Yet Richard stands at a crossroads—whether to set me free or yield me to the only man who can truly rescue me: his superior, Cameron Cole, the enigmatic master of Enthrall. Cameron’s allure is … Read More

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Mirabel, or, Thetbury Park: Book the First (Guests of the Presworth Ball Book Two)

by Louisa Thorpe  

Hertfordshire, 1812 Foundling Mirabel Neve’s anonymous benefactor has been providing for her since her infancy but when she is 21, this will cease. At such a time, Mirabel must either be married or seek employment as a governess. Marriage might be the more desirable option but with Mirabel already 20 years old, time is running out. Lord Dartford is the … Read More

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Adventure, Abduction, & Arrest (A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series Book 25)

by Tonya Kappes  

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY WITH A SMIDGEN OF HOMICIDE USA Today Bestselling author Tonya Kappes brings you southern and quirky characters in her mystery series. Her stories are charged with humor, friendship, family and life in small southern towns. When Hank Sharpe asked me in the laundry club ladies to join him in an undercover investigation to help find a missing person, … Read More

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The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living: A Novel

by Louise Miller  

“Mix in one part Diane Mott ­Davidson’s delightful culinary adventures with several tablespoons of Jan Karon’s country living and quirky characters, bake at 350 degrees for one rich and warm romance.” –Library Journal A full-hearted novel about a big-city baker who discovers the true meaning of home—and that sometimes the best things are found when you didn’t even know you … Read More

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Many a Tear Has To Fall: A tale of love and new beginnings in 1950s Liverpool

by June Francis  

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Will a new romance only lead to more heartbreak? With her modelling career in tatters and her long-term relationship with her sailor boyfriend at an end, Maggie Gregory returns to her family in Liverpool to decide what to do with the rest of her life. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger offers the possibility of new romance, but is … Read More

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The French Adventure: Escape to France with Lucy Coleman author of FINDING LOVE IN POSITANO

by Lucy Coleman  

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A new life in the idyllic French countryside isn’t running away, it’s an adventure! Suddenly unemployed and single, Anna escapes to her parents’ beautiful house in France for a much needed recharge – and to work out what she wants to do next with her life now her carefully mapped-out plan has gone out the window. Anna gives herself 6 … Read More

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Thief of Silver and Souls (Rites of Possession Book 1)

by Eva Chase  

What if it takes a monster to save a kingdom? I’ll never forget the sight of my little sister’s lifeless body—or that my rogue magic killed her. Sorcery like mine is punishable by death. So I live in the shadows, stealing from the corrupt to give to the needy. Maybe a little good can wash the blood from my hands. … Read More

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The Cornish Village School – Second Chances (Cornish Village School series Book 2)

by Kitty Wilson  

Sylvie Williams is in trouble. What with juggling her ballet classes, preparing shy Sam for his first day at Penmenna Village school and trying to finally move out from the farm she shares with her cantankerous Uncle Tom, life is anything but easy. Television journalist Alex is facing challenges of his own. Seeking a calmer environment for his newly adopted … Read More

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The Dead Guy Next Door: A Riley Thorn Novel

by Lucy Score  

A nice, normal life. Is that too much to ask? For Riley Thorn it is. Divorced. Broke. Living with a pack of elderly roommates. And those hallucinations she’s diligently ignoring? Her tarot card-dealing mom is convinced they’re clairvoyant visions. Just when things can’t get worse, a so-hot-it-should-be-illegal private investigator shows up on her doorstep looking for a neighbor…who turns up … Read More

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Eloise and the Grump Next Door: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Oakley Island Romcoms Book 1)

by Jenny Proctor  

I’m not sure which is worse–the lawyer handling my grandmother’s estate or the attack pelican living on the screened-in porch. Just kidding–I’ll take the pelican any day. After graduation, I thought I’d be off to grad school, doing research on my favorite poet. Instead, I’m renovating my late grandmother’s home and posting about the process on Instagram. Talk about a … Read More

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Medicus: A Crime Novel of the Roman Empire (Gaius Petreius Ruso Series Book 1)

by Ruth Downie  

**THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER** Welcome to the most remote part of the Roman Empire. Britannia, AD117 – primitive, cold, damp and very muddy. The Gods are not smiling on army doctor Gaius Petreius Ruso in his new posting in Britannia. He has vast debts, a slave girl who is much more trouble than she is worth and an overbearing … Read More

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Soft Target: The 2nd Spider Shepherd Thriller (The Spider Shepherd Thrillers)

by Stephen Leather  

Soft Target is the second book in the best-selling Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd series. There’s only one thing more dangerous than a corrupt cop . . . and that’s a corrupt cop with a gun. When a group of armed police in an elite unit turn maverick and start to rip off drug dealers at gunpoint, undercover cop Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd … Read More

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Mossad: The Great Operations of Israel’s Secret Service

by Michael Bar-Zoha  

Mossad is universally recognised as the greatest intelligence service in the world. It is also the most enigmatic, shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy. Many of its enthralling feats are still unknown; most of its heroes remain unnamed. From the kidnapping of Eichmann in Argentina and the systematic tracking down of those responsible for the Munich massacre to lesser-known … Read More

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The Last Boleyn: A Novel

by Karen Harper  

She survived her own innocence, and the treachery of Europe’s royal courts; The Last Boleyn is the story of the rise and fall of the Boleyns, one of England’s most powerful families, through the eyes of the eldest daughter, Mary. Although her sister, Anne, the queen; her brother, George, executed alongside Anne; and her father, Thomas, are most remembered by … Read More

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Modern Comfort Food: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

by Ina Garten  

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A collection of all-new soul-satisfying dishes from America’s favorite home cook! ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New York Times Book Review, Food Network, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Town & Country In Modern Comfort Food, Ina Garten shares 85 new recipes that will feed your deepest cravings. Many of … Read More

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The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book

by Neil Gaiman  

The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book contains much that is new and revelatory and even several scenes that are not actually in the final television series. ‘One of the most hotly anticipated TV shows of the year’ Independent ‘Even if you’re very familiar with the original novel, this is a different experience… so damned charming and … Read More

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Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire Book 2)

by J.R. Rain  

Mother, wife, private investigator, vampire. Six years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire. Now in Vampire Moon, sequel to Moon Dance, Sam finds herself … Read More

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